How To Find Consumer Number In Electricity Bill Kerala?

On the KSEB website, there is no ability to search for a consumer number. The KSEB does not provide a service that focuses solely on locating your customer number. You can, however, locate it in another manner. In the KSEB web self-service portal, there is a Quick Pay option. You can use it without logging in to pay your electricity bill. You can also use it to look for your consumer number. Below are detailed methods for locating your consumer number using your mobile phone number.

To find your KSEB 13-digit consumer number, go to the Kerala State Electricity Board Web self-service portal and go to the Quick pay page.

Where can I get the KSEB bill’s customer number?

How to Locate a KSEB Bill’s Consumer Number. The KSEB consumer number is 13 digits long. If you have a printed bill, your consumer number can be found there. It’s the number below the barcode that’s labeled “C#.”

How can I get the consumer number from the meter?

On your electricity bill, you can easily find your customer number. You may look it up on any of your past or current bills. To find your consumer number on your Paytm electricity bill, follow these simple steps:

  • To see your Consumer Number on your electricity statement, click on ‘View Sample Bill.’

You can check the amount of your power bill using the consumer number, or you can download a duplicate copy of your copy. Your customer number will be saved in the application once you have paid your power bill through Paytm, making it easy for you to check your bill amount and pay your bills in the future.

What is the consumer’s phone number?

A consumer number is a one-of-a-kind identification for each customer that appears on their electricity bill. Different types of customer identification numbers are used by different states and boards. Consumer numbers are mostly used to monitor the payment information and status of power bills via the internet.

What is the length of a KSEB consumer number?

You can pay your KSEB electricity bill online using secure and dependable methods like debit/credit cards, net banking, and UPI. You no longer need to go to the board to pay your power bill; in fact, you can do it in a flash from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are! You may quickly pay your KSEB bill online using this method!

KSEB Customer Care

If you detect an error in your bill amount or have a problem with your power bill, call KSEB’s toll-free customer service number at 1912 or 0471-2555544, or write to them on social media.

How to calculate the KSEB bill online?

Enter all of the parameters, such as tariff, purpose, consumed units, phase and click to three phases, on the KSEB bill calculation page, and then click Submit.

How to get KSEB online payment receipt?

Log in to your account on the KSEBM’s official website. Then go to KSEB Quick Pay and fill out all of the required information. After that, click Submit to view the bill. The payment receipt can be found on the next page.

How to get a KSEB new connection?

Go to the KSEB’s official website and select “New Connection.” Tap the New Connection button on the opposite page. After that, go to online registration and fill out all of the required information.

How can I get my old KSEB bill?

Log in to your KSEB account, go to Bills and Services, tap on History, and choose the month you want to see your KSEB bill for.

What are the adjustments in the KSEB bill?

If the collected amount on the KSEB bill is greater or lesser than the real amount, it will be applied to the next bill. In the KSEB Bill, this is referred to as Adjustments or ‘DL Adjustments.’

In Kerala, how can I pay my electricity payment online?

  • Using apps/web sites that support the Bharat Bill Payment system, such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, Mobikwik, Payu, Amazon Pay, and others.
  • Where this facility is available: FRIENDS collecting centres/Akshaya e-pay counters (payments accepted in these centres only up to due date given in invoice).

In Tneb, where can I get my consumer number?

Your consumer number is a service number that may be found on the white meter card attached to your previous TNEB bill receipt.

How to Find Your Prepaid Meter Number

The first place to look is on your prepaid utility meter for an 11-digit number. This is normally found on the meter’s front. Here are a few options for locating your meter number if it is missing or not accessible for any reason.

How to Find Your Prepaid Electricity Meter Number

To locate your prepaid power meter number, enter one of the following unique codes:

  • Press i024 for Landis+Gyr power meters. (The first 8 numbers will be displayed on the screen, followed by the last 3 digits after a few seconds)

How to Find Your Prepaid Water Meter Number

  • Press 51, then Enter to access the Laison water meters (ignore the 01 at the beginning of the number, as the meter number is only 11 digits long)
  • When you turn on the keypad on a utility water meter, the meter number will scroll across the screen.

What does the SC number on my electricity bill mean?

Things to consider before making an online payment: SC NO: The SC No is written in a numerical format similar to 309.11. 012A, with the date of the meter reading in the middle. ID of the customer/consumer: Similarly, the bill includes the consumer ID 612320.