How Much Propane Does A 15000 BTu Heater Use?

Single burner propane tank top heaters by ProCom Heating have three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High, with a maximum of 15,000 BTU. The Tank Top heater is only approved for use in indoor construction! On a single 20-pound gas tank, this heater may run for up to 43 hours!

On a 20 pound gas tank, how long will a 15000 BTU heater run?

A soft nose P.O.L. is included, as well as an adjustable regulator with three heat settings: 10,000, 12,500, and 15,000 BTUs. Mounts directly to a 20-pound propane tank and has a run time of up to 29 hours on high.

How long would a propane heater with a 15000 BTU capacity run?

With a maximum of 15,000 BTU, the Avenger Infra-Red Tank Top Propane Heater (Single Burner) has three heat settings. When you need immediate heat, these low-cost outdoor heaters are ideal. On a single 20 pound battery, this compact but powerful heater can run for up to 43 hours.

How long can a 100 gallon propane tank be used to heat a home?

We use a variety of home propane tank sizes for heating. The smallest of these tanks is a 100-gallon propane tank. We’ll investigate how long a 100-gallon propane tank can be used to heat a home.

At first glance, the math appears to be straightforward. The 100-gallon propane tank, for example, will last 50 40 days if we use 2 gallons of propane every day for heating. Because of the 80 percent tank rule, a 100 gallon propane tank does not contain 100 gallons of propane when fully charged; instead, it contains 80 gallons of propane when fully charged (safety measure).

In practice, though, we must consider our heating requirements. These are mostly determined by the size of our residence (square footage). As we’ll see later, 100-gallon propane will last anywhere from 11 to 85 days depending on home size and propane consumption in the United States (almost 3 months).

To figure out how long a 100-gallon propane tank will endure, we’ll need to know the following information:

  • A 100-gallon propane tank holds 80 gallons of propane when fully charged. This is a safety precaution; if a 100 gallon contained 100 gallons of propane, the pressure on the internal wall of the propane tank may become dangerously high at higher temperatures.

We can figure out how long a 100-gallon propane tank will survive in two ways:

We’ll demonstrate how to perform both calculations. You should use the first calculation if you know your heating demand (which can range from 10,000 to 200,000 BTU/h).

The second estimate, which is based on average propane consumption and house size, is a simpler way to figure out how long a 100-gallon tank will last.

Note: You may find out how long all propane tanks (from 1 pound to 2,000 gallon) last by visiting this page.

Let’s start with the theoretical calculation, then go on to the far more realistic second calculation (house size based):

How long would a 20-pound gas tank keep a heater going?

When compared to natural gas and electric patio heaters, propane patio heaters are the most expensive to operate.

The price of propane gas is expressed in dollars per gallon. A 20lb propane tank, or around 4.7 gallons of fuel, is typical of a portable propane patio heater.

A 20-pound propane tank can last up to ten hours and costs $15 to $20 to fill, resulting in an hourly cost of $1.5 to $2. The cost of using a conventional 40,000 BTU patio heater is around $1.70 per hour.


As previously stated, 20-pound propane tanks are used for small chores such as cooking single meals. If you’re grilling on a medium-sized barbecue, one tank of propane will normally last between 18 and 20 hours. Larger barbecues, on the other hand, can consume 20 pounds of propane in as little as 10 hours.

If you use a medium-sized grill on high heat, you’ll need one or two pounds of fuel per meal on average. That works out to about 8 grilling sessions per tank.


The industry standard for measuring the heating efficiency of domestic equipment is the British Thermal Unit, or BTUs. One gallon of propane equals 92,000 BTUs, and the average house furnace uses 100,000 BTUs. The average house furnace consumes about one gallon of propane each hour.

Depending on how often you turn on your furnace, a house furnace might burn anywhere from 500 to 1,200 gallons of propane every year.

Hot Water Heaters

The amount of hot water you use depends on how many bathrooms you have and how many people are in and out of your home. The average residence uses approximately 1.5 gallons of propane per day for conventional hot water heating.

For hot water, the average homeowner will use between 200 and 300 gallons of propane each year.

The average homeowner will consume about 2.5, 500-gallon propane tanks for house heating and cooking each year.

Which is less expensive to heat: propane or electricity?

Propane is less expensive than electricity: According to the United States Department of Energy, heating a home in the United States with a propane heating system has cost significantly less in recent years than heating with an electric system.

What is the amount of propane required to heat a 1500 square foot home?

The Average Cost Of Propane In A House In a warm environment, a 1,500 square foot home would take around 1.5 million BTUs of propane fuel per month to heat. The cost of heating the home using propane would be around $57 per month based on a $2.86 per gallon price.

In the winter, how much propane is required to heat a home?

Looking at the typical annual usage based on the square footage of your home is one way to figure out how much propane you’ll need to get through the cold months. It’s crucial to remember that when utilizing this strategy, you must account for the fact that some homes are more energy efficient than others, which may result in your home needing more or less energy. The figures below are based on how many square feet your home is.

  • You should expect to use 1300 gallons or more each year if your home is 3,000 square feet or more.

For a 20×20 room, how many BTU do I need?

A 12,000 BTU or 1 Ton air conditioner should be used in a 2020 foot or 400 square foot room as a general rule. If your space is severely shadowed, a 9,000 BTU or 0.75 Ton air conditioner will save you money. If your room is very sunny, a 12,000 BTU air conditioner will enough, but I would recommend an 18,000 BTU air conditioner so that it does not have to run continuously.