How To Use Butane Honey Oil?

BHO is a synthetic cannabinoid that is used for a number of medical and recreational uses. BHO can be utilized in a variety of foods, beverages, and topicals. When THC components are swallowed, they pass through the digestive system and are broken down into THC metabolites, which are regarded to have more potent and long-lasting effects than inhalation.

THC tinctures, often known as oils, can be made using BHO and applied sublingually or mixed with food and beverages. People can use a dropper to place the golden, translucent oil under their tongue and wait at least 20 seconds for it to permeate into their circulation. Sublingual effects can occur in as little as 20 minutes, compared to edibles’ 45-minute wait time.

Medical and recreational users can apply a generous amount of BHO-infused lotion, cream, salve, or balm to the problematic area for localized pain and inflammatory relief when it’s infused into topicals. BHO can be smoked or vaporized for a full-body high that has quick-acting, calming, and energizing effects on the body and mind.

BHO can also be delicately swirled around a pre-ground entire flower in a packed bowl “Users will benefit from the “twaxed” joint’s increased strength and flavor. BHO is more widely used “By heating it using a dab rig system or a portable vaporizer, it can be dabbed or breathed as a vapor. ENails and disposable vapes are more convenient and precise in terms of temperature control.

THC components in BHO enter the body via the circulation or the digestive tract, depending on how they are consumed, and generate euphoric, calming, and hallucinogenic effects. The great potency of BHO allows medicinal users with serious diseases to receive substantial amounts of relief from symptoms like chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety. BHO extracts provide stress alleviation and other wellness benefits to recreational users.

How is butane hash oil used?

The use of concentrated butane hash oil is referred to as dabs or dabbing (or BHO). Inhalation of highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active ingredient in cannabis, is a relatively recent method of administering/ingesting cannabis. Butane oil is used in a chemical procedure to create this concentrated form. To extract the oils from the cannabis, butane is employed. 1

Butane hash oil is not a new technique, but it appears to be increasing popularity, especially in the United States, but also in Australia. The liberalization of cannabis usage in the United States and Canada is regarded to be the cause of this surge in consumption. 1 & 2

According to reports, butane hash oil can have a THC concentration of up to 80%. (in comparison with traditional cannabis which is about 10-25 percent ).


How does butane extract work?

Butane hash oil, or BHO, is a cannabis oil created by using butane as a solvent. It’s one of a number of solvent-based extraction techniques available.

The solvent separates the trichomes from the rest of the plant, retaining the strain’s flavors, aromas, and active ingredients. When BHO is extracted, it produces a soft, yellowish wax that, when heated, transforms into oil. Because of its hard consistency, very pure BHO extract is referred to as “shatter.”


The plant matter is “washed” with butane to make BHO extract. The solvent carries chemical substances like as terpenes, cannabinoids, lipids, and other chemicals from the plant as it travels over it.

After this stage is completed, the butane solvent must be removed from the final product. To separate the cannabis wax from the butane, a vacuum pump, oven, or heat is utilized.


BHO extraction has long been a popular approach, owing to its speed and low cost. Because the components for making BHO extract are inexpensive and simple to obtain, many people create extract at home using this approach. In an hour or less, you can have a finished product. It’s also known for having a high THC concentration.

However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true when it comes to cannabis extract. Although BHO is inexpensive and simple to use, it has a number of disadvantages.

Despite the fact that many individuals try it at home, the technique is quite risky, especially for beginners. Even if all safety precautions are implemented, the end product has its own risks. It’s impossible to remove all of the butane solvent from the extract. Consumers who smoke or consume BHO are ingesting butane into their body, posing a health risk they may not be aware of.

How do you use BHO oil?

Open-loop extraction, also known as open blasting, is popular among BHO enthusiasts, but it’s a risky operation. Users place raw marijuana material and butane within a metal or glass tube to separate cannabinoids from the plant material during open-loop extractions. The butane used for extraction is discharged into the atmosphere when open blasting is utilized. A flame or spark can easily trigger a devastating explosion since butane is exceedingly flammable.

By confining all combustible solvents within a piece of commercial-grade extraction equipment, closed-loop extraction eliminates the risk of gas leakage. Closed-loop extraction is done in professional facilities with city government approval, utilizing third-party certified equipment. The spent butane is also recycled for further use in closed-loop extraction. In comparison to open-loop extraction, the entire process is significantly safer, controlled, and effective.

What Is Vacuum Purging BHO?

A post-processing purge is required for BHO-extracted concentrates in order to eliminate any remaining solvent from the final product. The concentrate is placed in a vacuum oven, where butane is evaporated and removed with the help of a vacuum pump. The solvent off-gasses using low heat and pressure, leaving no trace in the concentrate.

In comparison to ambient pressures, a vacuum oven lowers the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber, allowing compounds to evaporate at lower temperatures. The vacuum oven maintains a constant temperature and cooks any BHO concentrate without reducing its strength or flavor, as well as removing dangerous substances, as shown by third-party lab testing.

Why Is BHO Different From Other Concentrates?

The extraction of butane hash oil (BHO) and the products that arise have several advantages over typical whole-flower buds or other extraction processes. BHO concentrates have a wider range of consistencies, higher potencies, and can have a deeper chemical depiction of the strain’s original profile than solventless concentrates like kief or rosin.

Without harming the volatile terpenes in the buds, BHO extraction technology can delicately separate marijuana’s psychoactive chemicals from the plant. When compared to concentrates without those fragrant terpenes, BHO concentrates like live resin or terp sauce are able to keep a higher-than-normal terpene content, giving it a deeper and fuller flavor.

How Do You Consume BHO Concentrates?

Using a torch to fire the nail or banger for approximately a minute and letting it cool for about 30 seconds before putting a small ‘dab’ of BHO concentrate into the nail chamber and inhaling the vapor was the conventional method of consuming BHO concentrates, often known as ‘dabbing.’ To achieve a more accurate temperature reading on their nail surfaces, users finally upgraded to using thermometer guns.

The most effective tool for consuming BHO concentrates is an e-nail. An electronic nail, also known as an e-nail, is made up of a digital controller that allows users to change the temperature as well as a nail that is coupled to a coil that heats the surface. When compared to high-temperature dabs that can burn out terpenes, E-nails allows customers to take low-temperature dabs rich of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Consumers can use BHO vape pens or vape cartridges created from a number of strains for a more convenient and portable way to consume BHO concentrates.

BHO is more commonly ingested through vape pens than through dabbing due to its convenience. Vape pens are available with a cartridge and battery or as disposable pens with a tasty BHO extract. Quick heating, multiple heating temperatures, and pre-measured doses can all be found in vape pens.

Can You Consume BHO Without Heating?

Decarboxylation, or the process of heating a substance to activate chemical acids into their parent cannabis compounds, is required for BHO concentrates. The therapeutic THC and CBD molecules are created by heating cannabinoid acids like THCA and CBDA. Raw BHO is not only harmful to consume, but it also lacks active chemicals.

How Do You Store BHO?

BHO concentrates have a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, but incorrect storage can impair a product’s efficacy and flavor. If kept cool, dry, and dark, BHO concentrates can last for a year or more. Concentrates can be weakened or rendered unusable by environmental conditions such as light, heat, oxygen, and moisture.

BHO concentrates can be kept in an airtight container lined with parchment paper or in a silicone container. Some users put their sealed concentrates in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life; however, changing temperatures can damage the concentrate’s quality, and freezing concentrates can expose the product to moisture absorption if it is not properly sealed in an airtight container.

What Is Nucleation?

Nucleation can occur as a result of unstable concentrations, temperature changes, time, and humidity, resulting in the separation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Sugary or crystalline cannabis structures can form in nucleated concentrates. In goods like the delicious and powerful sugar wax, the natural separation process displays diamond-like forms under controlled conditions.

What Is Winterization?

The removal of waxes and lipids from the final extract is known as dewaxing. Waxes and lipids have the ability to speed up the nucleation process while also affecting the flavor and smoothness of the concentrate.

De-waxing can be done in a variety of ways, including winterization. BHO is dissolved in a polar solvent, commonly ethanol, at sub-zero temperatures during winterization. Cold temperatures drive lipids to the surface, allowing for more efficient filtering.

Why BHO?

Concentrates are the fastest-growing component of the recreational cannabis industry, and they represent the industry’s second-largest market after marijuana flower (it is projected to overtake the number one spot by 2022). In the next two years, an industry that produced over $3 billion in 2018 is expected to more than double.

What is it about extracts and concentrations that makes them so popular? For many customers, it’s the combination of accessibility, portability, and versatility that makes for a far more user-friendly experience. Consumers have a variety of receptacle alternatives, allowing them to consume on their own terms. This access is furthered by portability, which opens up new alternatives for environmental settings, signifying a more liberating experience. And because of its versatility, it may be packed in a variety of ways, with individual ingredients separated to achieve any desired effect, catering to a wide range of demands and preferences.

Concentrates are a very scalable and economical choice for producers. Concentrates are easier to ship and keep for longer periods of time, lowering distribution expenses. Depending on the required output quality and type, they can be bud-based (nug run) or formed from trim and leaf, providing for additional processing options. Perhaps most crucially, product consistency is easier to achieve with the more technologically advanced processors’ standardized operations.

However, there remains the issue of how to deal with the hundreds of additional expectations that are being placed on manufacturers. Producers are left chasing their tails while customers are free to choose their preferred method. Not only do customer preferences in packaging (pens, droppers, canisters), tastes (infused, flavorless, natural), and forms change with the seasons, but there are now additional variables for consumer choice in packaging (pens, droppers, canisters), flavors (infused, flavorless, natural), and forms (tinctures, gummies, salves, vapor).

Because of three tiny words unique to BHO — full spectrum extraction — BHO particularly answers the diversity of consumer choices and expectations better than other approaches.

Is butane used to make dabs?

Dabs are formed by squirting butane or lighter fluid into the marijuana plant, which is a highly flammable and unstable material. It is exceedingly harmful to heat these compounds. Furthermore, any residual butane gas remains in the room once the process is completed.

What is butane honey oil lab?

Patche is charged with setting a fire in an occupied structure, causing a fire that resulted in injury, child endangerment, and illegal production of a controlled substance, according to police.

A honey oil lab, also known as a hash oil lab, creates a pure form of marijuana by extracting it from the plants. The resulting product is used in marijuana edibles and vape pens. The butane used to create the oil is very flammable and volatile, according to authorities, and these labs may easily explode.

How long should I purge my BHO?

The final step in making high-quality, delicious BHO is vacuum purging. There are a few key points to consider regarding the vacuum purging workflow now. Everyone’s method is unique. The purging procedure for manufacturing BHO is broken out in this diagram.

Run the Vac

Place the BHO in the center of the vacuum oven once it has been spread out thinly on a silicone mat or parchment paper. Set the temperature to your preferred level once the BHO is inside the oven, then gently run the pump to full vac. Set the oven temperature to 110o F once it has nearly reached a full vacuum.

Slow down. As the vacuum is increased, you may notice the BHO bubbling up and producing a muffin-like top, which is the butane outgassing. The boiling decreases over time, and there are less bubbles (this may take a few hours or days).

The amount of butane present in the BHO after the water bath, as well as the ambient room temperature, determine how long you spend outgassing the butane. It will be more difficult to remove the solvent if your room is cooler. To judge the quality of the BHO, many extractors merely glance at it. The vacuum purging is complete when the bubbles stop and the texture and consistency of the BHO do not alter under vacuum pressure.

Remove All Bubbles

You turn the thin layer of shatter on the silicone mat after your desired purging cycle (up to 124 hours), and repeat the operation with the same time and pressure parameters as previously. Your bubbling will be less strong during the second pull, but there will still be some bubbling. You can gradually increase the temperature when the boiling subsides (if you started at about 105o F, you may increase it to 110o F). Allow the BHO to sit in the full vacuum for as long as you want (about 6-8 hours).

Flip the slab of BHO as needed, adjusting the temperature, pressure, and time as needed to achieve the desired end result (shatter, live resin, distillate, etc).

To avoid a mess when flipping the BHO, use PTFE sheets instead of standard parchment paper with silicone covering. Make sure they’re heatproof, food-safe, and nonstick. Solvent-proof PTFE sheets allow you to purge without absorbing solvent into the sheet. Furthermore, its non-stick properties ensure that no terpenes are retained.

On top of the silicone mat, place a single sheet. Using your BHO, transfer it to the sheet. When you’re ready to flip the BHO, place another sheet on top while it’s still warm.

Place the BHO on a cool surface like a stone counter, a chill block, or a piece of cool steel. Allow the temperature of the cannabis extract to drop to the bottom. After a few minutes, quickly flip over the thin layer of extract and peel away the top sheet. When opposed to a heated extract, the cooling helps it not stick as much. If you can’t locate this, parchment paper will suffice. Any non-stick paper would suffice. Transparent sheets, in theory, make it easier to see the product.

Consider residual solvent testing a sample of your finished product if necessary to detect hazardous amounts of butane or propane solvent, as well as other impurities. To detect each cannabis ingredient and contaminant, labs utilize a variety of chromatography equipment.

What is butane extractor?

Butane extraction, often known as butane hash oil extraction (BHO extraction), is a common process of extracting useful chemicals from the cannabis plant to make a cannabis concentrate. Butane hash oil (BHO) is the end product, which is used to manufacture a variety of consumable cannabis concentrates such as shatter, wax, honey oil, nug run, and so on.

Butane extraction is a type of hydrocarbon extraction, which is the process of extracting cannabis extracts with a hydrocarbon such as butane or propane as the solvent.

BHO extraction, among the various extraction processes being used by processors, remains popular due to its low cost and effectiveness. It can be done without any special equipment at home.

Why is my hash oil black?

Have you ever kept an oil cartridge in your pocket for a long time? If that’s the case, you’ve probably noticed a change in the color of the oil.

First and foremost, do not be alarmed! This is a natural occurrence. Cannabis oil, like other natural products, has bioactive components that alter with time.

Our oils are subject to the basic principles of chemistry because they do not include any chemicals or preservatives. A change in color is a natural chemical reaction to time, heat, and sun exposure, not a sign of poor oil quality. Every time you use your vape, you’re exposing the oil to heat and oxygen, two components that cause oxidation, which is the primary cause of natural darkening. To summarize, if your oil darkens, it does not mean it is no longer effective.

Oils, on the other hand, have a shelf life. The quality of the oil begins to deteriorate after a few months. The oil’s chemical structure begins to breakdown after roughly a year, affecting the texture and viscosity of the oil. Regardless of the quality of the oil when purchased, brilliant clear oils eventually become murky and black in color. The longer you wait to consume your product, the less predictable the quality and consequences of your high will be. While there is no official expiration date for Kurvana oil, we recommend that you use your cartridge within six months of purchase.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CARTRIDGE OUT IN THE SUN. This can help prevent your cartridge from darkening too quickly or leaking.

AVOID exposing your cartridge to extreme heat, such as in a hot car or in a sauna. This will prevent your cartridge from darkening too quickly or leaking.

To maintain the longest shelf life, store your cartridge somewhere cold, dry, dark, or low-light.

For the greatest vaping experience, use a Kurvana branded battery. Set the voltage to 3.2 volts for Originals and Infusions, and 3.5-3.7 volts for ASCND if you’re using a different battery.

How do I know if my BHO has butane?

Dependence on butane hash oil is possible, and it has an impact on many people. It is thought that if BHO is used at a slower rate, it will form a habit. Long-term use will surely aid in the development of resistance to the medicine. As a result of this, dependency develops, and withdrawal may occur if the person stops using, prompting some people to use only to avoid it. As a result, a pattern of BHO reliance emerges.