How To Find Location Code In Bescom Electricity Bill?

Hescom Hubli’s pin code is 580001. The Indian post office in Hescom Hubli is located in Dharwad, Dharwad, Dharwad. Dharwad is a well-known district in the state of KARNATAKA. On the Google map, we’ve marked the position of Hescom Hubli.

What is the location of my bescom ID and customer ID?

Account ID, RR Number, Consumer ID, and other information can be found on the bill. Each of the three numbers is related to the others. As a result, you can call customer service to obtain your Account ID. Call 1912 for more information.

In BESCOM, what is Mr code?

(Go on to the next page.) In MR format (Meter reader code) The location code will be the first six digits. The MR code can be found on the BESCOM bill. Your BESCOM account is managed in this specific BESCOM sub-division. It’s on the top of the bill copy. The location code, for example, is 140029 in the bill copy below.

How do I find out what BESCOM subdivision I’m in?

This page explains how to browse through the links while utilizing Bangalore One Portal’s “BESCOM Viewing and Payment of Electricity Bills by Sub-division and RR Number” feature to pay a BESCOM electricity bill online.

Operating Instructions:

  • Enter the customer’s mobile phone number. It’s a field that can be left blank. The goal is to collect the phone number and deliver value-added services in return.
  • Choose a Sub-Division from the drop-down menu. This field must be completed. (In order to make a successful Bill payment, the user must know these information.)
  • In the ‘RR No’ field, type the RR number. This field must be completed. (In order to make a successful Bill payment, the user must know these information.)
  • To access information from the BESCOM department database, click the Search Button. The details will be presented in the appropriate fields in the interface once they have been retrieved.
  • The user must check the facts, and after satisfied that the information is valid, he or she can choose a payment mechanism from the list.
  • Before hitting the Submit button, the user must double-check the bill and payment information.
  • The ‘Services’ page will be displayed if you click on the “Services” button.
  • Select “Submit” from the drop-down menu. Before proceeding to the UTI Payment Gateway, the application displays a Confirmation Screen to double-check bill and payment data.
  • After you’ve double-checked the amount and bill details, click the “Confirm Payment” button. The application takes you to the UTIBANK Payment Gateway page.
  • Enter the card’s expiration date. Month is in the first column, followed by Year in the second column.
  • On the signature panel of your card, enter the security code, which is the three numbers after the card number.
  • When you click the “Pay” button, you will receive a receipt for the transaction.
  • On the page that says “Receipt,” type “receipt” in the box To get a printout of the above receipt, click the “Print” button.

How can I obtain a copy of my BESCOM bill?

Step 1: Go to, BESCOM’s official bill payment website.

You can either view or print the bill. The transaction ID, amount paid, and payment date will all appear on the bill.

What is the best way to pay my BESCOM bill online?

How Do I Pay My BESCOM Bill Through Paytm?

  • Complete the form using your BESCOM Consumer Id/Account Id. On your BESCOM bill, look for your Consumer ID in the sample bill.
  • Apply your preferred power bill payment promo code to receive Cashback and other benefits.