Useful Tips To Reduce Big Telephone Bills

Telephone bills can be really expensive if you don’t search for options to lower your bills. Most everyone possesses a landline telephone, a mobile phone and has an Internet connection but don’t know which one to use for cheap calling and haven’t any idea about all the plans which are available in today’s world.

We can’t imagine a world anymore without mobile phones but the expenses are much higher than calling with a landline telephone. Many people tend to always use their mobile phone even if they are at home. It is easy, portable and has more features than a landline phone but do you need all these services if you just want to call a good friend or a family member? Calling these people requires often more time than a call for an appointment with a doctor, a dentist or other short conversations and you can easily wait until you are at home to make these phone calls with your landline phone.

There are several plans and promotions for every phone service and often you can take a plan from the same provider. If you bundle your phone services together with your Internet connection, your provider will likely give you a cheaper price. Comparing the prices of these services separately will give you an idea if you can save money and how much. If you call for a long time every month you will be surprised how much you can save in one month with bundling these services.

Calling abroad can be terribly expensive if you call with a landline phone or a mobile phone. There are several plans which can reduce the costs but there are some factors to take in consideration before you take one of these plans. Do you call frequently abroad or only once or twice a year? Do you call other continents? There are plans for everyone’s needs and it is important to check the minute rate you are paying now and compare if a mobile phone would be cheaper or not.

Calling plans vary from provider to provider and from country to country. Shopping around to find the best provider for your needs is an important issue; some may offer better rates for calling abroad but it is possible that another provider will give you the best deal for calling in your hometown. You might have a plan which gives discounts for calling in your state but their rates for long distance calling are higher. Maybe you can consider taking a different number for your long distance calls, certainly if you frequently call abroad.

VOIP services can be useful if you have family or friends in other countries and certainly in other continents. Calling with a landline telephone or a mobile phone can be extremely expensive for such calls. VOIP services, for example Skype, Yahoo or MSN messenger are a good alternative and allow calling for free. If you have an Internet connection and you download the necessary software you can call them for free. There is only one disadvantage; you need to be both online.

Most people don’t frequently make phone calls abroad and there are many which only call in their hometown. There are also plans for everyone’s needs and it is also important to compare different providers and find the best deal for you. Some may offer a plan where you don’t need to pay a fee and a certain quantity of minutes is included. This can be beneficial if you don’t call frequently.

There are also plans where you need to pay a certain fee but you can buy packages of 15, 30, 45 or even more minutes which allow calling at a cheaper rate. This will be beneficial if you call frequently every month. Maybe you call mostly in the evening or on the weekend; there are plans which ask for a higher rate 8 am and 5 pm but allow calling for free after 5 pm and before 8 am and during the weekends. If you are not at home during the day; maybe this plan will be best for you. It is important to check frequently if there are no new plans available because a suitable plan at this moment is maybe not the best one after one year or even sooner.

There are also often promotions during the holidays; for example Christmas or some other holidays. It is useful to take advantage of these promotions and check when it is beneficial to call with a mobile instead of a landline telephone. Mostly rates of landline telephones are better but if you have a mobile phone with a plan which includes free minutes; you can best take advantage of these free minutes.

Sometimes you just want to give a message to some of your friends, family or your children. If you both have a mobile phone, you can best send an SMS because it is much cheaper than a phone call. If your children have a mobile phone and you want to take an eye they don’t spend too much; it is best you give them a prepaid card. You can be sure they don’t spend more than the amount of their prepaid card. It happens often that children call too much to their friends and without a prepaid card; telephone expenses can be extremely high.

There are several ways to reduce your big telephone calls and it is wise to call not more than necessary. Look how long you are already calling and try to finish the call when it takes too long. Make good agreements with friends that you are not always the one who calls and pays the expenses. If you avoid downloading ring tones and you don’t use Internet services on your mobile phone, you can reduce your expenses. It is cheaper to use your computer for these services. Also taking pictures with a mobile phone is more expensive than with a digital camera.

Reducing big telephone bills doesn’t need to be a difficult task; it is often easier than you imagine. If you compare providers and search for a plan which fits your needs you can easily save some money. Automated bill payment will also help to lower your bill; most companies will give you a deduction if you pay by direct debit. If you pay attention to all these issues and you don’t call more than necessary your big phone bills will easily be reduced.