Is Zippo Butane Triple Refined?

The Most Effective Butane Fuel

  • Neon 11X Butane Refill Fuel Fluid Lighter Ultra Refined 11 Times 10.14 Oz. comes in three cans.

Is Zippo butane clean?

The Zippo lighter is an American classic, having sold over half a billion units in its 88-year career. They’re collectible due to their many styles, and they’re popular among the military. Zippos, on the other hand, have always been an issue for cigar enthusiasts since they use naphtha lighter fluid, which has a distinct chemical flavor. Zippo now sells butane-fueled inserts that don’t contaminate your smoke.

The inserts are available in two versions: single-torch ($14.95) and double-torch ($16.95), both of which are designed to replace the naphtha-burning guts in most models. The inserts can produce one or two intense blue jets and have a bottom adjustment knob to control the height of the single or double flame.

The notion of using butane inserts to improve the basic Zippo design isn’t new. For a long time, third-party retrofits have been available, but their quality has been inconsistent. Some aftermarket parts don’t fit snugly enough, preventing the lid from shutting properly. Alternatively, they muffle the lighter’s reassuring “click” sound. When the genuine Zippo inserts are opened or closed, they make the gratifying sound of the lever securing the lid.

The new inserts also solve the problem of running out of lighter fluid. A Zippo may take patience and a lot of cleanup when refilling with naphtha. The fragrant gasoline is untidy, and if the lighter is overfilled, it can leak into your pocket. Worse, the fuel may evaporate in a week or less. Butane, on the other hand, avoids all of these issues. Also, flints, wicks, and packing material do not need to be replaced. The piezo ignition technology on the insert works effortlessly at the touch of a button. And if anything goes wrong, Zippo offers a two-year warranty.

How refined is Bernzomatic butane?

For a better experience, Bernzomatic butane fuel is triple-refined. Flame temperature in the air is 1760°C (3150°F). For convenient filling, a long-lasting universal fueling tip is included.