What Is Ivrs No In Electricity Bill?

When they inquired about it at the power company, they were told that IVRS numbers had been issued. People must either wait for the bill to arrive before submitting the bill or deposit the bill at an ATP machine using the new IVRS number instead of the old IVRS number.

What do you mean, IVRS?

From November 1, Indane customers will be able to book liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders by calling 7718955555.

The new IVRS number is an all-India number that intends to provide a single point of contact for all Indian Oil Corporation LPG customers across the country.

“It was a national tender, and the new telecom operator won the offer and chose to provide a new number,” says the source. An IOC official said, “We have requested the IOCL head office to keep the old number for a while so that we can give uninterrupted service to clients.”

Distributors have been instructed to make sure that all of their customers are informed about the change in booking number. In the state, the firm has roughly 1.20 crore active LPG consumers. Consumers will get flyers, their bills will be sealed with the new numbers, and stickers will be placed on their windows to remind them of the change.

Only the customer’s registered mobile phone can be used to order an Indane LPG refill. The IVRS will request the 16-digit consumer ID if the customer’s number is recorded in Indane’s records. On the customer’s Indane LPG invoices/cash memos/subscription vouchers, this 16-digit consumer ID appears. The customer’s confirmation is required before a refill booking may be accepted.

Customers should provide their 16-digit consumer ID to one-time register their mobile number if it is not present in the databases. Authentication should be done in the same IVRS call after that. The customer’s mobile number would be registered after confirmation, and the LPG refill booking would be accepted.

What is IVR electricity, and how does it work?

In order to serve power customers, the Punjab government has established an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), a specialized helpline where customers can submit their complaints by dialing certain phone numbers.

The numbers are 2218095 and 2218096, and they must be phoned with the code 0172, according to a Punjab State Power Corporation spokeswoman (PSPCl). At Patiala, the IVRS system has been established.

“If any energy consumer in Punjab has a complaint about power supply that has gone ignored for more than 24 hours, he or she can file it on this IVRS system, where a pre-recorded voice would assist the caller through the process, he said.

He went on to say that if your complaint goes unanswered for seven days, you can contact Chief Administration and IR at PSPCl’s Patiala headquarters on telephone number 0172-2216424 or personally. Aside from the IVRS system, the Online Grievances Redressal Management System (GRMS) has also been launched, according to the spokeswoman.

“Consumers might also file complaints online through the GRMS system, which is accessible through the PSPCl website at www.pspcl.in, he added.

The Punjab Horticulture Department has finalized a plan to offer 1.21 lakh plastic crates to farmers to aid in the marketing of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, in order to encourage them to diversify their farming operations. According to Horticulture Department director Dr Lajvinder Singh Brar, the plastic crates will be handed to farmers at a cost of Rs 123 per crate, as opposed to the true cost of Rs 246 per crate. “The crates are being provided to the farmers to create improved opportunities in the field of fruit, flower, and vegetable marketing,” he explained. He stated that plastic crates are very effective in preserving the quality of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, since there is no loss and the farmers receive a decent price as a result of proper presentation and marketing. Plastic crates have been dispatched to district and block offices for distribution to farmers, according to the area covered by horticulture farming, according to Director Horticulture. He stated that the department has given officers strong instructions that crates should only be supplied to farmers.

The Punjab government said on Thursday that it has decided to remove 2% market fee on fruits and vegetables intended for export as part of its strategy to encourage farmers to diversify their crops. CM Parkash Singh Badal has approved the exemption of market charge by altering rule 30(10) and Form K-3 of the Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets (General) Rules, 1962, in order to boost exports of fruits and vegetables from the state.

What is the MP for the customer number on the electricity bill?

As you read through your electricity bill, you’ll notice a number of terminology you’re unfamiliar with. While it is necessary to be familiar with all of these phrases, there are a few that you must be aware of. The ‘Consumer Number’ is one of these terms.

The Consumer Number, as the name implies, is a one-of-a-kind identification for each and every customer. Depending on the state and board, the length of the consumer number may vary. On their electricity statement, customers may readily identify their consumer number. They can also verify the amount of their electricity bill online or download a duplicate copy of their statement.

In MP, how do I check my electricity bill?

The business has established an online presence, allowing customers to pay and monitor their current electrical bills. This eliminates all of the inconveniences that users previously had to deal with in order to verify the status of their current electricity bill. View the MP Poorv Kshetra (Rural) bill by following the steps outlined below.

  • Visit mpez’s official website.
  • Click Customer Facilities on the website’s home page.
  • Then select ‘View Bill Summary’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the essential information on the next page.
  • Continue by pressing the ‘Submit’ button.
  • The information of the electricity bill will be displayed on the next page.
  • Check the status of your current bill carefully.

What’s the best way to get IVR?

IVR allows you to convert a standard phone number into an Artificial Intelligence-enabled number that can automatically take calls, route them to agents, and reply to client inquiries. Call +91 92129 92129 right now to get an IVR number for your business.

In comparison to other IVR service providers, Ziffy offers infinite scalability, unsurpassed uptime, and service dependability. With one of India’s largest IVR infrastructures, Ziffy enables you to start IVR services on any number, be it a virtual or toll-free number owned by you or any other person in the world, with just a single user and scale up to thousands of users handling calls simultaneously without paying a single paisa for infrastructure management.

What is IVRS Fullform, and how does it work?

IVR (interactive voice response) is a feature of an automated business phone system that interacts with callers and collects information by presenting them with a menu of options. It then takes actions based on the caller’s responses via the telephone keypad or voice response.

The IVR can provide information or, if the situation is more complex, send customers to a human agent who can better manage their needs, depending on the caller’s preferences.

You’ve probably encountered an IVR if you’ve ever dialed a business phone number and been greeted by an automated greeting that then continued to connect with you via a pre-recorded message.

How do you set up an interactive voice response (IVR) system?

To begin the IVR call flow, select a message to play. Freschaller comes with a series of pre-recorded voice messages. You have the option of selecting this message or creating a new one.

Enter the keypress options and choose a corresponding action to perform. The choices are as follows:

Send to call queue: If you choose this option, your customer will be placed in a call queue. You can choose from a list of available call queues in your account or create a new one.

Send to Voicemail: Choose this option to leave your customers a programmed voice message. You can either choose from a list of existing messages in your account or create a new message.

Send to IVR Menu: If you choose this option, your consumer will be directed to a second IVR tree. You can choose from a list of IVRs in your account or design your own IVR tree.

How do you put an IVR application to the test?

The following features must be addressed when testing an IVR application:

  • #1) Verification Methodology:
  • #2) Call Routing or Call Transfer:
  • #3) DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) Input:
  • #4) In the IVR system, there is a retry option:
  • #7 IVR System Workflow:

What does the consumer ID stand for?

a response ( 1 ) The customer ID number is a one-of-a-kind identifier. It is given to each resident who utilizes the service. It aids in the identification of the customer, and the number can be used for a variety of government programs.

How do I figure out what my meter number is?

It’s crucial to know that Kenya Power uses a variety of prepaid meter boxes, and the proper code may vary depending on the one you have. The prepaid meter box’s brand is clearly marked on the box, making it easy to identify.

A client’s initial step in loading a prepaid token is to obtain this meter number. The specific codes are kept in the meter box. For each brand, here’s how to activate a token meter:

  • ACTARIS Meter Box ACTARIS Meter Box ACTARIS Meter Box ACTA Enter or # after dialing 100.
  • Meter Box HEXING Enter or # after dialing 804
  • Meter Box CONLOG Enter or hit # after dialing #100.
  • Meter Box from SHENZEN. Enter after pressing 65.
  • When trying to retrieve your KPLC prepaid meter number, 000# and 100# may also work.

You could also contact KPLC’s prepaid meter customer service. 95551, 0703070707, or 0732170170 are the contact center numbers for all service-related issues.