Where Does Diesel Exhaust Fluid Go?

DEF is kept on board the vehicle in a tank and then injected into the exhaust system. On a truck, the storage tank is normally located adjacent to the diesel fuel tank, or near the spare tire location on a vehicle.

Can I pee in DEF tank?

A local dealer paid Consumer Reports $317 to add 7.5 gallons of AdBlue in its Mercedes-Benz GL320 test car, with the fluid costing $32/gallon. Most dealers buy AdBlue in bulk (albeit 7.5 gallons in half-gallon bottles would only cost $116.25).

What if the motorist is in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest dealer? Is it possible for him or her to supply some temporary urea in order to get the car to a dealer? The question arises due to the presence of 2 to 4% urea in human urine.

Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” Your pee is not the correct substance for a modern clean diesel automobile to recognize.

Can I put diesel exhaust fluid in myself?

Yes, you may replenish the tank yourself by purchasing 1.89 litre non-drip AdBlue bottles from your local Land Rover Retailer/Authorized Repairer. These bottles were created with convenience of use in mind, as well as the prevention of leakage. We do not recommend using any other sort of container to refill the tank.

Pouring any other liquids or DEF that does not satisfy the ISO22241-1 or DIN 70070 standards into the DEF tank will jeopardize the proper operation of your vehicle.

If you accidentally spill DEF into your fuel tank, DO NOT start the engine and immediately contact your local Land Rover Retailer/Roadside Assistance.

AdBlue pumps for commercial vehicles at gas stations should never be utilized since the flow rate is too high, causing damage to the vehicle’s DEF tank.

Is DEF fluid harmful to the environment?

Details, Preventative Actions Recommendations: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is a substance that is becoming increasingly popular in the forest business. Its purpose is to assist minimize the amount of nitrogen oxides generated by diesel engines. These emissions are dangerous to both human health and the environment.

Is Blue DEF cow urine?

The most prevalent types of urine used in the production of urea for DEF are urine from cows and bats, which is incorrect. Contrary to popular belief, DEF and cow and bat urine are not the same substance. The urea used in DEF production is synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide, and urea plants are frequently located near other ammonia-producing facilities, such as coal and natural gas refineries. This eliminates the need to purchase ammonia as a separate commodity by capturing hydrocarbons from ammonia plant feedstocks and using them in the manufacture of urea rather than allowing harmful emissions to enter the atmosphere. In brief, producing urea on-site or close where ammonia is being generated is easier and more cost-effective.

Why is there a DEF shortage?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is aware of how the global scarcity of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) sensors is affecting vehicle owners, and we are working with manufacturers to help them find solutions.

All of the software solutions supplied to us by engine manufacturers have been approved by the EPA, and many of them have already been implemented. Each manufacturer has a number of engine families, each of which need a different software solution. Manufacturers are deciding how quickly and in what order they will deliver software for each of their engine families. Owners of vehicles should contact their local dealership’s service department to learn when a remedy for their car will be available.

Do diesel cars need AdBlue?

AdBlue is used in many diesel cars that fulfill Euro 6 emissions requirements. However, not all do, as there are various technologies that can be utilized to reduce NOx emissions instead.

There are so many AdBlue-using vehicles that there isn’t enough room to mention them all here. Still, here are some hints to see if the vehicle you wish to buy uses AdBlue:

  • Check to see if the car’s name includes the words ‘blue’ or the initials ‘SCR.’ Peugeot and Citroen diesels that use AdBlue, for example, are labeled BlueHDi. EcoBlue is a Ford brand. TDi SCR is a Volkswagen badge.
  • Check for the blue-capped AdBlue filler described previously by opening the gasoline filler flap. Ask the dealer or the manufacturer if you’re still unsure.

Can you fill DEF while engine is running?

No, just let the tank run as dry as possible before replenishing it. Because DEF is a pure chemical, it is not necessary to clean out your bulk storage tank unless it is contaminated. It is possible to blend DEF from different API-certified suppliers.

How often do you add diesel exhaust fluid?

DEF is the operating fluid for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which has been employed in new heavy-duty commercial vehicles since 2010. DEF isn’t a gasoline or a gasoline additive. It is injected into the exhaust system of diesel automobiles to chemically reduce NOx emissions. DEF is a high-purity urea solution that meets ISO 22241 standards. This is the highest quality and safety standard in force, ensuring that Selective Catalytic Reduction technology functions properly. Because of the fuel economy advantages of SCR over other technologies, most engine makers chose it over competing technologies. SCR has been demonstrated to enhance total fuel economy by about 5%, according to studies.

Where does DEF fluid get injected?

Upstream of a catalyst, small amounts of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) are fed into the exhaust, where it vaporizes and decomposes to generate ammonia and carbon dioxide. The desired result is ammonia (NH3), which, when combined with the SCR catalyst, transforms NOx to harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).