How To Pay Electricity Bill Through MCB Credit Card?

To make an MCB Credit Card payment, go to the “Payments” menu on the MCB Mobile App and select the “Payment for MCB Credit Card” tab.

How do I use a credit card to pay my electric bill?

The majority of credit card bill payment transactions are now completed online. Aside from auto-pay, cardholders can pay bills in the privacy and comfort of their own homes using alternative methods.

Bills can be paid through the online banking platform of the credit card company, the biller’s website or app, or third-party bill payment apps. There’s no need to go outside and swipe the card.

The method of paying bills online is very similar to that of purchasing online. The methods of using your finest credit card to pay bills are outlined here.

  • Please enter the information exactly as it appears on your credit card and billing statement.
  • Check your payment information and submit it. To validate your payment, you may receive an OTP (One Time Password) verification number.

Simply call your issuing bank’s hotline to enroll in an auto-charge program to pay bills using a credit card. You’ll be asked for information about your credit card account as well as the bills you want to enroll in. You’ll only have to worry about paying your credit card bill once you’ve set up your bills to be paid automatically with your card.

Is it possible to pay my account with a credit card?

In a nutshell, you can. As with a debit card, you will need to enter your credit card information as the billing card.

Do you receive points for using your credit card to pay your bills?

Yes, you may use a credit card to pay for most bills and many credit cards even reward you for doing so. Utilities, rent, medical bills, and taxes are just a few of the expenses that can be paid using a credit card in exchange for points. If you qualify for a balance transfer, you can only use a credit card to pay for other credit card payments. This allows you to transfer your existing debt to another card and pay it off later (usually at the cost of a fee of around 3 percent ). You won’t be able to pay your mortgage or rent with a credit card most of the time, at least not without using a third-party app. Paying bills using a credit card, on the other hand, can be a terrific method to earn points, miles, or cash back if you can accomplish it. It may also be able to buy you some time.

Just keep in mind that between bills and other purchases, you don’t want to burn up too much of your credit limit. It is preferable to have a percentage of less than 30%. Also, don’t use your credit card to justify spending more than you normally would. You’ll end up paying a lot more in interest than you earn in points if you don’t pay your account on time and in full every month.

How do you figure out when it’s time to pay your credit card?

When Should You Pay Your Credit Card? A month’s billing period is typical for credit cards. Your issuer gives you a statement at the end of each cycle that includes your account activity, the minimum payment due, and the due date. The due date is the deadline by which you must make a payment.

What exactly is an MCB payee ID?

You have a payee ID for each company that is linked to your Payoneer account if you receive payments from firms who pay using Payoneer directly. Payments from your partner company are routed to your Payoneer account only, thanks to a unique payee ID!

It is your partner company’s way of identifying you in their system, and it can be a username, serial number, or nickname.

Logging onto your account and clicking the Funding Sources page under the Activity menu will reveal your payee ID.

What is MCB Internet Banking, and how does it work?

Customers can conduct secure financial and non-financial activities using MCB Internet Banking, a user-friendly and convenient online banking platform. MCB Internet Banking allows our customers to complete their banking transactions online in only a few clicks, at their leisure and without charge!

  • Transfer funds between your own accounts and third-party MCB accounts immediately or on a schedule.
  • Payments, both one-time and recurring, can be scheduled. Full or partial payment functionality based on payment circumstances