Why Are Diesel Dave’s Eyes Always Red?

Diesel Dave, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and co-host of Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers,” was just sealed to his family in an LDS temple. Diesel Dave stated in a Facebook post that has now been shared over 1,200 times, “For those of you who don’t know, we are LDS a.k.a. Mormons.”

What’s the deal with RedBeard not being on the Diesel Brothers?

RedBeard is still an official member of the Diesel Brothers cast, according to Discovery’s website. In his Instagram bio, he even mentions the show.

RedBeard may have limited the amount of filming he does, or he may simply be placed on the cast as a formality. While the man with the notorious ginger beard isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, his most recent credited appearance on the show was in 2019.

Why was the show Diesel Brothers canceled?

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, a Utah advocacy group, filed a complaint against the shop in 2016. They argued that their actions were illegal under federal law. What kind of action, you might wonder? We’ve all seen those diesel vehicles with black smoke billowing from their exhaust. That isn’t technically legal because it is in violation of emission and pollution regulations. However, if you want a truck with a lot of horsepower, you’ll need to remove the restrictive pollution and emission controls. At the shop, that’s exactly what was going on.

The advocacy group went so far as to buy a customized vehicle from the Diesel Brothers simply to put it to the test. When compared to a factory-built truck, the data showed that this particular truck emitted 36 times the pollutants and 21 times the particle matter.

A Utah emission inspector testified in 2018 that the Diesel Brothers vehicle had been modified unlawfully. As a result of the judge’s decision, the business was barred from performing the same alterations on future truck builds.

The case was finally closed in March 2020. Three members of the Diesel Brothers crew (David Sparks, Keaton Hoskins, and Joshua Stuart) were fined $850,000 as a result of the investigation. Judge Robert Shelby ruled that the business had broken the Clean Air Act and disobeyed a 2018 injunction. Although this appears to be a hefty fine, it could have been considerably worse because they were still under the maximum amount allowed.

On Diesel Brothers, what happened to Chavis?

Unfortunately, Chavis’ transmission failed during a practice run, and things did not go well for him. Despite replacing the defective parts, the truck’s transmission began to leak on the day of the competition, disqualifying him.

Was Heavy D a military man?

Heavy D: We’re big fans for a variety of reasons. Diesel Both Dave and I have extensive military experiences. Diesel Dave attempted to join the military, but he did so later in life and suffered from health problems. ‘What you’re attempting to do, join the air force, isn’t a good fit,’ the military told him. I, on the other hand, began my business when I was very young and became so engrossed in it that I never had the opportunity to truly separate myself from it. My father, on the other hand, was a Green Beret. Diesel Dave’s father was a pilot in the Air Force. My grandfathers were both in the Air Force… Aside from that, we admire what the military accomplishes.

Was the man with the red beard a real person?

Barbarossa, (Italian: “Redbeard”) byname of Khayr al-Dn, original name Khir, Barbary pirate and later admiral of the Ottoman fleet (died 1546), Barbary pirate and later admiral of the Ottoman fleet, whose initiative led to the incorporation of Algeria and Tunisia into the Ottoman Empire.

Diesel Brothers is owned by who?

“Heavy D” and “Diesel” Dave Sparks and Dave Kiley, also known as “Heavy D” and “Diesel,” respectively, The hit Discovery Channel show’s bearded faces are Dave “Diesel Brothers is a company that creates insane diesel trucks that most people can only fantasize about. Heavy D is the company’s boss and visionary, while Diesel Dave is the company’s public face. The Diesel Brothers, along with their equally bearded workforce, produce stunning high-end diesel trucks for clients as well as gifts to help drive customers to their business.

The bearded Diesel brothers are not blood brothers, despite the show’s title. They both grew up in the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and they met during a singles event at the church. They ended up with a new friendship instead of meeting their future wives. “I know, it’s a little strange, adds Heavy D. “It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a potential wife or life companion. I’ve definitely discovered my soul mate; I didn’t anticipate them to have a beard. Kiley accepted Sparks’ invitation to hang out at a lake with some buddies, thinking it would be a great opportunity to meet girls. Heavy D unintentionally placed ordinary gasoline in his diesel truck on that trip, and the two bonded over their shared love of diesel trucks while they sucked the gasoline out.

The two came up with the idea for DieselSellerz, an online refuge for diesel vehicle lovers, in between mouthfuls of gasoline. DieselSellerz would host classified advertisements for all types of diesel trucks from across the country, ranging from entirely stock vehicles to heavily customized off-roaders. DieselSellerz also features parts for sale as well as trade opportunities. They also founded Sparks Motors, a company that transforms used vehicles into spectacular machines before selling them on DieselSellerz, and Diesel Power Gear, a company that provides clothes, equipment, and accessories to diesel enthusiasts.

Diesel Dave came up with the idea of broadcasting ridiculous films of trucks doing stunts on YouTube to advertise the businesses, such as 1,500 horsepower donuts and burnout contests. The site developed considerably along with their business as the videos acquired popularity, with each video encouraging more and more people to visit the website. Diesel Dave was inspired by the popularity of these videos to come up with another wild idea: giving away their ridiculous trucks to lucky fans.

They began their giveaways in 2014 with a fully customized 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins twin-turbo engine. Companies began sponsoring pieces all over the vehicle as a result of the Ram’s popularity, and it was a big success. They’ve given away around 20 cars in total, including ATVs, motorbikes, and, most recently, a bespoke Jeep Grand Cherokee. The giveaways involve all three companies and are mostly carried out by Diesel Power Gear. Every $5.00 purchased on the site earns fans one entry into the sweepstakes. The money raised by fans covers the truck’s cost and then some.

Heavy D and Diesel Dave were finally invited to appear on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and their businesses developed enormously. They were recognized by the Discovery Channel, who approached them with the possibility of a TV show after their performance on the Tonight Show pushed them into the media spotlight. The filming of Discovery began “Diesel Brothers premiered in 2015 and has since grown to become one of cable television’s most popular reality shows. We’re excited to see what these bearded brothers come up with next!

Does Diesel Brothers’ muscle work for them?

The Muscle grew up in Utah and declares that “football, diesel trucks, God, my family, and this great country” are his biggest loves. He’s known Diesel Dave since they were in eighth grade, and the two have remained buddies ever since. The Muscle comes from a family of diesel enthusiasts and is an expert at finding unusual parts. He fell in love with diesel trucks the moment he drove one, and he’s been creating them ever since. He met Heavy D through friends a few years ago and decided to go on “this crazy voyage into the diesel world” with him and Redbeard. They are not just partners in business, but also excellent friends.

The Muscle has been in the fitness sector for as long as he can remember, in addition to his position at DieselSellerz. He has trained over 2,500 people as a personal trainer and enjoys assisting people in achieving their fitness objectives. He praises his late father with instilling in him the values of hard work and clever work. The Muscle is proud of his business accomplishments, but even more so of his “beautiful wife and two lovely girls.” He says he lives by one motto: “You can have or do everything you want in life if you set your mind to it.” He is known for his strong opinions and ambition. He’s also a proud beard grower and member of the House of Mane, of course!!

Will the Diesel Brothers make a comeback in 2021?

Heavy D also shared where fans may see earlier episodes on the internet. The Diesel Brothers have made a comeback. Heavy D and Diesel Dave are officially back for another season after seven seasons of monster truck construction and insane stunts.