Are Petrol Stations Open On Public Holidays?

No, most petrol stations, particularly those affiliated to grocery chains or service stations, will be open on the Bank Holiday.

Are gas stations open on Christmas Day in the United Kingdom?

Motorway service stations must be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with a place to eat, drink, refuel, and use the restroom. This applies on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and the entire Easter season.

You may only be able to go to the petrol station to use the coffee machine and grab a sandwich during really calm times (such as Christmas Day), but this still fulfills what is expected of them.

Over Christmas (not Easter), all of the facilities in the main buildings will have different opening hours, so it’s important to double-check.

Only official motorway service areas are covered by this law. Official A-road services (those that are signed from an A-road) are not required to be open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Day, and in some situations, they are not required to be open between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. In practice, most large petrol stations will operate anyway, but if you’re going to rely on them, it’s important to check with them immediately.

Even if COVID-19 difficulties arise, these regulations will remain in effect. We’ve kept a separate page for COVID-19 travel information, but in a nutshell, the facilities are open, however there are staffing issues.

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Are gas stations open on Easter Sunday in the United Kingdom?

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, most businesses and merchants in the UK are closed. Are gas stations open on Easter Sunday, and can motorists fill up their tanks?

During the temporary lockout, fuel stations are permitted to remain open. On Easter Sunday, most fuel and service stations in the United Kingdom will be open.

Are fuel stations open on Boxing Day in the United Kingdom?

All highway service stations must be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for fuel, parking, and restrooms.

The reason these stations must remain operational is because it is a requirement of their license.

Some food and drink options in the stations may be limited during very calm times, such as Christmas Day.

Is it possible to find a petrol station in the United Kingdom?

Despite challenges with fuel delivery to forecourts, drivers can still fill up their automobiles at most petrol stations around the country. There is no lack of fuel, but due to a shortage of lorry drivers, some petrol outlets have had to close in some areas.

Is there free air at Asda?

Morrisons has ended a promotion that gave consumers free air for their tires if they bought 15 or more at its gas stations.

Customers who spent at least 15 on gasoline at a Morrisons station previously received a certificate for free air. For individuals without vouchers, each minute spent on the machine cost 20p.

However, all consumers will now be required to pay to use the air machines, though at a reduced fee of 10p per minute.

According to a representative for Morrisons, “We’ve upgraded all of our gas stations with new air machines.

“We’ve instituted a 10p minimum vend to provide lower-cost air to all of our consumers.”

According to the Mirror, the new fee is cheaper than Tesco’s (50p per minute) and Asda’s (20p each go), but most Sainsbury’s forecourt air machines are free.

Why isn’t there any diesel in the United Kingdom?

Protests have centered on oil terminals and refineries across the United Kingdom. Environmental protestors blockaded a site in Erdington on Friday and over the weekend. Protests were held in Tamworth and around the United Kingdom. Because of the blockades, petrol and diesel planned for forecourts either didn’t arrive or arrived late, resulting in a diesel shortage at the pumps.

Why are all of the gas stations closing down?

The fuel business is now suffering from a driver scarcity. Both BP and Tesco are having trouble refueling their stations because they can’t find enough drivers to bring enough gasoline and diesel to their forecourts. Nine out of ten of BP’s forecourts will receive 80 percent of usual service, according to the company.

What year did the UK have a fuel shortage?

The United Kingdom gasoline supply crisis of 2021 lasted a few weeks, during which certain petrol stations in the UK ran out of fuel.

Media claims of a leaked government briefing outlining the lack of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers reportedly sparked panic buying of petrol in September 2021, about 21 years after the last fuel crisis, which occurred in September 2000. Some analysts and politicians blamed the driver shortage on Brexit, while others blamed it on the COVID-19 pandemic, or both. Despite the fact that there was no shortage of fuel in the UK, panic buying mixed with supply chain concerns caused by the HGV driver shortage caused many petrol stations to run out.

Are stores open on Easter Monday in the United Kingdom?

Lidl stores in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be closed on Easter Sunday, but they will be open as usual in Scotland.

Then, on Easter Monday, retailers will be open as usual in Scotland and within the M25, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

However, because hours vary per store, it’s advisable to double-check your local store’s opening hours here.


The “great majority” of Sainsbury’s supermarkets in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be closed on Easter Sunday. Scotland’s stores will remain open. From 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., Sainsbury’s Local stores will be open.

On Easter Monday, though, retailers will remain open as usual. Opening hours do vary, so check the store locator for the most up-to-date information.

Waitrose & Partners

On Easter Sunday (17 April), all Waitrose & Partners stores in England and Wales will close, however all Shell and Welcome Break locations will remain open.

The majority of Waitrose & Partners stores will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Easter Monday, with select Little Waitrose stores operating from 6 a.m. to midnight.