A Few Tips On Saving More Money on Your Utility Costs

Turn things off! Think about the items you leave on regularly, and turn these off. Are you leaving lights on in rooms that are not in use? Do you have ceiling fans running in rooms that are empty? Is there a TV or radio on in a room while you are elsewhere? When you leave a room for more than a few minutes, turn everything off.

Save more water. Consider taking shorter showers. It is easy to use twice as much water as needed without giving it a thought. Put a simple kitchen timer on the bathroom counter, and set it for a reasonable amount of time. Try to stay with your plan. This is not just water, it is your money going down the drain.

Save on hot water. Add an electric timer to your hot water heater. Buy one that gives you the option of having water for a short time in the morning and the evening, or just once each day. Most hot water heaters maintain temperature for several hours once the water heater is off. If you do not have a timer, the water heater will be on more than needed. adding considerably to your monthly bills. If you can’t add a timer, at least lower the water temperature to under 120 degrees.

Use appliances only when really needed. Do full loads of laundry, not half loads. When practical, hang some of your clothes on hangers to dry rather than using the dryer. Run the dishwasher only when it is full, and don’t use the drying cycle. Don’t use your oven when the range top or microwave will do. Unplug anything that is using electricity although not in use: Cell phone charges, guest room clocks, night lights in unused areas, and extra yard lights.     

Open blinds or curtains on sunny days during colder months. Sun filled rooms in your home can give free heat to your space. This can add warmth to your home without adding the expense of heating some areas. In the warmer months, of course, we would do the reverse.

Set the thermostat to a temperature that is lower than you normally like, and wear a sweater. Put extra blankets on all beds,  and set the heat even lower while sleeping. This  not only saves a lot of money, it is thought to be healthier.  Get younger kids to wear an extra shirt in the house, and slippers, or an extra pair of socks so they are not bothered by the lower temperatures.

This is by no means a complete list of things that will help you save on your utilities, but these few things alone should help you save a considerable amount.