How To Identify Detroit Diesel Engines?

Look for the Detroit Diesel engine identification tag. The ID tag is usually found on or near the valve cover at the top of the engine, either to the left or right of it. The style of the ID tag has varied over time, but the information on it has mostly remained the same.

How can I tell what kind of Detroit engine I have?

We always need the engine serial number and model number when quoting a Detroit Diesel engine. This information guarantees that the replacement engine will fit the piece of equipment or truck perfectly, so you won’t have to worry!

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Serial numbers are difficult to locate, particularly after the engine has been used and has accumulated grime and grease.

You can find your engine model and serial number on the engine data plate

On a Detroit Diesel engine, the engine data plate is positioned in the centre of the bell cover, which is located at the top of the engine. The serial number is imprinted on the block underneath it.

How do I read my Detroit Diesel serial number?

  • The number of cylinders is followed by the letter in all 53 Series engine serial numbers “D.” A 453 serial number, for example, will always begin with “4D,” whether it’s a normally aspirated, turbocharged, industrial, or marine engine.
  • For all inline models, the serial number can be located on any of the flat surfaces of the airbox’s corners, quite close to the deck (see images below).
  • The location of the serial number is highly dependent on the engine’s layout, however flat surfaces are fairly straightforward to locate. It will be imprinted on one of them.

What year is my 60 series Detroit?

The Series 60 was the first heavy-duty diesel engine with fully integrated electronic controls when it was released in 1987. Detroit Diesel recommended overhaul intervals of 500,000 miles (800,000 kilometers), which were later increased to 750,000 miles (1,210,000 kilometers) when more experience with the new engine was gained.

The 11.1 L (677 cu in) variant produced 350 horsepower (261 kW) in 1993. (but would produce 15 more if the cruise control was engaged).

What color is a Detroit Diesel engine?

Our Detroit engines, which I use to sell my time, are a bluish gray color. However, I’ve seen DD engine enclosures and engines that were a silverish blue color at the Con/Agg Expo a few years back (similar to the original Pontiac blue).

How do I know if I have a DD15?

In addition to a model number, an engine serial number will be provided. The DD13 and DD15 engines are painted black, but the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines are painted light blue from the factory. Serial numbers for Series 60 will begin with 06R and end with seven digits. The DD13 and DD15 both have ten numeric digits.

How do I tell what year my Detroit Diesel engine is?

The Detroit diesel engine model is normally found under the engine series header, above the unit serial number. Determine the production year. The year of manufacturing is usually found on the upper right hand corner of the engine ID tag.

How do I look up a serial number?

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  • Option two: The serial number may usually be found at the bottom of the device’s back cover.

Where is the serial number on a Detroit 60 series?

The serial number and model number of the engine are stamped on the cylinder block at the following location (as seen from the flywheel end): Just below the intake manifold and above the cast-in Detroit Diesel logo, on the left side.

How much HP can you get out of a 12.7 Detroit?

The two 11.1-liter ratings (330 horsepower and 365 hp) have been added to the 12.7-liter model, allowing you to choose between 330 hp and 500 hp.