Where In Wv Is Wild Wonderful Off Grid?

Erin, Josh, and the West Virginia Move Couple Erin and Josh Myers have spent their entire lives in the city. They felt they needed a vacation from city life after having their kid.

The thirty-something couple, along with their three young children, sold their home, packed their belongings, and drove to rural West Virginia, where they were greeted by a spacious, 73-acre property.

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This wasn’t a hurried decision, though. The couple has long desired to construct a home for their complete family away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

They also desired to establish a debt-free home and raise their children in an atmosphere that valued proximity to nature and self-sufficiency.

The aim was to live in their camper while starting from the ground up to create their dream home.

Because the couple had to combine parenting and home-schooling children while also establishing a farm, this was destined to be an experience.

Erin, Josh, and the rest of the team were able to build not only their dream A-frame home but also a working farm with a colorful menagerie of farm animals, including a bull steer, goats, and a flock of chickens, using grit, drive, and a lot of comedy.

Where can you find wild and beautiful off-grid adventures?

YouTube is riddled with creators who have meticulously chronicled their efforts in building their own dwellings, including off-grid shelters created far from urban life. This vlog is no exception. It’s an endearing, lighthearted documentary about Erin and Josh Myers and their three young children’s year-long endeavor to build their dream home from the ground up in a forested mountain region of West Virginia, just outside of huge northern Virginia.

After spending their entire lives near the city, the young family sold everything and moved into an RV on the 73 acres they purchased before establishing a working farm and debt-free construction of an off-the-grid A-frame house. As you might expect, that’s easier said than done, but this adorable, shaggy family pulled it off with their charming persistence and sense of humor. The couple’s two four-wheeling lads and their wonderfully cheerful, dimply preschooler Ellie are among the highlights of the family’s life outside of construction. Chuck, an elderly silver-coated Boston Terrier who is always underfoot and looks for all the world like an oversized sausage on four legs; Bruce, an adolescent bull steer; Leon, a curious, tagalong young goat; and a flock of chickens who follow the family wherever they may congregate outdoors round out the family’s zoo.

Is it lawful to homestead in West Virginia?

State homestead laws differ in terms of the amount of acreage or property value that can be declared as a homestead. The homestead exemption in West Virginia is limited to $5,000 in real estate and $1,000 in personal property. The specifics of West Virginia’s homestead legislation are emphasized in the table below.

Is West Virginia a good place to start a homestead?

Take us back to our hometown, country roads! Although John Denver did not call West Virginia home, his renowned song has long captured the passion and beauty of the state’s rural existence. A farmer with an ax, plow, and cornstalk is depicted on the West Virginia state seal.

West Virginia has the greatest percentage of family-owned farms in the country, at 95 percent. Apart from the small farm-friendly atmosphere, West Virginia is also a reasonably priced place to begin farming or homesteading. If you want to raise livestock, this is very important.

If you want to build a farm or homestead in the mid-Atlantic but don’t want to pay a lot of money for land, the Mountain State can be a good choice. In West Virginia, here’s how to get started homesteading.

Is it legal to live in a tiny house in West Virginia?

It is illegal to live in a tiny home as a permanent habitation in West Virginia. To avoid legal action, it is still safe to build a tiny home on a stable foundation. It’s required for people who must adhere to zoning restrictions.

Because zoning regulations are rarely straightforward, it’s best to double-check them before building one. Even if it’s legal to build a THOW in your neighborhood, you could need permission to use it because ADUs aren’t allowed in every zone.

What does it mean to “keep it Dutch”?

“Going Dutch” (often written with lower-case dutch) is a word that refers to each person engaging in a paid activity covering their own expenses rather than one person in the group covering the entire group’s costs. The term comes from Western restaurant dining etiquette, in which each person pays for their own meal. It’s also known as Dutch date, Dutch treat (a derogatory term), and doing Dutch.

A derivation is “sharing Dutch,” which refers to combined ownership of high-end items. For instance, four people may possess a jet, boat, automobile, or any other sharable high-end product. This is done to save money, share a common passion for the product, and get the most out of it.

What is the size of the Arms family’s homestead?

Daniel Arms, a Backyard Living Ambassador and experienced hunter, talks about life on the Arms family’s homestead. On their YouTube channel, Arms Family Homestead, the family films life on their 110-acre farm in rural Oklahoma.