What Is The Price Of Diesel In Ireland Today?

During that time, the average value for Ireland was 1.61 Euro, with a low of 1.56 Euro on 01-Nov-2021 and a high of 1.65 Euro on 07-Feb-2022. For contrast, the global average price of diesel during this time period was 1.38 Euro.

Where is the cheapest diesel in Ireland?

One of the items that has been greatly impacted by the increased cost of living is the cost of fuel, which is reported to have climbed by 33% since the outbreak.

According to the AA’s fuel price study, the average cost of petrol and diesel has grown by roughly 33c per litre since March 2020.

At present pricing, it costs around €19 more to fill a standard 55-litre family car, putting a strain on many individuals.

Sean Fleming TD said on RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime programme on Monday that listeners should “search about” to get the most value for money.

“It takes effort to shop and switch,” the Minister of State for Finance told host Sarah McInerney. “If people make an effort, they may save a lot of money.”

We decided to visit six petrol stations in Dublin, all within a 2-kilometer radius, to test if going the extra mile would make a significant difference in our wallets.

Difference in petrol prices

The most costly petrol was found at a Texaco garage on the Clonkeen road, where it cost €176.9 per litre and €97.29 for 55 litres. The lowest petrol was found at the Maxol in Sallynoggin, where a litre cost €170.9 and a 55-gallon tank cost €93.99.

Difference in diesel prices

The most costly diesel was found at the Circle K Eglington on the N11 travelling southbound, costing 167.8 pence per litre and €92.29 for 55 gallons. The lowest fuel was found at the Maxol in Sallynoggin, where it cost 161.5 pence per litre, or €88.82 for 55 gallons.

Finally, if you’shop around’ every time you fill up your tank with gasoline or diesel, you can save just under €3.50. ‘Shopping around’ would save you €42 over the course of a year if you fill up your tank once a month. If you fill up your tank twice a month, you might save €84 over the course of a year.

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How much is petrol and diesel in Ireland?

According to AA Ireland, Ireland is the 17th most expensive country in the world for fuel and the 12th most expensive in Europe, with an average national price of 170.2 cent per litre for petrol and 160.5 cent for diesel.

What is the current price of fuel?

  • According to current market statistics, the product currently sells for between N165 and N170.
  • Petrol is currently lowest in the states of Taraba (N157.33), Borno (N160.1), and Katsina (N160.86), while it is most expensive in the states of Benue (N183.29), Abia (N171.88), and Cross River (N170.5).

Why is diesel so expensive?

The cost of diesel fuel is higher. Diesel fuel is subject to a higher federal excise tax than gasoline (24.4 cents per gallon vs. 18.4 cents per gallon for gasoline), and diesel fuel is occasionally subject to a higher state tax.

Is diesel going up in the budget?

The details of The Budget 2022 have been confirmed by Paschal Donohoe, and they are a mixed bag.

Of course, the finer details will be worked out over the following few days, but the major government measures were unveiled on Tuesday by Finance Minister Michael McGrath and Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath.

Fuel poverty was one of the Government’s top worries heading into this year’s Budget, and Minister Donohoe addressed it during his Dáil speech.

Here’s what he affirmed would take effect, as well as what it means for you.

Weekly fuel allowance to rise by €5

A Fuel Allowance is a payment made to assist with the cost of heating your house throughout the winter.

If you are receiving a long-term social assistance payment and are unable to meet your heating needs from your own resources, you may be eligible for the Fuel Allowance.

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Petrol and diesel going up in price

A carbon tax on fuel will raise the price of both gasoline and diesel in an attempt to discourage people from driving.

This year, the carbon price will be raised by €7.50 to €41 per tonne. It will increase by the same amount in each budget until 2029.

“The globe is burning,” Minister Donohoe stated, adding that “people will not tolerate governments’ inactivity on the climate problem.”

From midnight, the price of a 60-litre tank of diesel will rise by €1.48, and the price of a corresponding tank of petrol will rise by €1.28.

What is DERV diesel?

The fuel is also known as white diesel or road diesel. DERV stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle. DERV is most typically used to power diesel-powered transportation and passenger vehicles, such as trains, trucks, vans, and boats.

Is diesel cheaper than gas?

Customers who drive a lot of highway miles prefer diesel engines, according to Bell Performance and Road and Track, because they are more efficient on these roads than gas engines. Diesel fuel simply has more energy per gallon than gasoline, making it more cost-effective overall. Diesel engines are still more fuel efficient than gasoline engines, but they are less so for city drivers. Diesel cars also have higher torque, which means they get better gas mileage and accelerate faster.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that some types of diesel fuel can reduce vehicle performance. Black diesel, biodiesel, and other improved diesel products are among them.

Diesel and gasoline are around the same price for most Americans. Diesel can sometimes be more expensive than gasoline, yet it can also be less expensive than gasoline. Even if you pay more on diesel fuel, a diesel engine will still provide better fuel efficiency throughout the life of the car. This is because an 8-liter gasoline engine would be required to produce the same level of power as a 6-liter diesel engine.

Diesel engines, according to Digital Trends, are more durable and endure longer than gas engines, with reliable operation and low maintenance requirements. Diesel cars used to be substantially heavier than comparable-sized gas cars, but thanks to contemporary manufacturing technologies, this is no longer an issue.

Diesel engines also have fewer components than gasoline engines, reducing the number of potential parts that could fail in your vehicle.

Diesel engines often require fewer repair and maintenance services than gasoline engines, resulting in a cost savings.

While early diesel engines had a well-deserved reputation for being noisy, current technology has largely addressed this issue. Noise pollution and dark smoke have been reduced, so if you were concerned about those issues in prior decades, you may wish to reconsider diesel as a viable option. Today, the driving experience in a diesel-powered vehicle is essentially identical to that of a gasoline-powered vehicle.

What is the price of petrol in Ireland today?

Prices for a litre of gasoline in Dublin octane-95 gasoline prices per litre: Prices for Dublin are shown from October 25, 2021 to January 31, 2022. During that time, the average value for Dublin was 1.68 Euro, with a low of 1.63 Euro on October 25, 2021 and a high of 1.71 Euro on November 29, 2021.