How To Pay Electricity Bill Online In Odisha Cesu?

How can I make an online payment for my electricity bill?

Even though Paytm makes checking your power bill amount very straightforward and quick, if you still want to, you may view your bill online at the official website of your electricity board, such as SBPDCL, TSSPDCL, UPPCL, TNEB, APSPDCL, and so on.

Please keep in mind that the procedure of paying your power bill varies from one electricity board to the next, however there are a few key processes that all electricity boards follow:

This way of paying your electricity bill may be more complicated than the Paytm option. It is so because you must check in to the electrical board’s official website and request extra information in addition to the customer identification number.


Checking the amount of an electricity bill or viewing a sample electricity bill online is a very straightforward and quick operation. You can check it instantaneously on Paytm or by going to the power board’s official website and logging in to their portal, filling out the form to view the bill and submitting it.

Paytm simply requires your customer identification number, which can be found on any of your past bills, to check the amount of your electricity bill. You may discover the location of your customer identity bill on your electricity bills by looking at a sample bill on Paytm.

What is the name of the Tpcodl app on mobile?

Bhubaneswar: Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPCODL) today announced the introduction of its ‘TPCODL MITRA’ Self-Meter Reading App, which allows consumers to scan their meter readings and create bills instantly in three simple steps.

  • Take a picture of your current meter reading and submit it to the app to produce a bill.

Customers can also use the ‘TPCODL MITRA’ App to report theft or receive information about power outages.

“We are exceedingly delighted to launch the ‘TPCODL MITRA’ App,” remarked Mr. M.Shenbagam, Chief Executive Officer, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd, in response to the launch. We are always committed to providing the maximum convenience to our consumers as a customer-centric organization. The Self-Meter Reading App is proof of our efforts to provide clients with such value-added services, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

The outbreak of the ongoing pandemic resulted in restricted movement as a result of lockdown, making it impossible for TPCODL staff to perform physical meter readings. Customers will benefit from the ‘TPCODL MITRA’ App since it eliminates the errors that can occur while manually reading meters in challenging settings.

How can I find out who my electricity bill’s customer ID is?

On your electricity bill, you can easily find your customer number. You may look it up on any of your past or current bills. To find your consumer number on your Paytm electricity bill, follow these simple steps:

  • To see your Consumer Number on your electricity statement, click on ‘View Sample Bill.’

You can check the amount of your power bill using the consumer number, or you can download a duplicate copy of your copy. Your customer number will be saved in the application once you have paid your power bill through Paytm, making it easy for you to check your bill amount and pay your bills in the future.

On my phone, how do I check my electricity bill?

Kenya Power Company (KP) has established an electronic bill service to help consumers check their electricity balance and bill more efficiently, as opposed to receiving the bill balance once a month in the past.

All that is required to use this effective service is a mobile phone or an internet connection in order to get information via SMS or email.

You can use your mobile phone to check your electricity account balance and bill due date with the E-bill SMS service.

In the phone message field, you will only need to write the first part of your account number, for example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.

You will receive an instant response with your account balance details in a few seconds.

You can check your electricity account balance and bill due date by e-mail using the E-bill e-mail service.

In the subject field, you will only need to put the first part of your account number, for example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.

Then send the blank message to bill(at), and you’ll get an immediate reply with your account amount within a few minutes.

In addition to checking their balance by SMS and email, Kenya Power customers can also check their balance on their website.

After that, you must click the My Bill tab, which will take you to another site where you may be asked to fill up your personal information for a KPLC online account.

If you don’t want to make an account, all you have to do is click on the first tab on the right, headed Bill/Meter Query.

This will take you to another tab where you must enter your account number, click search, and your bill balance will appear within seconds.

It is also crucial to remember that, despite the introduction of e-bill services, KPLC will continue to send your detailed electricity bill to your postal address.

What is the best way to check my electricity bill by SMS?

  • In the message field, type the first four digits of your account number. If your account number is 562897-01, for example, enter 562897.

To receive a positive response, it is critical to input the correct account number data and complete the method for sending the message.

It’s also worth noting that, despite the launch of eBill services, your typical electricity bill is still delivered to your postal address.

How to Check KPLC electricity bill via email Service

You can use the eBill email service to check your electricity account balance, receive your electricity statement, and receive your bill due date by e-mail. To properly complete your KPLC electricity bill enquiry through email, you must have access to the Internet.

  • In the subject field, type the first part of your Account Number. If your account number is 879833-04, for example, enter 879833.

Is papaya free of charge?

Papaya is completely free to use! Bill payment is simple, quick, and painless with the Papaya app. In fact, we employ the same ground-breaking technology that you use to deposit a check using your banking app. Simply snap a photo of your bill to send your payment.

Which app offers the most money back on your electricity bill?

You may pay your electricity payment in virtually all states and electrical boards using these best cashback applications for paying electricity bills. Millions of people trust and rely on these apps.


Paytm is a popular mobile wallet in India, with the country’s largest user base. Paytm’s power bill offer is particularly appealing, especially for first-time bill payers.

Paytm’s first bill payment offer ranges from $50 to $250. Exceeds on occasion. This offer is available to new and existing customers who have never taken advantage of the first-time bill payment discount.

This mobile wallet allows you to pay all states’ and boards’ electricity bills. Paytm is unquestionably the finest cashback app for paying power bills, grocery bills, and other such payments, as well as for money transfers.

Join Paytm with this exclusive link and get $50 cashback on your first UPI transfer.

Google Pay

Because of its lucrative reward offers on money transfers and payments, Google Pay, formerly known as Tez app, has quickly amassed a large user base in India. My first attempt to pay a PSPCL bill using my wallet was unsuccessful.

I attempted to make payment four times and each time was unsuccessful. However, when I looked at my bank statement, I noticed that money had been withdrawn from my account, but the payment had failed.

Despite my initial negative experience with the Google Pay app, I was able to get excellent cashback on my electricity bill payment after that.

You should also use Google Pay to pay your bills, but to avoid the headache I had, pay your electricity bill a week or more before the due date to avoid the hassle I had.

Install Google Pay through this link to receive a payback of $21 on your first payment when you use the Google Pay code 17hr8m.

Amazon Pay

Amazon has entered the digital wallet market as well. It already has a well-known brand, such as Google, which has helped it build a large user base with far less work than competing mobile wallets. Amazon Pay is also a great way to pay your bills, including electricity bills. Cashback earned from the wallet can be used to make online payments and shop on the store’s website.


When it comes to the finest cashback app for paying your electric bill, Phonepe is a must-have. When it comes to cashback incentives, it’s at the forefront.

PhonePe is a digital wallet and payment system firm based in Bangalore, India. It is the first UPI-based application (Unified Payment Interface).


PayZapp is the next app I recommend for paying your electricity bill. The app is from HDFC, a well-known Indian bank. Many people believe that PayZapp is exclusively available to HDFC users, but this is not the case. Everyone can use HDFC PayZapp. To make a payment, you can link your debit or credit card to the app.

To entice people to utilize PayZapp, the company is offering incredible return on electricity bill payments. You should give this app a try if you want to save money on your bill payments. You can use the software indefinitely if you enjoy it.


MobiKwik wallet gives up to 100% payback in the form of super cash on online payments. This bonus money can be used to make future purchases or pay bills. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot utilize all of your super cash in one transaction.

MobiKwik was one of the first digital wallets to enter the Indian market. And, so far, it has outlasted the competition thanks to its payment options.

Install this wallet and take advantage of the rewards it gives when paying your electricity bill online.

Which app offers the most money back on your electricity bill?

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How can I sign up for Tpcodl via the internet?

Online applications are more faster and easier to complete. Under the umbrella of the 5T program of the Government of Odisha, TPCODL has established this dedicated platform for new connection application where consumers can safely and swiftly receive a new electrical connection.

  • To get to this page, click on ‘Apply for New Connection’ under Quick Links on the Home Page, or go to the Consumer Zone portion of the website and click on ‘New Connection.’
  • Verify your phone number on the appropriate links for OTP authentication.
  • For your new power connection with TPCODL Odisha, fill out the online application form.

To get a new TPCODL electrical connection for your house or workplace, follow these simple steps. You can also monitor the status of your new power connection application online.

Go ahead and do it! Apply online with TPCODL in Odisha for a new power connection that meets your needs, or check the status of your application by clicking on the links below: