How To Download Electricity Bill Receipt Tamilnadu?

Hey, TANGEDCO is also my electrical provider, and the service is fairly good for running your house on it. And collecting your power bill online is preferable than receiving a physical copy because it saves you space by reducing the amount of paper you have on hand.

I’ll show you how to get a TANGEDCO eb bill receipt in this article. The steps below will show you how to download TNEB bill receipts.

1) Go to the internet and type in the company’s name (TANGEDCO) to acquire an electrical bill payment receipt.

2) The outcomes will be displayed in the Google search results.

3) Select the “TANGEDCO Electricity Bills” and navigate to that page.

4) You will then be taken to the power bill receipt page, where you must fill in all of the required information.

5) Go to and select “Type your user name and password into the “My Account” box.

6) When you click submit, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all of your previous electricity bill payments.

7) If you haven’t already done so, create an account on the website and then log in.

8) Choose the dates you want the receipt for.

9) From there, you may download it in PDF format.

Following these instructions will guide you through the process of downloading an eb bill receipt from TANGEDCO with ease.

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In Tamilnadu, how can I check the status of my electricity bill?

To check the status of your billing, go to, click bill status, region, and input your service connection number.

What is the procedure for downloading EB receipts to my PhonePe?

You must log in to the service provider’s, biller’s, or operator’s website to obtain an invoice for your bill payment, or you can call their customer care staff and submit the transaction reference ID.

Please note that all bill payments you make on PhonePe will be accompanied by a payment receipt sent to your registered email address (if verified). You can verify your email address if you haven’t already done so:

  • In the pop-up, enter the verification code issued to the email address you used to register with us, and then tap Confirm.

How do I get a copy of my electricity bill from Paytm?

On Paytm, go to your local electricity board’s bill payment page and select ‘View Sample Bill.’ Look on your utility statement for the unique identifying number.

What is the TNEB receipt number?

Number assigned to the registration. Consumer Information: The Region code appears as the first two numbers on the printed receipt for payments made at a TANGEDCO counter or in the SMS received on a mobile phone. For verification, any receipt number can be entered. A maximum of four mobile numbers can be registered by a single customer.

How do I use a Google receipt to pay my electric bill?

Open the Google Pay app on your phone. Slide up from the bottom of the screen. Select the biller’s name or photo to whom you’ve submitted a request. Select View Invoice from the menu.

How can I get my Tneb consumer number, which is 12 digits long?

What is the TNEB consumer number and how can I find it? Your consumer number is a service number that may be found on the white meter card attached to your previous TNEB bill receipt.

In Tneb, what is ACCD?

The retiring bank manager, on the other hand, thinks it’s a protocol that he doesn’t necessarily agree with. Another house owner, Venugopal, agrees wholeheartedly.

He believes that this precautionary deposit is more suitable for commercial organizations such as small businesses that have ‘vanished’ in the past. “If I don’t pay, my power will be disconnected.” So, what is the purpose of the deposit? “Where am I going to flee from my home?” he wonders.

“I’m not going to recover the money until I cancel the connection, and the per-unit cost is only going up with the years, so refund is a lie,” Murthy continues, implying that landlords aren’t fleeing or trying to revert to stone-age methods just yet.

This disputed caution deposit, also known as the ACCD (Additional Current Consumption Deposit), is paid to a home establishment by an EB card holder, either physically or electronically, according to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Supply Code. In theory, this would entitle the house owner to pay the amount, but in fact, this appears to be a rare occurrence, with owners putting it off as a tenant’s cost to pay.

“They should indicate in the rental agreement if the ACCD is paid by the renter and adjusted in their rent or added in advance, as both parties agree.” “TNEB has no say in anything except to ensure that the costs are paid on time,” a senior TNEB official adds. In the case of Low Tension (LT) connections, this caution deposit is fixed every two years, while in the case of High Tension (HT) connections, it is fixed once a year.

“I had no clue I didn’t have to pay anything!” My landlord simply showed me how much electricity I’d used and I silently paid. This time, the caution deposit drew my attention, and I went to the TNEB website to learn more about it. “I don’t want to spend another ‘10,000 out of my wallet on something that isn’t my home,” Michael*, who rents in Porur, adds.

However, the caution deposit is fraught with more issues than merely landlord-tenant disputes.

The ACCD (deposit), which is designed to fluctuate to mirror our usage habits, should ideally bill higher for a heavier consumption cycle and refund the balance if the same home chose to use less electricity and run a lesser bill the next time around.

“The excess from deposits should, in theory, be corrected in two upcoming bills and reimbursed on request, yet it keeps piling up in people’s accounts.”

As far as I’ve observed, that money doesn’t reach individuals, and consumers don’t even enquire about it,” said a TNEB representative (South-Chennai). With hot summers ahead and higher bills on the horizon for Chennai residents, now may be as good a time as any to figure out how our power bills are calculated.

What’s the best way to receive a receipt from transaction ID?

Logging into your PayPal account will allow you to retrieve the transaction/receipt number if you paid using PayPal.

Follow these steps if you bought Viscosity within the last two years:

  • Locate your Viscosity Purchase using the search options. A payment made to SparkLabs Pty Ltd is what you’re looking for.
  • Once you’ve found the purchase, click on it. Once the purchase has expanded, your Transaction ID or Receipt Number will be presented.

You’ll need to download your purchase history if you bought Viscosity more than two years ago. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click “Statements” on the right side of the screen, then “Activity export” from the drop-down menu, or “Custom” if “Download detailed statements” appears.
  • Change the “Date range” to the dates surrounding your transaction, then click Create Report after selecting PDF as the “Format.”
  • Then look for your SparkLabs purchase in the downloaded file. Find (Ctrl+F on Windows, Command+F on Mac) is the simplest way to do this. Under the purchase name, the Transaction ID or Receipt Number will be displayed.