Who Makes Petrol Wheels?

In 2001, TSW separated its aftermarket wheel activities from its OE wheel operations, which remained to be known as Tiger Wheel and ATS. The American aftermarket business was sold to Terence Scheckter, who had previously controlled it, while the European aftermarket business was sold to Yokohama Tire of South Africa. TSW Alloy Wheels in the United States began overhauling their product line and drastically expanding their wheel offering in 2001.

TSW created and launched ten additional brands during the next decade. Beyern BMW Wheels, Black Rhino Truck Wheels, Cray Corvette Wheels, Coventry Jaguar Wheels, Genius Smart Car Wheels, Mandrus Mercedes-Benz Wheels, Petrol Wheels, Redbourne Land Rover Wheels, and Victor Equipment Porsche Wheels were among the companies that participated.

By 2011, TSW Alloy Wheels in the United States had acquired Yokohama Tire’s European aftermarket and Asian aftermarket businesses.

TSW acquired Good Roads, a custom wheel and tire distributor and manufacturer based in Florida, in 2017.

TSW purchased the Status Alloys, Ruff Wheels, Tuff A.T., and XO Luxury brands as part of the deal. TSW also bought the Level 8 Motorsports brand during this time.

TSW grew from a single distribution facility in Southern California to eight major, company-owned distribution centers across the United States between 2016 and 2019. The company’s state-of-the-art distribution hubs are located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami, allowing it to reach the majority of the country in 1-2 transit days.

TSW will launch the all-new Ohm Tesla Wheels brand in 2020, which will cater only to electric vehicles, with an initial focus on Tesla wheels.

TSW rims are built in the United States.

SW is one of the world’s oldest aftermarket alloy wheel manufacturers. Eddie Keizan, a former Formula One racing driver, founded the company in the 1960s. TSW Alloy Wheels began as Tiger Sports Wheels, with retail locations in a tiny South African production facility. The company became public on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the 1980s, and manufacturing was greatly increased. Almost every major automobile manufacturer in the world grew to rely on the corporation. New production was developed in Germany, Poland, South Africa, and the United States over the next 20 years, thanks to the purchase of ATS wheels from Germany and other expansions.

What is the best wheel brand?

Aodhan specializes in one-piece alloy wheels, but just because they have a simple design doesn’t imply they’re simple. Aodhan wheels, on the other hand, offer a variety of advantages that experienced drivers will appreciate. Furthermore, Aodhan wheels offer great functionality at an accessible price, ensuring that you do not have to break the bank to upgrade.

TSW was purchased by wheel professionals.

DENVER, COLORADO (Dec. 22, 2020)

Just Wheels & Tires Co., Inc d/b/a TSW, a leading designer and distributor of proprietary aftermarket custom wheels focused on the luxury and offroad markets, has been acquired by Wheel Pros, the leading designer, marketer, and distributor of branded aftermarket wheels and distributor of performance tires and accessories. The financial details were kept under wraps.

TSW has expanded its portfolio significantly since its foundation in 2001 by CEO Terence Sheckter, and now includes some of the most well-known brands in the industry, such as Black Rhino and TSW, as well as OE-specific brands in key premium sectors. With approximately 5,800 dealer relationships and an eight-distribution-center network, the company has a large footprint. TSW has a solid industry reputation and customer loyalty, with both enthusiasts and new aftermarket customers choosing TSW for their cutting-edge designs, better quality, and fitments.

“We are ecstatic to have Terence and TSW join the Wheel Pros team. Terence has done an incredible job scaling his company, as seen by TSW’s stellar reputation in the market. TSW’s best-in-class brands also compliment the Wheel Pros portfolio nicely and give an excellent opportunity for us to develop our customer relationships with new and exciting products, according to Randy White, CEO and Co-founder of Wheel Pros. “Our diverse range of aftermarket brands and designs caters to a wide range of driver lifestyles and preferences.” We’re looking forward to working with Terence to help the company expand quickly.

“We’ve known Terence for a long time and are looking forward to working with him to expand our joint portfolio.” To express their originality and flair, an increasing number of consumers are opting for custom branded aftermarket options rather than their OEM wheels. Many new consumers have entered the category in the last year, customizing their automobiles for the first time. Wheel Pros’ brand awareness and inventive design capabilities will be enhanced as a result of the acquisition of TSW, according to Jody Groce, President and Co-Founder of Wheel Pros.

“TSW brands have a great foundation and pedigree, which provides us with an exciting launch pad to add marketing gasoline to the fire,” said Brian Henderson, Chief Marketing Officer of Wheel Pros.

TSW’s Black Rhino brand joins our subsidiaries as a trend-setting offroad powerhouse with industrial/military style. TSW and its other make-specific brands, such as Beyern for BMW, Cray for Corvette, Mandrus for Mercedes, Ohm for EV vehicles, and Victor Equipment for Porsche, will assist boost our passenger car market share.

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Who is the owner of the Black Rhino wheels?

The TSW family of aftermarket wheel manufactures includes Black Rhino Wheels. TSW wheels have a long and illustrious racing history. TSW has been involved in motor racing around the world for almost 30 years, having been founded by a former Formula One racing driver.

Where do niche wheels come from?

Niche 3-piece forged wheels are created entirely by hand in the United States. Every set is completely made from start to end to meet your preferred fitting, using the finest materials and processes. Every wheel is engineered, produced, and finished in-house and ranges in size from 18″ to 26″ in any shape.

TSW wheels are constructed in a variety of ways.

SW has a selection of rotary forged wheels. Many TSW wheels are made utilizing a cutting-edge production technology known as Rotary Forging. The wheel’s rim is forged under high pressure while the wheel is spinning at a high speed. This changes the alloy’s molecular structure and increases its strength. The advantage is that it is substantially lighter than a standard cast wheel. The weight savings are concentrated in the wheel’s outer rim, which reduces rotational mass and improves vehicle performance.

Who manufactures high-quality wheels?

This company offers some of the most amazing car rims available on the market. This brand’s high-tech rims and wheels are made with the highest-quality materials. Furthermore, this German company has been producing high-quality goods since 1983.

Surprisingly, Konig concentrates on providing light-weighted rims; nonetheless, such rims are stronger because to remarkable technological improvements. The excellent craftsmanship of this brand’s products makes it one of the numerous options available to car owners.

You should also be aware that Konig wheels and rims have a high shock resistance and can help you carry more weight. You can be confident that these wheels and rims will last a long time because they meet high quality requirements and have some exceptional OEM characteristics.

Please be aware that Konig’s wheels and rims are currently owned by YHI International, a major player in the production and distribution of OE and aftermarket wheels and rims.