How Much Is A Litre Of Diesel In France?

However, diesel remains cheaper in France than in the UK, where a litre costs £1.37 (€1.61), so filling up the tank is still worthwhile for Brits passing through. The cost of gasoline in the two countries is nearly comparable.

Is diesel cheaper in France or Spain?

Fuel is currently cheaper in Spain than in France. Earlier in the week, I was at Carrefour near Perpignan.

The cheapest fuel in Catalonia is usually found at Esclat Oil. They’re part of the Esclat/Bonpreu supermarket network, and fuel this week was roughly 99c per litre. When they are in close proximity, however, local service stations compete on pricing.

Here’s a link to a map of Catalonia’s locations:

A loyalty card, which you can get in store at the Customer service counter, gets you a better deal. You can enjoy the discount without registering at service stations, and you also get a cash discount off your shopping bill in store.

Is diesel more expensive in France?

According to statistics, the current price of diesel in France is 115.3p per litre, or about 25p per litre less than in the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that wholesale fuel is 1.3 pence more expensive in France than in the UK, the French government gets a significantly lower cut in duty and tax.

Every litre of diesel costs 56.6p, compared to 81.3p for our government. This translates to a lower forecourt price.

Diesel was only 49.5p ten years ago, which was cheaper than simply the tax and duty costs now. In addition, the graph reveals that the pricing disparity between the two countries has narrowed marginally.

In the United Kingdom, tax and duty has increased by 40.4 percent in ten years. In France, meanwhile, it has climbed by 80.8 percent in the same time period, but is still about 35p less than in the UK.

Staveley Head, a commercial insurance specialist, produced the graphs above and below.

How much is fuel in France compared to UK?

It’s still worth filling up in France for diesel drivers traveling from the UK, as diesel is substantially more expensive in the UK, at an average of 137.2p or €1.60 per litre. Unleaded fuel costs 135.3p per litre, or €1.58 per litre, compared to €1.59 in France.

Why is diesel so expensive?

The cost of diesel fuel is higher. Diesel fuel is subject to a higher federal excise tax than gasoline (24.4 cents per gallon vs. 18.4 cents per gallon for gasoline), and diesel fuel is occasionally subject to a higher state tax.

Which country has the cheapest fuel?

Residents of Hong Kong pay the highest petrol prices in the world. The cost of a litre of petrol in Hong Kong is $2.618 (approximately Rs 196.55). The Netherlands is in second place, with a litre of gasoline costing $2.256, or around Rs 169.37. With a litre of gasoline costing $2.212 (or 166.07) in Israel, it is the world’s third most expensive country. Norway, Finland, the Central African Republic, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Greece, Iceland, and Sweden are among the other countries on the list.

Venezuela, on the other hand, boasts the world’s cheapest gasoline. In Venezuela, a litre of gasoline costs $0.025 (about Rs 1.88). Syria is in second place, with a litre of petrol costing $0.060 or Rs 4.50. Then there’s Angola, which ranks third in terms of the cheapest gasoline price. In the country, one litre of vehicle fuel costs $0.274 or Rs 20.57.

Has fuel prices gone up in France?

Following a ten percent hike in July and a five percent increase in August, the Commission de régulation de l’énergie – CRE (French Energy Regulatory Commission) announced an 8.7% increase in domestic gas prices on September 1.

Households across France are feeling the effects of increased domestic gas prices. Since May 2021, the average yearly gas bill in France has climbed substantially, as seen in the graph below.

What is the fuel in France?

Unleaded (without plomb) in 95 or 98 octane, as well as diesel, are available. If your car is equipped, you can also find ethanol. In France, diesel is less expensive than unleaded gasoline (gas). Both are slightly less expensive than in the United Kingdom, but significantly more expensive than in the United States.

Why is diesel cheaper in Europe?

Diesel fuel is less volatile and heavier than gasoline, making it easier to refine from crude oil. As a result, diesel is generally less expensive than gasoline in most countries.