How Much Electricity Does A Christmas Blow Up Use?

Inflatable holiday decorations have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly during the winter holiday season. It’s wonderful to view a giant inflatable snow globe filled with snow that is lit up at night.

Although many people believe that inflatable decorations require a lot of electricity, they can actually save you money on your energy bill when compared to standard string lights. A large inflatable snow globe uses approximately 150 watts of power. The overall electricity cost for a three-month period, running about sixteen hours each day, would be around $22 for the full season. If you operated them 24 hours a day for three months, the cost would be roughly $30.

Traditional string lights, on the other hand, utilize roughly 10 watts per bulb. The cost of powering ten twenty-five bulb string lights for five hours every day would be roughly $38 per month. If you insist on using traditional lighting, make sure you use LED lights to save both energy and money.

Regardless matter which decorations you choose this year, don’t forget to set a timer to help you save money on energy over the holidays!

What is the average amount of electricity used by a bounce house?

Most blower bounce houses run on 115 volts and are rated at seven to fourteen amps. If you use a 2HP 14 amp blower on an inflatable, you can max out a 15 amp breaker, putting you at risk of tripped breakers all day.

This is why it’s crucial to understand the various sizes of bounce house blowers. Smaller bounce houses utilize 1 horsepower blowers, medium-sized or combo inflatable homes use 1.5 horsepower blowers, and bigger, obstacle-course bounce houses use 2 horsepower blowers.

To keep inflated, larger bounce houses will require more air to be pushed into the device. A larger bounce house, on the other hand, might require a slew of blowers to get the correct quantity of air inside for it to be safe and usable.

A tiny 1HP blower will cost around $0.13 per hour, a 1.5HP blower will cost around $0.15 per hour, and a 2HP blower would cost around $.022 per hour. So, on average, a bounce house costs $1.28 each day to operate.

Is it necessary to keep inflatables on all of the time?

Using Air Blown Inflatable Decorations: Miscellaneous Tips:

  • In order for your inflatable to stay inflated, it must be plugged in. When you unplug your inflatable, it will deflate on its own. If you’re wondering how much electricity your inflatable uses, it requires slightly less than a typical string of decorative lights.
  • Most manufactures advise against leaving your inflatable plugged in for more than 8 hours at a time.
  • If your inflatable needs cleaning, wipe it down carefully with a moist towel and, if necessary, a mild soap.
  • Before storing your inflatable decoration, make sure it’s clean and completely dry.
  • Tears or tears in your inflatable item that occur by accident can be simply mended without the need of any special equipment. You can fix the tear by hand sewing it with a needle and thread, or by using clear packaging tape or duct tape.

How long can a bounce house blower be used?

Blast Zone inflatables are made of permeable fabric that allows air to escape through the seams, corners, and small pinholes in the material. Because the inflatable isn’t completely airtight, you’ll need to have the blower running all the time to keep it inflated. This is the nature of most constant-air inflatable bouncers and slides, which are high-quality, long-lasting inflatables.

Although there is no time limit on how long you can use your blower, we do urge employing caution in this situation. If you’re arranging an event and know you’ll be using the inflatable for several hours or all day, make sure to schedule little breaks in between. If you plan on running your inflatable all day, turn off the blower for 10-15 minutes every 4 hours or so to let it cool down.

Although overheating is uncommon, your blower’s operation is protected by a built-in breaker.

When it comes to inflatables, how long can they last?

Make sure nothing is blocking the air flow around the fan that came with your inflatable so your decoration can inflate up properly and the fan isn’t overworked. Before inflating the inflatable, unroll it so that it is level on the ground.

After you’ve inflated your decoration, stake it using the provided tethers, as directed by the manufacturer. When heavy gusts blow, these will hold it grounded. After eight hours of continuous use, most manufacturers recommend unplugging your inflatables. This can extend the life of your blower motor.

Is it possible to use inflatables outside in the rain?

Use in the Garden Operating these inflatable decorations in mild rain or snow is totally okay, according to the producers, and should have no effect on the unit’s performance. However, keep these items clear of low-lying places where rain puddles over time for the best results.