Can You Use Q Card At Petrol Stations?

Only participating New World and PAK’nSAVE retailers accept the Q Card. The Island Bay New World shop and the Whitianga New World Fuel sites are not included. Excludes alcohol purchases at Mt Albert PAK’nSAVE and PAK’nSAVE stores in Kapiti, Lower Hutt, Petone, and Mill Street. PAK’nSAVE Fuel Sites in Manukau, Porirua, and Hastings are not included.

Is it possible to get money from Q Card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash (cash advance) using your Q Mastercard from any bank or ATM in New Zealand or internationally that displays the Mastercard acceptance logo. If you withdraw cash from your Q Mastercard, keep in mind that interest will be charged right immediately, and ATM fees may apply.

What is the best way to utilize my Q Card?

It’s simple: the consumer swipes their Q Card through your EFTPOS terminal and enters their PIN (or signature) to pay for their purchase, or they can use it online to pay for their purchase on your website, just like any other credit card. Then, within two business days, we pay you.

Offering Long Term Finance

If you’re wanting to offer long-term financing (e.g., 6, 12, or 18 months interest-free), fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within two business days to go over the details.

Is Q Mastercard the same as Q Card?

  • On purchases, the Q Card offers extensive interest-free and payment holiday periods, but the balance due must be paid off before the end of the interest-free period to prevent higher-than-credit-card interest rates.
  • By being accepted in thousands of stores around New Zealand, the Q Card essentially blends a typical “store card” with “hire purchase.” It isn’t, however, a credit card.
  • The genuine cost of “no interest” isn’t zero. You’ll have to pay a one-time setup cost as well as annual account fees.
  • The normal interest rate is 25.99 percent p.a., and the card comes with a lot of fees, making it a costly funding option if you already have difficulties paying your expenses on time.
  • The GEM Card is its closest competition, with at least 160,000 New Zealanders owning one.
  • The Q Mastercard, a credit card variant of the Q Card, was created in 2016 by FlexiGroup, the Q Card’s owner. This card works in the same way as the Q Card, but it has the added bonus of being accepted in any Mastercard-accepting retailer worldwide. We looked at the Q Mastercard in addition to the Q Card because there haven’t been any new Q Cards since August 2016. Existing Q Card customers can keep using their cards as usual or switch to a Q Mastercard account.

Is it possible to utilize Q Card Mitre 10?

Visa and MasterCard are the only credit cards accepted. Diners, Discover, American Express, and Q-Card may be accepted depending on the Mitre 10 store that fulfills your online order.

What is the maximum amount I may withdraw from my Q Mastercard?

Cash Advances from your Account are also limited to a total of NZ$1,000 per day, a maximum of 10 transactions per day, and a minimum withdrawal value of NZ$20 each transaction.

Is it possible to utilize Q Card in the warehouse?

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Farmlands/CRT Card (in store only), Q Card, and Purple Visa Card are currently accepted. The Warehouse also offers Zip, a buy-now, pay-later service, both online and in store.