How To Transfer Cfe Electric Bill To My Name?

If you’ve recently purchased a home with an existing meter, you’ll need to update your name on your Mexico Electric account and bills.

c) evidence of address for the Mexican property, such as a recent phone bill, recent gas bill, or, better yet, the most recent electric bill with the prior owner’s name on it.

* It’s critical that your name is completely captured, just as it appears on your official identity and on your new Mexico title. These electronic receipts will be documents that you will need to file when selling your residence. See the section on capital gains taxes in Mexico.

How can I modify the name of my energy bill after it has been paid?

To understand how to replace a deceased person’s name on an electricity bill, go to your local power office. Bring the necessary paperwork for a name change, and pay the money after submitting the application form and documentation.

What is a CFE account, and how can I get one?

A professional qualification offered to fraud examiners is the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). CFEs, like CPAs, are required to do continuing professional education (CPE) on a regular basis.

How do I get in touch with CFE Mexico?

CFE stands for Comisin Federal de Electricidad, which is Mexico’s state-owned electric utility.

Phone: 071… dial 01 (800) 007-1071 from the United States. You can also reach us by phone at 612-345-6781.

Where can I pay my CFE bill?

  • At the financial institution (CIBanco in San Carlos or any bank in Guaymas)
  • In Plaza el Vigia, at the CFEMticos (the Ley mall). Three ATM-style machines where you can scan your bill and pay with cash are available (it gives change)
  • On Rodriguez, between Calle 16 and Avenue 13, at the main office.
  • On the internet (more info below)
  • The CFE Contigo App is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family (more info below)
  • OXXO, Ley, Sam’s Club, and Walmart are some of the stores where you can find it.

How do you interpret a CFE bill from Mexico?

The account is registered under the name and address NOMBRE Y DOMICILIO. When you open an account anyplace, you’ll be requested for a copy of a recent power bill that matches your Passport. If you’re renting, double-check that your landlord’s name on your lease matches the format of his or her name on your utility bills.

What is the procedure for transferring my electrical connection?

  • Applicant must submit the application in the format stipulated by the Delhi Supply Code and.
  • A Specific and Pre-Existing Relationship:
  • Input your name (in capital letters).
  • Previous Owner’s Special Connection:

What is the procedure for changing my name on my CEB bill?

The Government Information Center is a government information resource.

  • A photocopy of the deed of ownership, the lease agreement, or any other ownership document is required.
  • a copy of the bills that have been paid in full.
  • Gramasevaka Certificate (form can be obtained from above office)

How much does CFE set you back?

A points system determines your eligibility to take the CFE Exam. Use our Eligibility Calculator to see whether you’re eligible.

The exam costs $450 (or $350 if you bought the CFE Exam Prep Course).

You must also supply evidence, such as work experience data, proof of schooling, and professional recommendations.

What is the procedure for paying my CFE?

Please note that if you pay your bill beyond the “Limite de Pago” deadline, you must do it at the CFE office.

Payments made in any other way may not be received on time, causing you to be cut off.


Create an online account with CFE and pay your bill using a Mexican debit or credit card. Only Mexican cards are accepted. You must first create an account before adding your service number (“No. de Servicio”). After that, insert your card. CFE also offers a fantastic phone app called CFE Contigo, which you can download for Android or iPhone here.


Almost every Mexican bank has an online bill payment system set up for CFE. Depending on the bank, I might not be the easiest to use.

With my Banorte account, I tried it once.

I assumed I’d paid the bill until I was disconnected a few weeks later, around 2:30 p.m. on a Tuesday in September.

I went to CFE to pay the bill, and it was a hot 24 hours before they came to turn it back on.


Almost every Mexican bank has an ACH or auto-debit payment to CFE set up. According to what I’ve heard, you’ll need to go to the bank to have this set up. Take all of your identification (passport, resident card, driver’s license) and plan on spending at least 2 hours at the bank!


You can pay in person at your local CFE office or at the CFE Matico kiosks. It’s simple to use the kiosks; simply queue and scan the bar code on your bill. You’ll see your name and bill details show, and you’ll be able to start putting Peso bills into the machine. When the machine runs out of smaller bills, it can be difficult to get change. Don’t worry; simply pay the amount in full the first time and you’ll have less to pay the next time.

The new kiosk machines are equipped with card readers, allowing you to pay with your Mexican debit or credit card rather than cash.

How long does the CFE take to obtain?

CFE candidates with a bachelor’s degree must have at least two years of professional fraud prevention experience. Accounting, legal, fraud investigation, and loss prevention are examples of qualifying occupations. Because the ACFE’s eligibility criteria offers five points for each year of relevant employment, certain professionals can substitute years of experience for formal schooling.

If you have at least 40 eligibility points, you can take the exam even if you don’t have much professional experience. Once they have completed the required job experience, these experts can obtain official certification.