How To Pay State Farm Insurance Bill Over The Phone?

Call the State Farm bill pay number 800-440-0998 (24/7), and enter the key code from your current bill. Use a credit card or a checking/savings account to make the payment.

Is there a payment grace period with State Farm?

Yes, State Farm offers a 10-day payment grace period, with particular periods varied depending on state law. Policyholders can pay their past-due premiums within the grace period to prevent a lapse in coverage. State Farm will cancel the insurance if the grace period expires without the required payment.

If you have autopay set up but don’t have the money to make a payment, State Farm will let you postpone it for up to 15 days. This, however, is distinct from the grace period. You will be automatically charged after 15 days, and if you cannot pay the outstanding amount, State Farm will issue you a cancellation notice.

State Farm will mention the final day on which they will take full payment before your coverage lapses when they issue you a cancellation notice. Because practically every state requires you to have auto insurance, not having it could result in serious consequences, such as fines and even license suspension if you’re discovered driving without it. Furthermore, a delay in coverage marks you as a high-risk driver, which can increase the cost of car insurance in the future, therefore it’s critical that you pay your car insurance payment before the final cancellation date.

What is the account number for my State Farm policy?

Duplicate payments are defined as two or more payments for the same dollar amount made on the same insurance policy or State Farm Payment Plan (SFPP) account on the same business day.

State Farm manages duplicate payments in the following way to minimize the impact on you:

  • If numerous payments are made using the same bank account and submitted within 15 minutes of each other, only one payment is completed.
  • If various bank accounts or credit cards are used for each payment, the payment is processed.
  • If one or more credit cards are used, payments are processed. If only one credit card is used and both payments are made on the same calendar day, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get a refund if the duplicate payment was not intended.

Is it possible for me to pay someone else’s phone bill?

A payment to any account can be made by anyone. Call in and tell a representative that you’d like to pay a bill that isn’t yours and provide a phone number from your friend’s account.

Is State Farm’s customer service good?

State Farm receives an 8.6 out of 10 rating for their reasonable average prices and excellent customer service. State Farm also has an AM Best A++ financial strength rating and a BBB A+ rating.

Is State Farm responsible for fractures in the windshield?

Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage, State Farm will pay for windshield replacement or repair services, but there will be a deductible unless mention laws or policy terms state otherwise. State Farm’s comprehensive insurance covers, among other things, weather-damaged windshields, vandalism, and theft.

Is your credit checked by State Farm?

During the quote process, all major vehicle insurance providers, including GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm, run a credit check. In fact, underwriters utilize credit as one of the key rating variables when deciding vehicle insurance prices.

How many days can you go without paying your auto insurance?

The majority of vehicle insurance providers give you a grace period for paying your premiums. A auto insurance grace period typically lasts 10 days after the original payment due date, however this can vary depending on the insurer. Some companies provide a grace period of up to 30 days, while others do not. Make sure you understand the terms of your insurance coverage.