An Easy Way to Cut Your Internet Bill in Half

Times are pretty tough right now and every cent adds up. Paying for the internet each month is just one more expense. However, these days it’s a very necessary expense, since so many things must be done online. Let’s face it, not having an email address or some other way to be contacted online is just laughable by today’s standards, so you need to pay that internet bill every month. Maybe it’s forty dollars a month, maybe it’s a hundred dollars a month, depending on what plan you have and where you live. In either case, though, you can cut your internet bill in half by doing one simple thing that we all learned how to do when we were just children: sharing.

That’s it. That’s the secret to cutting your internet bill in half. Just share. What am I talking about exactly? Well, just think about this for a moment. You probably live in a neighborhood with lots of nearby neighbors. Unless you’re in a rural area, I’m sure your closest neighbor is less than 100 feet away from you. We also know that everybody has the internet. So this means that within less than 100 feet of your home there is another person or family also paying X-amount of dollars each month for the internet. Now all you have to do is ask them if they would like to share the internet with you.

It’s a really easy setup. Ask a close by neighbor if they would be interested in splitting the internet with you to save money. Then just go to the store and buy a wireless router. Wireless routers have become really inexpensive. You can probably get one for around $25 – 30. As long as you know you have a dependable neighbor, you can just ask them to pay you half of what you spend on the internet in exchange for free use of your wireless router. If you really want to get savvy with this method, you could even try asking a couple neighbors, if you have one on each side of your house. Now you’ve just cut your internet bill down to a third of the cost.

Like I said, the only thing you need to be worried about is if the neighbor is dependable and will pay you on time every month. As long as they can do that, there shouldn’t be any problems. I have lots of friends who have been doing this for a while now and saving a bunch of money on their internet bill. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest telling your ISP about this little plan of yours.