Can You Refill BIC Lighters With Butane?

A valve at the bottom of the tank on refillable lighters is designed to receive fuel. Refillable lighters, such as Bic or disposable lighters, are not available. There is no method to refill a disposable lighter’s gas tank after the gasoline runs gone. When a lighter has a bottom-mounted valve, you can add gasoline to the tank by inserting the stem from a can of butane.

Can all BIC lighters be refilled?

All BIC lighters meet or exceed the lighter safety standards set by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and other government bodies. Keep this product, like any lighter product, out of the reach of youngsters. There is no such thing as a child-proof lighter. Adult supervision is the only way to ensure that children are safe.


BIC advises great caution when viewing films and other documents describing the use of lighters other than as intended — whether BIC brand or not — that may be available on the Internet or elsewhere.

How do you refill a Bic lighter without a push pin?

Install a refill valve at the bottom of the lighter using this procedure. This enables you to refill the Bic lighter multiple times. When you refill, there are no bothersome push pins, no thumb over the hole, and no butane spurting everywhere.

To do this, you’ll need a small gas refill valve.

Replacement airsoft gun valves, such as this one (Amazon Link) or this one, work well.

It’s also feasible to take the refill valve out of a broken refillable lighter and put it in your Bic. Unfortunately, many low-cost refillable lighters have valves with no screw heads and extremely lengthy stems. You’re not going to be able to put them in a Bic.

*Let us know if you know of any other places to get lighter refill valves in the comments area!

Step 2: Widen the Hole with a Drill

The next step is to drill into the hole you just made. You’ll need to make it wider so that your refill valve can fit inside. The drill bit should be no more than the diameter of the valve you intend to use. The valve should be only a smidgeon larger than the drill bit.

Step 4: Break Divider Inside Lighter

Inside the fuel chamber of BIC lighters is a plastic separator. If this barrier is still in place, you won’t be able to get your refill valve into the lighter. As a result, you’ll need to insert something (such as a drill bit) into the lighter and chip away at the divider. Shake out the debris after you’re through.

Step 5: Insert Refill Valve

The refill valve should be inserted into the hole. You might need to scrape the hole’s edge a little with a razor. To achieve an airtight seal, some people dab silicone around the valve threads.

Are BIC pens refillable?

BIC is a manufacturer of retractable and stick-type pens established in Connecticut. Refills are limited, with retractable ballpoint stick refills being one of them. A B3 refill can be used in that pen.

What is Zippo butane fuel used for?

Butane Fuel is a type of butane that is used With the Zippo Butane, you can keep your Zippo lighters working like new. Candle lighters, outdoor utility lighters, and flex neck lighters all use this butane.