What Is The Cost Of Terminating A Comcast Internet Only?

If you cancel all services, except Xfinity Mobile, during the period of the agreement, you will be charged a $110/$230 Early Termination Fee for (TV, Internet, Voice, or Home). The Early Termination Fee is reduced on a monthly basis. If you cancel within 30 days of installation, you will not be charged an Early Termination Fee.

Note that if you cancel within 60 days in Illinois, the Early Termination Fee is waived.

If you restart service at any address within 90 days of canceling, any ETFs you have will be paid back to you. In addition, if you quit service after 30 days of your 12- or 24-month term, you will receive an ETF credit.

With that stated, I’d still be happy to assist you in getting your account pulled up to determine if you’re qualified to have your ETF credited as a result of COVID-19. Please send a private message to Xfinity Support using our peer-to-peer chat service by clicking on the chat button in the top right corner of the page. You’ll be able to start a new discussion with Xfinity Support once you click the chat icon, so we can continue to assist you. We can’t wait to meet you there!

How can I discontinue Comcast Internet service without paying a fee?

It sounds too good to be true, but you can politely request that the ETF be waived.

Service representatives are also people, and a pleasant tone can go a long way. It’s fine if they are aware that you are lying.

You won the cancellation game and chose the easy way out (providing an excuse they can’t dispute). Remember that the calls are recorded for quality assurance and are replayed for manager reviews.

They usually offer to share the expense with you or refuse to assist you at all. All they say is that waiving the ETF is out of their reach. Simply request that your issue be escalated.

What are my options for getting out of my Comcast Internet contract?

There are various ways to cancel all of your Xfinity services.

  • Fill out a short online cancellation form (we’ll phone you to confirm your request within two business days of receiving it).

How do I get out of my two-year Comcast contract?

You can cancel your Comcast internet subscription in two ways: online or over the phone. The best option is to call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) and follow the steps in this step-by-step guide.

What is the time frame for canceling Xfinity internet?

Online Service Cancellation Request Filling out an online form is the simplest way to terminate your Xfinity internet connection. To access the form, you must first log in to your account. This procedure only takes a few seconds and informs Xfinity that you wish to terminate your service. Within 48 hours, you will receive a call from Xfinity.

How do I get rid of my Comcast internet but keeping my 2021?

If you missed this section because you wish to cancel over the phone, make sure you have your cancellation reasons prepared. For this breakup call, put on your firm and friendly hat.

When the phone rings, say “cancel service” on the menu. When you reach someone, inquire if you’re chatting with Retention. Let them know you’d like to be transferred if they’re not Retention.

Let Retention know you’d like to cancel, explain why, and move on from the phase where they try to persuade you to stay. Let’s face it, you’re a difficult person to let go of. It’s a wonderful way to break it to them.

Be prepared to receive a slew of freebies (but maybe this is your intention). They’ll offer to lower your monthly payment or give you a free premium channel like HBO.

Again, be kind and firm in informing the representative that you wish to cancel today. Make sure you leave the call with a cancellation date set and a strategy in place for returning your equipment to Xfinity. Just in case something goes wrong, make a note of your representative’s name and ID number.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak with someone in person, locate an Xfinity store near you and bring your equipment with you.

Is it possible to cancel Xfinity at any time?

So you’ve decided to get rid of Comcast. It’s likely that you’re dreading it (and with good reason.) You may recall Ryan Block’s story about his unsuccessful attempt to cancel Comcast, which went viral after Comcast refused to let him cancel. Perhaps you’ve read one of the many horror stories we’ve accumulated about folks dealing with Comcast. (Here’s a new one for you: After a stroke, an 86-year-old woman was forced to go into a nursing home, and Comcast refused to cancel her service.)

So, don’t be concerned. You have the option to cancel Comcast. You can cancel it right now, without having to wait on line for hours. We’ll walk you through a simple approach to cancel your Comcast or Xfinity service, whether you’re formally canceling Comcast or Xfinity.

04/24/19: This page was last updated on 04/24/19. When figuring out how to cancel Comcast, there are a lot of details to take track of, but for those searching for a quick and straightforward guide, here it is:

Step 1: Get your story straight

We all want it could be as simple as that “It’s not you; it’s me,” but if you declare you just want to cancel for no reason, Comcast will most certainly battle you tooth and nail. That is why moving is so beneficial. You could be moving or not. It is not up to us to make that decision. However, changing your location is your best option for getting out of your contract.

Make sure you know what you’re going to say before calling to cancel Comcast. Don’t give out personal information, and be ready to say no “When you don’t want to provide information, say “I don’t know.”

Keep your story simple and don’t provide any more details than are absolutely necessary. “I’m moving to a new city, and the place where I’ll be staying has internet” should sufficient. Alternatively, “My partner and I are moving in together, and they already have service.” More information isn’t required by Comcast.

Step 2: Contact Comcast customer service

Working with Comcast is fairly simple in this regard. The best approach to contact Comcast is to dial 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). To cancel service, follow the on-screen instructions. Or just keep saying “cancel service” over and over. You can also email Comcast a cancellation request and have them call you. This is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to wait on the phone.

Ask if this is the department that can rescind your request when Comcast calls. If they refuse, request a transfer.

Step 3: Record your call

The first thing to remember is that you’re upset with Comcast, not the person on the other end of the line. It’s probably in their job description to make it tough for you to cancel. As a result, make a recording of your call. Having a note of what the original salesperson stated to you can save you time and frustration if something goes wrong with your cancellation. Here’s an example of why it’s a good idea to record your phone call.

You’re unlikely to go through this ordeal, so why take the chance? Just make sure you tell the person as soon as you get on the phone.

Step 4: Don’t volunteer information

It’s worth repeating: whenever you phone, just state, “I’m relocating and need to terminate my service. I don’t need my Comcast service because the place I’m staying already has internet.” That’s all you need to tell the company, and it doesn’t need to know anything else. “In with some friends/family/my partner,” you can say when the rep asks where you’re moving. They are already connected to the internet. I’m sorry, but I have to cancel.” Don’t give any more details than that.

If they ask for more information, it’s fine to respond “I’m not sure.” If they request a forwarding address for your most recent bill, go paperless and pay it online.

If you have a contract, you may be required to pay a penalty in order to cancel Comcast. Check your account ahead of time to determine if you are genuinely under contract and when it ends. There should be no penalty for canceling if you are not under contract.

Step 5: You can also try the truth

You might come across a Comcast representative who gets it, lets you go with ease, and just offers you the sales pitches you need. It’s worth a shot. Otherwise, you should relocate (or at least, pretend you are).

How do I get rid of Comcast internet while keeping 2022?

Here’s How To Save Money By Cancelling Comcast

  • Returning your Comcast equipment without incurring any costs for unreturned equipment.