Who Owns Liberty Petrol Stations?

Viva Energy purchased Liberty Oil in 2019, but as part of the proposed transaction, a new joint venture was formed to operate the existing Liberty retail network (Liberty Oil Convenience) and continue to develop the company-controlled network of retail service stations that brings contemporary retail fuel and…

Is Liberty Fuel a wholly owned Australian company?

The company is based in Australia, and its headquarters are in Hawthorn East, Victoria. New World Holdings Pty Ltd and Viva Energy Australia Ltd jointly hold Liberty Oil Holdings Pty Ltd.

Is Liberty Service Stations owned by an Australian company?

It’s official: Viva Energy Australia has taken over the wholesale division of Liberty Oil.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approved the purchase of the remaining 50% in October.

The deal, according to Viva, will allow the company, which is part of the Viva Energy Group, to provide further support to regional communities by supplying fuel to close to 350 independent retail service stations, managing 20 inland fuel depots, and operating an 80-tanker fleet.

The acquisition, according to Viva Energy CEO Scott Wyatt, would help the company grow in regional and small business sectors.

Is Shell the owner of Liberty?

Shell Coles Express, independently run Shell and Liberty service stations, and sites we own and operate through our relationship with Westside make up our extensive network.

What company produces Liberty gas?

Gary Laube, together with his son Kyle, founded the family-owned and run Liberty Gas as a one-stop, full-service source for all your residential and commercial propane needs with over 35 years of experience in the propane and gas sector.


Costco, which is known for everything ‘purchased in bulk’ and American, is proving to be a big favorite with Australians looking for a good deal. A $60 yearly membership fee entitles you to discounts on a variety of meals, beverages, and home items, as well as fuel. When Costco’s service station in North Lakes, north of Brisbane, first opened in 2014, drivers queued around the block to sample the cheaper fuel. It was the same story at other Australian locations. Costco first offered large per-litre fuel reductions, and now offers incentives for Costco members to save money at the pump. So you can get your jumbo-sized tub of Nutella and then fill up on inexpensive gas all in one go. Across Australia, there are around 40 wholesale Costco locations, nine of which feature gas stations.

  • Costco received five-star ratings for the aesthetics and cleanliness of its gas stations, as well as for the pricing of gasoline and overall satisfaction. It received three stars for convenience and two stars for customer service, amenities, and the variety of non-automotive things available for purchase.


Fast flow diesel, a 24/7 caf with skilled baristas, a hand car wash, automatic car wash, laundromat, dog wash, and a truck stop and drop-off and collection are all available at APCO, a locally owned independent fuel company. These facilities, however, differ from one area to the next.

APCO also pledged to donate a portion of profits from items like chilled water, ‘Twosday Coffee,’ and motor oil to the APCO Foundation, which raises money for charities like Cops N Kids and Cottage by the Sea.

APCO Convenience, APCO IGA Express, and APCO IGA can be located throughout Victoria as well as in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

  • APCO was praised for its wide choice of non-automotive products for sale, as well as its excellent customer service. It received four stars for appearance and cleanliness, three stars for convenience, and four stars for total satisfaction.


In a fuel market dominated by numerous huge, multi-national firms, Liberty describes itself as a “competitive fuel option.” Liberty not only supplies independent fuel dealers, but it also operates its own-brand service stations around the country, with a concentration on rural areas.

Liberty claims to be one of Australia’s largest wholesalers and claims to be able to sell fuel at affordable prices since it buys from a variety of refineries (mainly Australian).

  • For amenities, appearance and cleanliness, customer service, and overall satisfaction, Liberty received four stars. It received three stars for convenience and the variety of other things offered, and two stars for the price of gasoline.

Coles Express Shell

Coles Express is distinguished from traditional Shell service stations in that it is owned by Coles and supplied by Shell. Coles Express is well known for its 4c per litre discounts, which allow shoppers who purchase groceries at a Coles supermarket to receive discounts at the pump. They can also use their Flybuys rewards card to earn points and purchase many of the same groceries that they would find at a traditional Coles supermarket. Coles Express Shell is one of Australia’s largest petrol stations, having almost 700 outlets nationwide.

  • Coles was praised for its look and cleanliness, as well as its facilities, customer service, and convenience. It received four stars for its selection of non-automotive things for sale and overall satisfaction, but just two stars for its gasoline costs.


Although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a service station that isn’t connected to a supermarket or convenience shop, there are still a large number of Shell-branded servos around Australia. Shell is possibly one of the world’s largest gasoline corporations, noted for its ‘V Power’ high-performance 98-octane fuel and for sponsoring different motorsports championships across the world. Shell’s Motorist app, which has over 700 sites across Australia, enables you browse special deals, track your loyalty card points and transactions, and find your nearest Shell station.

  • Shell received five stars for amenities before receiving four stars for station appearance and cleanliness, selection of non-car products for sale, and overall satisfaction. Customer service and convenience received three stars, while the price of gasoline received two stars.

Woolworths Caltex

Woolworths’ fuel sites, unlike standard Caltex service stations, use Caltex fuels but attempt to provide a ‘Woolies experience’ by offering additional amenities such as car washes and groceries at the majority of locations. Woolworths Caltex (soon to be EG Australia) operates over 500 stores across Australia and is recognized for its shopper docket discount program. Customers who use the Everyday Rewards card program earn one point for every dollar spent. Customers can also access Caltex’s full range of fuels, including the Vortex line.

Please note that Caltex Woolworths is being phased out and is being replaced by EG Australia, but you can still use your Everyday Rewards card at participating locations.

  • Woolworths Caltex was given five stars for appearance and cleanliness and four stars for the majority of the other aspects, including customer service and overall satisfaction. It received three stars for other on-sale items and two stars for the price of gasoline.

United Petroleum

United Petroleum began operations in South Australia in 1993 and has since expanded to serve all of Australia’s states. United, which bills itself as one of the country’s largest independent fuel dealers, sells a variety of fuels, including high-performance E85 fuel in many of its sites. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s numerous reward and fuel cards. United has over 400 outlets around the country and is noted for offering “efficient fuels at a cheap price,” frequently undercutting larger merchants by a cent or two per litre.

  • The majority of the ratings for United Petroleum were four stars, including appearance and cleanliness, customer service, convenience, facilities, and overall satisfaction. For non-car things for sale, it received three ratings, while for gasoline pricing, it received two stars.

Puma Energy

Puma Energy, a relative newcomer to the Australian fuel market, controls a number of ‘independent’ service stations, including the Ausfuel, Gull, and CCG networks. There are now over 270 service stations and unmanned sites across the country, offering amenities like vehicle washes, showers, toilets, restaurants, and takeaways (depending on location). It also operates a large fuel card system and provides fuel to a number of mining sites across the country.

Puma has a collaboration with the RAC in Western Australia, and club members receive a 4c per litre fuel discount. Puma and RACQ have a similar arrangement in Queensland, with members receiving the same 4c per litre petrol discount.

  • For beauty and cleanliness, convenience, facilities, customer service, and overall satisfaction, Puma Energy received four stars. It also received three stars for non-automotive things for sale and two stars for gasoline prices.


British Petroleum, or BP as it is more generally known, is a well-known name in the Australian petroleum industry. It offers a robust fuel card system that has previously earned our Small Business Fuel Cards customer satisfaction award. It is likely best known to customers for its massive roadside truck stops and BP Ultimate 98-octane premium fuel. It has over 1,400 locations across the United States.

  • BP scored five stars for appearance and cleanliness, convenience and amenities, and customer service, as well as four ratings for non-car products. It received three out of five stars for overall satisfaction and two out of five stars for gasoline costs.


7-Eleven’s relationship with Mobil delivers many of the same services and discounts you’ve come to expect from a modern servo, competing against the juggernaut of the big two supermarkets. Its fuel price ‘lock-in’ app is perhaps the most notable feature. You may get the My 7-Eleven app for free (Apple or Android) and use it to locate the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood depending on what the software detects. After that, you can lock in the price for seven days and use it at any 7-Eleven gas station. This is especially important when it comes to the wild swings that many Australians experience at the bowser. With 7-Eleven’s network of convenience storesand, yes, Slurpees, you get the same amazing fuel that Mobil is known for.

  • Customers gave 7-Eleven five stars for convenience and four stars for customer service, facilities, non-car products for sale, and station appearance and cleanliness. It received three stars for overall satisfaction and two stars for gasoline pricing.


A quick aside In our most recent rankings, we’ve united Caltex and Ampol under the single brand. Caltex is resurrecting the iconic Ampol brand and is in the process of converting its network of over 1,900 Caltex locations to Ampol-branded locations. The Ampol moniker, according to the brand, highlights the company’s strong local roots and is well-known among Australian consumers.

Since 1936, when the Australian Motorists Petrol Company, which later became Ampol, was founded, Ampol has had a prominent presence in Australia. Caltex/’Vortex’ Ampol’s brand of 98-octane fuels are noted for having an engine-cleaning ingredient, as well as corrosion and foam inhibitors, to keep your engine running smoothly.

  • In most categories, such as appearance and cleanliness, convenience, customer service, and facilities, Ampol received four stars. It received three out of five stars for overall satisfaction and two out of five stars for gasoline costs.

Metro Petroleum

Metro Petroleum is one of Australia’s largest independent petrol stations, with a network of over 250 metro locations. It has a sophisticated fuel card system that is comparable to that of larger retailers, as well as a variety of bulk-buy incentives. Metro, which was founded more than 40 years ago, now has roughly 200 outlets. And just because it’s little doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the big boys, with car washes, convenience stores, and all the other amenities you’d expect from a large gas station.

  • Metro Petroleum received three stars in most categories, including appearance and cleanliness, customer service, amenities, selection of non-car things for sale, convenience, and overall satisfaction. For gas pricing, it received two stars.

Is Puma Fuel owned by Australia?


Chevron Australia Downstream Pty Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, said today that it has completed the purchase of all shares and equity interests of Puma Energy (Australia) Holdings Pty Ltd for AU$425 million from Puma Energy Asia Pacific B.V.

Chevron’s Australian portfolio now includes over 360 company- and retailer-owned service stations, a commercial and industrial fuels business, owned or leased seaboard import facilities, and fuel distribution depots.

“According to Mark Nelson, Chevron’s executive vice president for Downstream & Chemicals, “this strategic acquisition further integrates our value chain in the Asia Pacific region by providing a well-developed infrastructure for products from our Asian refining joint ventures in an attractive market.”

“We are delighted to welcome the staff of Puma Energy to the Chevron family. We look forward to expanding the Caltex family of trademarks across the continent once we have met our present license obligations in Australia.

Chevron is one of the world’s largest integrated energy firms, with more than 60 years of presence in Australia through its Australian subsidiaries. Chevron Australia operates the Gorgon and Wheatstone natural gas facilities, manages its equal one-sixth interest in the North West Shelf Venture, operates Australia’s largest onshore oilfield on Barrow Island, and is a significant exploration investor, thanks to the ingenuity and dedication of thousands of employees.

Can I use my Shell Card whenever I want?

Your Shell Card can be used at any Shell service station, Shell Coles Express, Liberty, Westside, and third-party locations that accept Shell Cards.

Is Ampol a firm based in Australia?

The Australian Motorists Petrol Company, subsequently known as Ampol, was established in 1936 and has been a part of Australia’s DNA ever since. Since the two companies amalgamated in 1995, Ampol has been a part of Caltex Australia’s ethos.

In Australia, who owns Shell gas stations?

Shell’s Australian operations are part of the Shell Group, a multinational oil and petrochemical conglomerate. To learn more, keep scrolling down. Shell has had a presence in Australia for more than 120 years.

What is Liberty gas, exactly?

Liberty Gas has been in business since 1969 and is one of the largest privately owned heating firms in the UK.

Our major line of business is providing domestic gas service, maintenance, and installations for domestic and communal gas properties in the Social Housing Sector 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company’s portfolio includes 220,000 residential and non-residential buildings that it leases to 42 Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

The amount of properties on each contract varies depending on the customer; currently, the smallest contract Liberty Gas Group Ltd runs has less than 900 homes, while the largest contract operates from Leeds to Plymouth and has 24,000 residences. We presently have more than 40 service and maintenance contracts in place, and we install over 10,000 heating systems each year.

Our flagship office is in Liverpool, and our divisional offices are in Enfield, Sheffield, and Portsmouth. We are specialists in gas, renewable energy solutions, mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance services, and we operate from four main sites around the UK. We also have contract-specific offices located around the United States.

The Liberty Gas Team consists of gas engineers, plumbers, and electricians, as well as builders, joiners, and roofers, providing it the skill sets and operational capacity to provide a whole-house solution to clients. All of our employees are highly trained, Gas Safe certified, and at the very least ACS qualified. NICEIC, HETAS, REAL, and APHC are also registered members.