What Is The Shortest Diesel Pusher RV?

This is the Tiffin Allegro Breeze, the world’s smallest Class A diesel pusher. This sporty coach lives up to its moniker, driving more like a full-size SUV than a full-size RV.

What is the shortest Class A RV?

The Thor Axis and the Thor Vegas are the tiniest Class A RVs, measuring about 25′ 6″ in length for the shortest variants. We’ll call it a tie and assess the Axis and Thor together because they’re essentially the same gear with differing external looks.

How long is a diesel pusher?

Diesel Pusher motorhomes are a subcategory of Class A RVs. Diesel pushers differ from other Class A RVs in that they feature a diesel engine while the others have a gas engine. Diesel pushers can be up to 45 feet long in general. They usually have the widest windows of any model, allowing for improved sight while driving. They normally sleep 2 to 4 people and have a lot of storage space. The diesel pusher’s shape is comparable to that of a bus, making it easier to maneuver than a standard front-wheel drive vehicle.

What is the least expensive diesel pusher?

Coachmen RVs’ Sportscoach 339DS is a 36′ long diesel pusher RV. This is Coachmen’s smallest diesel pusher, as well as the cheapest!

This RV has been dubbed the most affordable class A diesel pusher on the market today… and the price may surprise you! This RV is definitely entering budget-friendly territory, with sale prices starting from around $160,000.

Coachmen has definitely struck the point here, with interior and exterior features you’d expect from a more high-end or pricey diesel pusher RV.

What is the smallest Tiffin motorhome?

The Breeze is for you if you’re seeking for a nimble, compact diesel pusher that can go anywhere a Class A can. The Breeze, as the name suggests, is equipped with everything you’ll need for a laid-back road trip. This is the smallest Tiffin Class A RV, with two floor layouts available, one 31 feet long and the other 33 feet long, and it’s a blast to drive!

Allegro Red 340

The Allegro Red 340 is a Tiffin Class A motorhome that is elegant and powerful at an entry-level pricing. The Allegro Red 340 gives you everything you’d expect from a Tiffin RV at an unbeatable price. It easily accommodates the comforts of home and manages to feel surprisingly big for a 33-foot floor plan. Begin your trip now!

Allegro Red

The Allegro Red, a top-notch Class A Diesel Pusher from Tiffin, combines elegance and clean lines with strong power. The powerful and fuel-efficient Diesel engine will easily transport any of the 37-foot floor plan options, or the smaller 33-foot floor plan, from point A to point B. Tiffin’s top-of-the-line finishes and enhancements bring it all together in unmistakable style.


Tiffin’s top-of-the-line Class A motorhome comes with more premium features than any other model in the series. The Zephyr is a vehicle that embodies beauty and opulence created by experienced craftsmen and lovingly brought to life. Imagine waking up to all the amenities of a five-star hotel (in a magnificent setting). Even better, go ahead and do it.

What is the smallest RV motorhome?

The smallest motorhomes are classified as Class B. They’re also known as van campers because they resemble a large family van on the road. Class B motorhomes are 18 to 24 feet long and can accommodate up to four people. They typically cost around $50,000.

How tall is a diesel pusher motorhome?

So, what’s the typical RV height? The usual height of an RV is roughly 10 to 12 feet, but this varies depending on the RV type. Class A motorhomes are typically 13 to 14 tall, whereas Class B motorhomes are typically 8 tall.

The average height of RVs and campers is broken down in this table. However, keep in mind that you should always take your own measurements and use this chart simply as a suggestion!

Are all diesel RVs pushers?

Thor Motor Coach’s CLASS A DIESEL MOTORHOMES The engine of a diesel pusher is located in the rear of the motorhome rather than the front. All pusher motorhomes are currently diesel-powered.

How many miles to the gallon does a diesel pusher get?

A diesel pusher is the way to go if you want the benefits of a Class A motorhome with slightly better fuel economy (plus a smoother ride and higher-end equipment in general). A diesel engine is slightly more fuel efficient than a gas engine, though not by much. A Class A diesel pusher should get between 7 and 12 mpg on average, depending on size and weight.

Why are diesel pushers so expensive?

In comparison to diesel engines, gas engines are much easier to maintain and repair. You can probably undertake the majority of the repairs and maintenance yourself if you have a basic understanding of gas engines.

The fact that a gas engine runs at higher RPMs is a disadvantage. It will always have to work harder than a diesel engine. Higher RPMs provide a smoother, quieter ride with greater acceleration, but they also necessitate more frequent maintenance.

Diesel RV engines are substantially more expensive to maintain and operate, as well as requiring specific knowledge. Diesel engines have a lower RPM range. This means slower acceleration and lower top speeds, but less pressure on the engine, and you may drive for longer periods of time between services.