Can I See My Electricity Bill Online?

Even though Paytm makes checking your power bill amount very straightforward and quick, if you still want to, you may view your bill online at the official website of your electricity board, such as SBPDCL, TSSPDCL, UPPCL, TNEB, APSPDCL, and so on.

Please keep in mind that the procedure of paying your power bill varies from one electricity board to the next, however there are a few key processes that all electricity boards follow:

This way of paying your electricity bill may be more complicated than the Paytm option. It is so because you must check in to the electrical board’s official website and request extra information in addition to the customer identification number.


Checking the amount of an electricity bill or viewing a sample electricity bill online is a very straightforward and quick operation. You can check it instantaneously on Paytm or by going to the power board’s official website and logging in to their portal, filling out the form to view the bill and submitting it.

Paytm simply requires your customer identification number, which can be found on any of your past bills, to check the amount of your electricity bill. You may discover the location of your customer identity bill on your electricity bills by looking at a sample bill on Paytm.

In Sri Lanka, how can I check my electricity bill?

Using the “Know your bill by SMS” feature, you will receive an SMS displaying your account balance. Send to 1987 by typing B followed by the 10-digit Account Number, with or without a space. The home page has instructions on how to use this feature.

In South Africa, how can I check my electricity bill online?

1. Select option 1.

2. Make a note of your account number.

3. When prompted, select option 1 once more.

Option 4 will connect you to the next available consultant if you don’t know your account number.

You can also check your balance at a customer care center near you. If standing in long lines at municipal offices isn’t your idea of a good time, you can sign up to receive your municipal account through email. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on this link.

2. Complete and submit your personal details.

3. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email with login information.

4. Your monthly statements will be sent to you through email. The city is currently charging over a million subscribers, according to Maphologela. This means that on a daily basis, charging occurs in distinct cycles. However, statements are provided to clients’ selected email addresses within 24 hours of the account holder being billed.

5. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to download at least six months’ worth of statements from the website using the pin code on your statement, which is unique to your account.

1. Go to this page.

2. Use the Region A to Region G links to find the center closest to you.

Residents in Joburg are obligated to pay their accounts even if they have not received a statement, according to the city.

The Ethekwini Municipality’s spokesperson, Thabo Mofokeng, claims that the strike had no significant impact on its clients. However, there have been some criticisms.

Customers can inquire about balances by contacting their nearest service branch, a list of which can be found here.

2. If you’ve already registered, enter your ID number and password.

3. If you haven’t already done so, follow the prompts to register.

When asked if the metro would cut off service to residents who owed money to the Post Office due of the strike, Mofokeng said the municipality would look at each case on its own merits.

Only a few complaints about the Post Office strike have been received from City of Cape Town property owners residing in Johannesburg, according to Kylie Hatton, communications manager for the City of Cape Town.

She claims that the municipal call center has been instructed to assist by providing duplicate municipal bills to people who have been affected.

3. Scroll down and pick “Register” if you haven’t already “Please register here.”

Hatton stated: “Due to non-payment of these charges, the City will not restrict or cut water or power supplies for one month or longer if required.”

What is the procedure for obtaining my KPLC statement?

Go to your mobile phone’s texting menu. In the message field, type the first six digits of your account number. Enter 95551 as the message’s recipient. KPLC will send you an automatic message with the Kenya electricity statement.

In Pakistan, how can I see if my electricity bill has been paid or not?

Despite the fact that online bill paying is not a new service, many individuals are unaware of it or are unsure how to utilize it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to checking and paying your Pakistani power bill online.

How to Check Electricity Bills Online in Pakistan

This is a technological and scientific epoch. As technology progresses, our lives become easier and more manageable. As we all know, paying bills in the bank was really difficult. You must wait for hours in line for your turn. On the other side, paying bills with a smartphone or laptop is incredibly straightforward.

How to Check Bills through Mobile Application

One of the best and simplest ways to monitor your electricity bill is to use a smartphone application. To acquire your online electricity bill, all you have to do is enter your reference number. On the app, you can find a list of distributors:

Similarly, download the app and choose a distributor based on your location. To check the electricity bill, simply enter a reference number.

Check Electricity Bill Online Through Website

Electricity bills can be viewed on the government’s website. Different websites have been created for various electrical Fedders. You must use the website in accordance with your geographic location.

  • To obtain bill information, you must know your reference number. Check the utility bill for this reference number. The 14-digit reference number must be at the bottom of the banknote.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there are three basic ways to monitor and pay online bill payments. You can select the one that is most convenient for you.

Customers can pay their electricity bills online through almost all major commercial banks’ Internet and Mobile banking services, including Standard Chartered Bank, HBL, and UBL. To find out which banks and services you can use to pay your bills from the convenience of your own home, go to the company’s website.

You can also get the mobile application of the bank with which you have an account. Using a reference number and ID, you can follow your electricity bill using the app.

How to pay bills using EASY PAISA

Easy Paisa is a famous online payment service in Pakistan. Customers can pay a variety of bills with a single click of a button.

To use Easy Paisa to pay your electricity bills online, you must first download the app and create an account. After you’ve signed up, log in with a 5-digit pin and select ‘Bill Payment,’ then ‘Electricity’ from the Bill Type option. Select your energy distribution company from the list and enter your customer number to generate your bill details.

Check the name, due date, and amount displayed on your cell phone before going to pay. Tap ‘Pay Now’ to complete the purchase.

In Sri Lanka, how can I update the name on my electricity bill?

Once you have all of the necessary paperwork, you can proceed to the nearest electrical board office to complete the process.

  • Request an application form to alter the name on the electricity bill at a nearby electricity board office (In some cases, you might have to pay for the form)
  • Submit the application, along with any supporting documents, to the appropriate office’s authorities.
  • Authorities will next verify your documents and the application form you submitted, and you may be requested to pay a charge after the verification is completed.
  • The application will then be processed internally, and a technician may be dispatched to your location.
  • The electricity bill will be moved to your name once the technician visits your address and validates the facts.

Even though changing your name on your electricity bill is a straightforward process, you must go to the electricity board office and submit the paperwork in person. You may also need to go to a notary office or a gazetted officer’s office to have the documents authenticated.

However, once you’ve completed everything, you can simply submit the application together with the required documents and wait for the technician to arrive to complete the procedure. Now, the actual technique and document list may vary from one board to the next. It’s still a good idea to check with the authorities to find out the exact criteria before proceeding.

What is the procedure for resetting my CEB password?

In the upper right corner, click on Your name. Change your password by clicking the Change Password button. The screen below will appear. Enter your current password, then your new password and confirm it.

In Durban, how can I check my municipal bill online?

What is the procedure for checking my eThekwini bill online? Visit for further information. This will display the amount due on the most current account that has been sent to you.

Where can I make a payment on my municipal bill?

“One can also go to the municipal offices’ Income Section and request that the municipality issue a debit order.”

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) can be used by residents, with the payer’s municipal account numbers as a reference. This is one of the most handy options because it can be completed from the convenience of one’s own home or workplace.

What is the procedure for checking my KPLC bill online for the year 2021?

  • As with the SMS method, enter the initial part of your KPLC account number. If the number is 987654-32, type 987654.

The steps to check your KPLC bill outlined above are easy and clear. If you have any questions, please call the KPLC contact center or visit your nearest office for further information.