How To Use Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Propane Smoker?

Before you do anything further, read the manufacturer’s instruction booklet and mail in the warranty card in case anything goes wrong with your smoker.

Thankfully, there aren’t many moving components on a Masterbuilt propane smoker, so the chances of that happening are slim.

Check for any leaks in the tank valve itself and make sure you have enough propane in your tank.

Step 1: Check for Leaks in the Valves and Hoses

You can do the “soapy water test” to check for gas leaks, cracks, and other issues in the valve or regulator hose, as well as to determine where any fittings should be tightened.

This should be done at the start of each season when the soker is brand new. when the smoker is in use, as well as every few months

The exact instructions for performing this test can be found on PAGE 6 of the USER Manual HERE.

Do you soak the wood chips for the Masterbuilt propane smoker before using them?

In your smoker, you can use dry or pre-soaked wood chips. Dry chips will burn more quickly and emit more smoke. Chips that have been soaked in water for 30 minutes will burn slower and emit less smoke.

If you want to utilise pre-soaked wood chips, watch “A Quick Tip with John McLemore: Soaking Wood Chips” on our YouTube channel.

How often should I top off my masterbuilt propane smoker with wood chips?

Smokers made by Masterbuilt are quite easy to use. To keep the smoker fueled, only add a handful of wood chips every four hours once it’s begun.

However, your model or the recipe you use may differ, and when it comes to preparing exceptional smoked meats, cheeses, and vegetables, there’s no substitute for experience.

Because of the construction of a Masterbuilt smoker, you should not use pellets or soak your wood chips in it.

Also, make sure to read the manual for particular instructions. Because Masterbuilt manufactures electric, propane, and other types of smokers, there is some variety in how they operate.

Amazon’s Masterbuilt MB20051316 Propane Smoker with Thermostat Control comes highly recommended. You can smoke a lot of food at once with four chrome-coated racks.

You’ll like the temperature sensor, which maintains the temperature constant for optimal smoking, and the propane gauge that lets you know when it’s time for a new tank.

Is it necessary to add water to the Masterbuilt smoker?

Water can be used to assist control the temperature of a smoker. If it’s freezing outdoors, you can fill the pan halfway with hot or boiling water to help the smoker heat up faster.

If it’s hot outside and the smoker is getting too hot, adding cold water will assist maintain the desired temperature.

Water also adds thermal bulk to the smoker, allowing it to quickly recover to its proper cooking temperature when the door is opened and reopened.

The water in the pan helps to keep the surface of the meat from drying out by adding humidity to the smoke chamber. Additionally, adding herbs, spices, and other flavourings to the water pan can give a layer of flavour to the smoking meal.

In a Masterbuilt smoker, where do you put the wood chips?

Check for obstacles in the ventilation system or leaks in the door before turning on your electric smoker. Metal and rubber stretch over time as a result of exposure to the elements. A damaged seal on your smoker door can allow valuable smoke to escape, and insufficient ventilation will hinder the critical combustion required to produce smoke.

Purchasing a smoker cover will help you extend the life of your electric smoker. Check out some of the most popular Masterbuilt electric smokers, which are known for their longevity and incredible smoked masterpieces!

Fill the wood chip tray or loader with 1 cup of wood chips. A slide-out loader is seen on side-loading units like the MES 130 B Digital Electric Smoker and the Masterbuilt 30″ inch. You can take the loader out and fill it to the brim.

Place the loader or wood chip tray back into the smoker and set the handle to “Unload.” The wood chips will fall neatly into the wood chip tray, which is located slightly above the heating element of the unit.

Set your prefered cooking temperature and turn on your electric smoker. Don’t put your meal in the smoker before it’s been given a chance to warm up. Depending on the environment, the preheating stage should take 2030 minutes.

If you’ve been putting your electric smoker in a chilly, uninsulated garage, preheating will give your smoker enough time to reach a satisfactory, consistent cooking temperature.

Check the interior temperature of your smoker after 2030 minutes has passed. Depending on environmental conditions like wind, there could be a 20-degree difference.

Strong winds can blow into the smokestack or chimney, as well as the ventilation system, lowering the inside temperature or, in some situations, stimulating combustion, resulting in extreme temperature swings.

Although Masterbuilt smokers are designed to work in subzero conditions, it’s a good idea to use an external oven-friendly thermometer in addition to your smoker’s temperature monitor.

You’ll be able to gauge the cooking temperature more precisely, ensuring that you don’t overcook your pricey cut of meat. Have you ever attempted to bake with an electric smoker? These Smoke-Flavored Baked Recipe Ideas For Your Electric Smoker might be of interest to you.

In a propane smoker, how do you smoke?

Make that you’ve read the manufacturer’s instructions. Most manuals advise doing a test run without food in the smoker first. Your unofficial first and second steps are as follows.

  • Check the propane levels in your tank and the integrity of your connection for leaks.

Step 1: Connect the Propane Tank Connect your gas tank and tighten the connection before turning on the valve to release the propane.

Step 2) Light the Propane Smoker Turn on the smoker and select the temperature to your preference (200F-220F is ideal). Make sure the vents and chimneys are open and the door is shut entirely.

Step 3) Add Woodchips You’ll put your wood chips in the flat pan above the stove. Allow the propane smoker to continue to heat up and fill the chamber with smoke.

Smoke should only come from vents and chimneys, according to experts. If you notice smoke coming from somewhere else, switch off your smoker, turn off your propane, and study your owner’s manual.

Step 4) Place the Water Tray The water tray should be placed directly above the woodchip tray. For extra flavour, fill this tray with water, cider, or beer.

Step 5) Place your Meat on the Racks Once you’ve reached the temperature you want, place your meat on the racks.

  • Try smoking vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms for an even greater smoking experience.

Step 6) Check on your Smoker Inspect the food, check the trays, and replenish as needed every 30 minutes. Of safeguard your hands, wear safety gloves whenever you open the door to your propane smoker. Whether your smoker has a glass window, inspect it to see if it has to be opened as much as possible.

Step 7) Check the Internal Temperature – Take the temperature of the thickest portion of the meat for precision. A meat thermometer can be used to determine the interior temperature of your meat. Before a piece of meat is deemed thoroughly cooked, it must reach a specific internal temperature. Directions can be found in your recipe.

Step 8) Remove your Meat from the Smoker – Using a grill safe utensil and safety gloves, carefully lay your meat on a plate.

Step 9) Turn off your Propane Smoker – The flame will go out when the temperature dial is turned off. Close the propane valve to prevent gas from escaping, then detach the tank from the smoker.

In my Masterbuilt propane smoker, can I use wood pellets?

The brand behind the smoker is the first topic we’ll talk through. While many electric smoker manufacturers recommend using pellets in their products, a few do not. Specifically, the two below.

Can You Use Pellets in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Masterbuilt is a leading manufacturer of bbq smokers. Only use wood chunks and chips if you have a Masterbuilt Electric smoker, one of their propane smokers, or one of their cold smoking attachments. Pellets are to be used exclusively in Masterbuilt pellet smokers, according to the company. Consumer opinions about their wood pellet smoking experiences with Masterbuilt electric smokers, on the other hand, are generally good and encourage other smokers to give it a try. Use a quarter cup of smoking pellets every four hours if you choose to reject the brand’s recommendations. Do you want to discover how pellets work in a Masterbuild Electric Cold Smoker attachment? Take a look at this video.

Is it necessary to moisten the wood chips before smoking?

Soaking wood chips is a fantastic idea if you’re trying to avoid smoking them. Use these soaking rules the next time you heat up your Broil King grill to smoke some ribs.

And here’s a clever trick: the Broil King Imperial Smoker Box features two chambers, one for now and one for later. Avoid suggesting that soaking your chips produces more or better smoke; your wood simply begins to smoke later.

Is it true that opening the vents on a propane grill makes it hotter?

Air vents (also known as dampers) may be included in your propane smoker to assist you control the temperature. Because oxygen is the primary fuel for fire, proper air regulation is essential for a successful barbeque.

Your smoker should have a bottom intake damper that allows air into the smoker and a top exhaust damper that takes air out of the smoker. Simply put, the broader your air vents are, the more oxygen your flames will receive and the hotter your cooking temps will be.

Set the vents entirely open when you start your smoker. This will assist your smoker in fast reaching 225F.

Set the vents halfway closed once it has preheated. This will help to slow down the rise in cooking temperature without completely extinguishing it.

Pro tip: Because each smoker is unique, there will be a learning curve in determining how to position your vents for optimal heat levels. Experiment with modest tweaks to the vents to see how they effect your cooking environment.

Is it possible to use a smoker without using wood chips?

If you’ve ever grilled food, you know how important it is to get some smoke. While too much smoke might leave food with a bitter taste, too little smoke can leave it with a charred, smoky flavour. It’s critical to use the right kind of fuel to get the optimum amount of smoke. While wood chips were previously the most common, smokers now have a variety of options.

Simply simply, wood chips are not required in a smoker or grill. Alternatively, you might use wood pellets, charcoal, or even wood chunks as a fuel source. Furthermore, if you use an electronic smoker, you won’t need wood chips or other fuel sources to heat the food.

Wood chips are mostly used to produce smoke in your smoker. Wood chips are ideal for making thin whips of blue smoke since they do not burn quickly. They are not, however, the primary source of heat and are usually used in conjunction with other heat sources such as gas.

Can wood pieces be used in a propane smoker?

A: Yes, wood chunks can be used in a gas smoker if the smoker is intended to accept this size of wood. Many gas smokers have a shallow tray to keep your smoking wood, which they usually recommend wood chips.