What Is In Shell V Power Diesel?

Shell V-Power is the brand name for Shell’s high-performance fuels for road cars, including Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Shell V-Power Diesel. Shell revived the gasoline in March 2008, under the name Nitrogen-Enriched Shell V-Power, with nitrogen-containing detergents, after it was first introduced in Italy in 2001.

It was originally designed for higher octane Super Unleaded gasoline/gasoline (previously known as Optimax in some areas), but it is now also used for high-quality diesel fuel.

What is difference between normal diesel and Shell V-Power diesel?

Shell’s version of an upgraded diesel fuel, similar to BP’s ‘Ultimate Diesel,’ is called V-Power Diesel. Shell V-Power Diesel, like BP Ultimate Diesel, is developed for current compression-ignition diesel engines to provide improved engine performance as well as higher engine protection, resulting in more consistent operation and engine longevity.

Because of the synthetic gas to liquid (GTL) component, V-Power diesel is much clearer and odourless than regular diesel.


Shell V-Power Diesel helps restore up to 100% of your engine’s performance by eliminating performance-robbing deposits from critical fuel system components like fuel injectors2.

When you clean your shower head with a limescale remover, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the performance of your shower spray. It’s the same with Shell V-Power gasoline; by assisting in the removal of built-up deposits on the intake valves and/or fuel injector nozzles, it aids in the restoration of your engine’s performance1.

Dynaflex Technology

Shell V-Power Diesel with enhanced DYNAFLEX Technology for the ultimate cleaning performance1. Shell V-Power Diesel aids in the restoration of performance by eliminating debris from essential engine components. As a result, when you drive3, you get the sensation of a more responsive engine.

Is Shell V-Power premium diesel?

Modern diesel engines are always breaking new ground. To set ourselves apart, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop Shell V-Power Diesel, which features innovative technologies to clean and preserve your engine*.

Our premium diesel formulation is designed to increase engine performance by eliminating existing dirt deposits and restoring the cleanliness of your engine*.

Cleans and protects

Shell V-Power Diesel contains powerful cleaning chemicals to help prevent crud from accumulating on essential fuel system components including fuel injectors and intake valves*.

The same cleaning compounds aid in the removal of junk left over from other fuels, allowing your engine to burn fuel more efficiently and completely*.

Does Shell V-Power contain ethanol?

You can use Shell V-Power gasoline, which contains no more than 5% ethanol. After E10 is introduced, Shell V-Power will be accessible at the majority of our service stations; just make sure to check the label when you fill up.

Is V-Power diesel good for your car?

They don’t, in fact. Higher cetane diesel (i.e. V-Power) enhances any diesel, whereas higher octane gasoline only benefits automobiles that have been tuned for it. Modern cars may be able to advance the time, but I believe it works best on cars with higher compression, such as turbo petrols, because more boost can be run.

Does Shell V-Power diesel clean your engine?

Aids in Cleaning Components of the fuel system Shell V-Power fuels have the consistency of a soapy sponge. They help to clean and safeguard your engine thanks to enhanced cleaning technology, providing you our finest cleaning power for your engine2.

What is the best diesel fuel in the UK?

The two most prevalent types of diesel are city and low-sulphur (it depends on the station you buy your fuel from). It’s the most affordable sort of diesel, making it the greatest choice for low-cost fuel.

Premium diesel: best for high-performance diesel

Premium diesel burns faster and more efficiently, resulting in improved engine performance and lower emissions. Shell V-Power diesel is a popular premium diesel that can be found at Shell petrol stations in the United Kingdom.

Is Shell diesel Extra normal diesel?

Shell Diesel Extra has been modified to improve engine efficiency and minimize operating costs1. On-site, it can give more load-pulling power. It can help you use biofuels, reduce the risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up2, and increase the durability of your equipment1. It can also aid in the improvement of fuel economy2, lowering fuel and operating costs2. This is accomplished by removing injector deposits from the engine and preventing additional accumulation.

1. In July 2019, Shell introduced a new formulation of Shell Diesel Extra (also known as Shell Fuelsave Diesel) that is aimed to help provide better fuel economy and thus lower operating expenses when compared to Shell’s prior formulation of Shell Diesel Extra. It aids in improving oxidation stability and keeping fuel more stable when bio components are present. It’s made to let you use biofuels while lowering the risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up, resulting in increased equipment reliability. Rather than being based on Shell protocols, as some customers have reported,

2. In comparison to ordinary diesel that does not use the fuel economy calculation. The amount of money saved depends on the vehicle, driving circumstances, and driving style. Internal Shell tests and customer feedback have revealed.