What Is Sundry Charges In Electricity Bill In Hindi?

The price added to the bill for the cost of manufacturing and delivery of the service is known as the “sundry allowance.” The sundry allowance is added to the basic cost per unit multiplied by the number of units utilized in the electric bill.

Rates, housing rental, housing loans, business rental, encroachments, informal traders, metered services, sewerage, and regular garbage removal are all examples of sundry charges.


Miscellaneous expenditures that are not commonly incurred are referred to as sundry expenses. These costs are kept in a separate account called miscellaneous expenses. The purpose of using this account is to save accounting staff time by allowing them to allocate expenses to other, more clearly defined accounts without having to identify the exact nature of the expenditures.

If certain expenditures in this category become increasingly common, they should be moved out of the various expenses account and into a separate account that more precisely describes them.

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