How Many Barrels In A Metric Ton Of Diesel?

Divide the mass of crude oil by the density to get the volume. 55,125 pounds of oil = 7,263 gallons of oil in this example (55,125/7.59). Finally, divide the volume by the conversion of 42 gallons per barrel to convert gallons of oil to barrels. This yields a result of around 172.9 barrels (7,263 / 42). As a result, 25 metric tons of crude oil equals about 173 barrels.

How many gallons of diesel are in a barrel?

From a 42-gallon barrel of crude oil, petroleum refineries in the United Areas produce around 19 to 20 gallons of motor gasoline and 11 to 12 gallons of ultra-low sulfur distillate fuel oil (most of which is sold as diesel fuel and in several states as heating oil). Crude oil is also refined into a variety of other petroleum products. Individual product yields at refineries vary from month to month as refiners focus operations to meet demand for various products and maximize profits.

Other FAQs about Oil/Petroleum

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How do you calculate metric tons?

Divide the weight by the conversion ratio to convert a kilogram measurement to a metric ton measurement. The kilograms divided by 1,000 equals the weight in metric tons.

How many gallons are in a metric ton?

A gallon of water, for example, weighs around 8.34 pounds. In this case, 50 gallons of water weighing 8.34 pounds each gallon is around 0.189 tonne, or 18.9% of one metric ton.