Is Johnny Diesel Related To Jimmy Barnes?

By June 1986, Diesel had returned to Perth and had separated from Innocent Bystanders, leaving fellow member Ross Watson behind but reuniting with Bremond, Dalzell, and Sherritt to form Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, with George Dalstrom on guitar. The band’s music was a blend of R&B, blues, and Southern rock, and they gained a following in Perth before relocating to Sydney in September 1987. By the end of 1986, Dalstrom had left the company.

According to music critic Ed Nimmervoll, the name Johnny Diesel comes from Lizotte’s days as a gas station attendant or a misapplication of John Dalzell’s name as the lead singer. The real reason, according to Lizotte, is that the band’s name was never intended to be permanent; it arose as a consequence of a joke about the band’s bass player, John Dalzell. “John had one child and was expecting another,” Mark explains. “They were dubbed ‘Johnny Diesel and his little injectors’ by a friend of ours, which I thought was amusing. Then I got a call from the woman who worked at the venue where we were performing once a week… ‘You’re starting to attract some attention,’ she observed. ‘I’m going to put an ad in the paper,’ says the narrator. ‘Does this unnamed band have a name?’ ‘Johnny Diesel and the Injectors,’ I told her. It was all in good fun. To amuse John Dalzell, I wanted it to appear in the newspaper, but the name remained. ‘Everyone will believe you’re Johnny Diesel,’ our management remarked when we arrived in Sydney. ‘Are you going to play along?’ I didn’t want to be stuck in the mud, so I agreed. Whatever the case may be… fine “..

After being managed by Brent Eccles, drummer for The Angels, Johnny Diesel & the Injectors relocated to Sydney in September. The Choirboys and The Radiators became the group’s first support acts. Diesel was selected to work on Barnes’ third solo album, Freight Train Heart, after coming to the attention of Jane Barnes, wife of hard rocker Jimmy Barnes (ex-Cold Chisel). Diesel was retained as lead guitarist when Barnes went on the road to promote the record in November, with Johnny Diesel & the Injectors serving as the opening act. It was the start of Diesel and Barnes’ long and fruitful partnership. After Diesel married Jep (Jane Barnes’ sister) in 1989, the relationship became personal as well as professional, and Diesel and Barnes became brothers in law.

Diesel’s band signed with Chrysalis Records, and their self-titled debut album, Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, was produced in Memphis, Tennessee from August 1988 to March 1989 with producer Terry Manning. On the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Albums Charts, the album debuted at No. 2. The first single, “Don’t Need Love,” was released in October 1988, ahead of the album, and reached No. 10 on the ARIA Singles Charts. “Soul Revival,” the second single, was released in February 1989 and reached No. 9, while “Cry In Shame,” the third single, was released in May and reached No. 10. Johnny Diesel & the Injectors recorded five songs in total; while “Looking for Love” was also a Top 40 smash, the fifth single, “Since I Fell for You,” was a chart flop, peaking at No. 83.

During a tour of the United Kingdom in mid-1989, they were broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 for the Tommy Vance Sessions, produced by Tony Wilson, on 14 May. In August, the recording was published as a four-track EP called Live in London, which charted in the ARIA top 30.

Johnny Diesel & the Injectors earned the prize for ‘Highest Selling Album’ at the ARIA Music Awards in early 1990. (with more than 280,000 copies sold). In 1989, Diesel appeared on Barnes’ live album Barnestorming, and in 1990, he collaborated with Barnes on his studio album Two Fires. Meanwhile, Johnny Diesel & the Injectors’ only release for the year was a cover of Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love” for the Kylie Minogue film The Delinquents’ soundtrack. Diesel opted to go solo after the track hit No. 11 on the ARIA singles list, and the trio split in early 1991.

Does Jimmy Barnes have siblings?

Barnes was born in Glasgow’s Cowcaddens neighborhood, the son of Dorothy and Jim Swan. His father was a professional prizefighter. Despite the fact that his maternal grandmother was Jewish, he was raised as a Protestant. He described his childhood as a “slum” of booze and violence, claiming that his mother had him and his four siblings (John, Dorothy, Linda, and Alan) when she was only 21 years old. His older brother, John, was also a singer who went by the stage name Swanee. Barnes was first uninterested in singing, but John encouraged him and taught him how to sing. On January 21, 1962, when he was five years old, he and his family arrived in Australia, initially in Adelaide, but later settling in Elizabeth. Lisa, a younger sister, was born later that year. Their parents split shortly after that. Dorothy remarried to Reg Barnes, a clerk who died on September 3, 2013. After his stepfather, Jimmy took the name James Dixon Barnes.

Is Mark Lizotte related to Jimmy Barnes?

Mark Denis Lizotte (born May 31, 1966) is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician who has recorded under the names Diesel, Johnny Diesel, as the leader of the band Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, and as a solo artist, as well as his given name. Hepfidelity in 1992 and The Lobbyist in 1993 were both No. 1 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Albums Charts.

Lizotte has performed on multiple albums by his brother-in-law, Jimmy Barnes, an Australian rock musician, since 1987. Lizotte is most known as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, but she can also play bass guitar, drums, percussion, and keyboards. She has also produced Richard Clapton’s record and Vika and Linda Bull’s album. In 1993, 1994, and 1995, he won three ARIA Music Awards for ‘Best Male Artist.’

How is David Campbell related to Jimmy Barnes?

David Campbell is the son of Jimmy Barnes, a famed Australian rock & roll performer. David was born in 1973, when Jimmy and his mother were still teenagers, and Jimmy was born on April 28, 1956. David’s early life was challenging, and Jimmy Barnes was not yet famous. His maternal grandparents’ surname is Campbell, and his mother’s surname is Campbell. David was raised by his mother and her parents and had no idea who his father was until he was a teenager. He discovered his ancestors when he was a teenager and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. In the mega-extravaganza theatrical musical on O’Keefe’s life, ‘Shout,’ David portrayed the lead part of Johnny O’Keefe. David has performed in a number of theatre roles and has a number of music CDs to his credit. His most recent track, ‘Hope,’ was featured on ‘Micallef Tonight,’ and it charted in Australia’s top ten.

Does Jimmy Barnes twins?

Jimmy and his eldest son have now patched up their relationship, and he is now a proud grandfather to David’s three children, Leo and twins Betty and Billy Campbell.

Is EJ Jimmy Barnes daughter?

Let us meet Jimmy Barnes’ children: David, Mahalia, Jackie, EJ, and Elly-May, as well as his two long-lost daughters, whom he only met over 40 years after their birth.

How is John Swan related to Jimmy Barnes?

John Swan OAM, commonly known as Swanee, is an Australian rock vocalist who was born on March 15, 1952. In the year 1952, John Archibold Dixon Swan was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He is the older brother of Jimmy Barnes, a singer-songwriter, and the uncle of David Campbell, a theatrical performer.

Is Jock zonfrillo related to Jimmy Barnes?

Jock and rock musician Jimmy, both free-spirited, became ‘brothers’ years ago, bonded by their common Scottish origin and a fondness for ‘Glasgow’ rolls consisting of thick, square sausage and lashings of HP Sauce.

Does diesel own Lizottes?

Just ask Brian Lizotte, the 54-year-old owner of Lizotte’s, Australia’s top entertainment restaurant, and a chef and trombonist in his own right. Mark Lizotte, better known as Diesel, is Brian’s younger brother and a long-time professional musician.

Who is Jane Barnes sister?

According to Jane, extended families in Thailand live together, which means there is always someone to help with the kids. It’s a custom she’s attempted to keep alive. She and Jimmy have been living in Berrima with their six-year-old grandson, Dylan, while his parents construct a home across the street. Meanwhile, Jane’s sister Kaye, an artist, is frequently seen in the Barnes’ Sydney warehouse’s gallery.

Jep, her other sister, is married to Mark Lizotte, a singer/songwriter ( “Diesel”), who jams with the family band on occasion and has assisted Jane with her guitar training. “When we’re at home, we have family dinners every Sunday,” Jane explains. “With the kids running around, there will be 30 of us.”

Jane is always willing to assist with the kids. “When they’re really small, I’m pretty good with them,” she says. “If the parents are getting agitated because they’ve been crying a lot or are overtired, I can always put them to sleep. “I’m a baby whisperer,” she says. She and Jimmy take their grandchildren to school, Saturday sports, and dance classes on a regular basis. They make it a point for each child to learn to play the piano. “We prefer to keep them occupied, so why not teach them music? “Because it’s the soul’s language,” Jane explains. (The following generation has already demonstrated its potential.) Ruby, Mahalia’s 12-year-old daughter, is a talented vocalist.)

Jane says she’s still the university student who met Jimmy before a gig in Canberra in 1979 when she thinks back on her life. “I’m a really upbeat person, and that hasn’t changed,” she says. She says of her large, untidy, loving extended family: “Because we’ve raised good people, I feel like I could die happily.”