Where Can I Buy Off Road Diesel Near Me?

Off-road diesel is less expensive than on-road diesel because it is not utilized in vehicles that go on roadways. An excise tax is levied on on-road diesel.

Although there is no performance difference between the two forms of diesel, off-road diesel is less expensive for enterprises who operate off-road vehicles. You can use on-road diesel in off-road vehicles, but you’ll be paying state and federal taxes on the gasoline that you don’t need to.

Is off-road diesel less expensive?

Off-road diesel might save you up to 25 cents per gallon. For high-use industries like construction and agriculture, this might entail huge cost reductions. Off-road diesel misuse, on the other hand, can result in fines of up to $10,000.

Where can you get red diesel?

In the vast majority of circumstances, red diesel is not for sale or use on public roadways. To legally acquire red diesel, you’ll need to travel to a specialty gasoline provider.

If you need it, we can deliver red diesel in any quantity from 500 litres to 36,000 litres or more! We can also offer red diesel in 205-litre barrels or even a new fuel tank if you don’t have adequate fuel storage for your red diesel delivery.

What is the cost of coloured diesel?

It differs from state to state. The only significant difference between dyed diesel and ordinary diesel is the price. The only difference in price is that VAT is not included. As a result, it is highly dependent on the amount of state tax you pay.

So, less these taxes, the price will be whatever the current market price is. It’s available at most large gas stations and farm supply stores. If you do the math, you’ll see that this might add up to a significant sum of money over time, but it’s hardly worth the fines and headache if you’re found. In case you were wondering, California is the state with the lowest tax rate at 67 cents per dollar.

Is it possible to combine off-road diesel with ordinary diesel?

No, your truck will be alright on this diesel. The main variation is in color, not in the components. It’s strictly for off-road use, as indicated by the red colour. It’s coloured red to make it visible to government officers if you’re using it illegally. Be advised that if you’re discovered driving on US highways, you could face a ticket and a hefty fine.

Off-road diesel will run your automobile if it runs on diesel. However, as previously said, if you use it illegally and are detected, you will be penalized by both the state and federal governments. Because that is sometimes the only fuel available in the event of a natural disaster, you are unlikely to be penalized.

Technically, you can, because the color is the only difference. We’ve heard of cases where someone bought a truck that ran on off-road diesel and then switched to regular diesel. In that scenario, the new owner just switched to regular diesel and the vehicle performed admirably.

The distinguishing red dye is the most noticeable variation, and there may also be a difference in sulfur levels. Furthermore, because this farm fuel is designed for heavy machinery, it heats up quickly.

Driving until the tank is completely empty is the simplest way to get rid of the red dye. Then pour in a couple gallons of or normal diesel and let it run for a while. Repeat this process numerous times. If you want to be sure it’s gone, have your mechanic flush the gasoline system.

No, it isn’t possible. Except for the colour, it’s identical as on-road diesel. If you have a diesel engine, you can use farm fuel to power it. Just make sure you’re not breaking any laws when you use it.

Some people believe it is “tax-free,” but depending on the state, it may or may not be. Here’s a list of states with information on gasoline tax exemptions. When you’re permitted to use this type of fuel off-road, you’ll either pay less at the pump or get a refund on your fuel tax.

You could be charged with “Motor Fuel Tax Evasion” if you’re caught and convicted. Is it really worth it to save money on gas? Here’s what the IRS has to say about it:

“What are the Consequences?” In general, no coloured fuel should be used in highway vehicles. The Internal Revenue Code stipulates a penalty of $1,000 or $10 per gallon, whichever is larger, with payment of the tax for each violation. Additional fines may be imposed by states.”

Mixing the two types of diesel fuels is not a problem, however red diesel has a higher sulfur level than green. It’s also known as green fuel because it’s environmentally beneficial. It’s either light green or transparent in appearance.

This is subject to change. If you’re unsure, you can dip a tube in your tank and pull out a sample to see what color it is; there are also manual dipstick kits and black lights available. However, the gas does not remain in your tank; it passes through your fuel system. If you’re worried, take it to your mechanic to have the system flushed.

Will my truck be harmed if I use off-road diesel?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve never owned a diesel truck and are attempting to figure out the differences between off-road diesel and standard vehicle diesel. You might start to be concerned about your truck’s longevity if you accidently filled it with the wrong kind of gas or if you’re simply inquisitive.

Is off-road diesel going to harm your truck? No, off-road diesel will not hurt your vehicle. It is, however, unlawful to utilize it because it is not intended for use in on-road cars. If authorities discover you’ve been using it, you’ll face a big fine.

Is it possible for police to check for red diesel?

Who is responsible for ensuring that red diesel is used correctly? HMRC and the police conduct random spot checks using a dipstick test to look for unlawful red diesel consumption.

Is it possible to use off-road diesel in a pickup truck?

Non-highway diesel fuel is categorized as off-road diesel. You can use it in your tractor, construction equipment, or even a generator. If you’re driving your truck or car on public roads, though, using off-road diesel is strictly prohibited.

On some highways, you can even drive tractors or other agricultural vehicles. This is dependent on local legislation, whether you’re running a farm, and how far the tractor has wandered from its registered address. However, if you can legally drive the tractor on the road, you won’t need road diesel.

Is it legal for me to use red diesel in my farm truck?

What is the purpose of red diesel? Because red diesel is chemically identical to any other fuel, you can use it in your truck, as a heating fuel, and as a generator fuel. This product, on the other hand, is allocated for agricultural and construction equipment, as well as other off-road applications.

What happens if you’re caught with Red diesel in your possession?

If you’re detected using red fuel illegally, the authorities may take your vehicle, and you’ll have to pay a charge to have it released, as well as the amount owed in duty. Serious offenses could result in an infinite fine and a two-year prison sentence for the operator.