Which Costco Has Propane Refill?

If you use propane while camping, you will most likely need to refill your tanks on a regular basis. One of our favorite locations to go to fill up our empty tanks is Costco. Here are some recommendations for Costco Propane Refill: How To Use The Costco Propane Service and How To Find The Nearest Costco Propane Location

Is Costco able to refuel propane tanks?

  • In the store’s parking area, look for the Costco Propane Service Station (it will probably be near the tire shop).
  • To let the attendant know you’ve arrived, press the button. Look for a sign that says anything along the lines of “Call Attendant, Push Button” or something similar.
  • The attendant will greet you at the station and check to see if your propane tank is still in good condition. NOTE: Costco does not accept expired tanks, so double-check the expiration date before heading to the store.
  • While you wait, the attendant will fill your tank and provide you with a receipt.
  • Your tank will remain at the station until you pay for the propane and return to pick it up later.

At Costco, how much does it cost to fill a 20-pound gas tank?

Summer is approaching, and you know what that means… it’s BBQ season!!! My BBQ propane tank, unfortunately, needed to be refilled. Of course, propane is available at most gas stations and Costcos, but I couldn’t help but wonder whether there was a pricing difference. If yes, by how much do you mean? This is my review of the Costco Propane Cylinder Refill.

When it comes to gasoline, most people would agree that Costco is usually the greatest value in town. Costco, on average, costs roughly 5% less than the local average gas price, in my experience. Unlike gas pricing, however, propane costs are not publicly displayed. As a result, I figured I’d check in on it so you wouldn’t have to! Note: Prices are as of early May 2020 at MY local gas station and Costco. Your outcomes may differ.

Propane Cylinder Refill Price Example

My neighborhood gas station, as you can see in the photo above, charges $1.10 a litre for propane. As a result, the total cost of a normal 17.8 litre (20 pound) tank is $19.58.

The cost of propane at Costco was $.56 per litre. As a result, a normal 17.8 litre tank costs $9.96 at Costco. It’s basically half-price.

I don’t use a lot of propane, despite how much I enjoy grilling. Once or twice a year, I go through one tank. However, if I can save 50% or approximately $10 each time, I’ll take it! The savings are considerably greater if you own a camper or motorhome with a large propane tank.

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Is it true that Costco sells empty propane tanks?

5 gal, 20 lb Flame King Max Empty Steel Propane Cylinder with OPD Valve & Gauge | Costco All foods, including fresh, frozen, and basics for the home.

Is there a tiny propane tank at Costco?

Is it true that Costco sells propane tanks? Yes, Costco sells propane tanks in a variety of sizes, including 1 pound, 5 pound, 20 pound, 30 pound, and 100 pound tanks.

How does Costco handle propane refills?

Take your tank to the fill station, where an employee will fill it and then give you a tab to pay for it. When you return, indicate that you’ve paid and you’re good to go.

What’s the best way to get gas at Costco?

Costco gas stations are solely available to Costco members. You must first insert your membership card before inserting a Visa credit card or most PIN debit cards when approaching the pump. Costco Cash Cards are also accepted, and customers do not need to be members of the club to use them. The policy can be found here.

What’s the difference between a 15-pound propane tank and a 20-pound propane tank?

All grill bottle tanks must have an OPD valve. The acronym OPD stands for “Overfill Protection Device.” It’s a safety device that keeps the tanks from overflowing. The company will not be able to fill your tank if it does not have an OPD. If your tank has a flywheel valve, it is an older model that can’t be filled. The OPD valves are triangular in shape (see below).

On the collar of your propane tank, you’ll find a date stamped on it. Smaller propane tanks, according to the Department of Transportation, have a 12-year useable life. They’ll need to be refurbished after that. If a tank has the stamp 04 10, for example, it will need to be replaced or repaired on May 5, 2022. The majority of local propane retailers can repair or replace out-of-date propane tanks.

To Refill or Exchange

I would advocate having your propane tank filled by a local provider over a tank exchange at a gas station or big box store in terms of getting the most bang for your buck. The national businesses frequently use only 15 pounds of propane in their BBQ tanks. This implies you’ll only get 3.5 gallons of propane (15 pounds of propane = 3.5 gallons of propane). Normally, your propane tank is filled with 20 lbs of propane (4.7 gallons) from your local garden center or gas marketer.

Some may wonder what the big deal is considering the difference is only 1.2 gallons. However, 1.2 gallon of propane means around four to five hours of additional grilling time when it comes to grilling. I could show you the math, but it would boring even Steven Hawking.

Furthermore, the cost of a tank at one of these exchanges is usually $20-22. Many local propane marketers offer tank swap rates throughout the summer months if you look around. The price of a bottle exchange usually ranges from $12 to $15.

Knowing When To Refill Your Tank

The simplest way to figure out when your tank needs to be refilled is to weigh it. The difference between the Tare Weight and the remaining propane is the amount of propane.

TW=17, and the tank’s overall weight is 25 lbs. This indicates you have 8 lbs (25 lbs 7 lbs = 8 lbs) or 1.9 gallon of propane left. It’s worth noting that 1.9 gallon equals around 7 hours of grilling time.

Isn’t it always great to leave a BBQ with your tank slung over your shoulder and go weigh yourself? It’s a fantastic party trick. False.

Having a backup tank and just swapping it out is the best choice. You will also be charged a flat rate rather than a per gallon fee if you bring a half-full tank to be filled. As a result, it’s also preferable to run out and then get it filled. You can achieve this with the help of a backup tank.

How many gallons does a 20-pound propane tank hold?

Propane Tank, 20 pound Grill cylinders are 20-pound propane tanks that store 4.6 gallons of propane when fully charged.

At Costco Canada, how much does it cost to fill a gas tank?

You can locate a Costco practically anyplace, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a gas source. Costco, like Co-op, is a convenient option.

Another reason this superstore makes it onto our list of Calgary’s best propane suppliers? One word: cost.

You can look all across Calgary for the greatest propane pricing, but there’s a good chance you won’t find anything better than Costco’s. For a 20-pound cylinder, they charge roughly $9.

It’s worth noting that Costco charges by the tank. Make sure your tank is entirely empty before you bring it in for a refill to get the most bang for your buck!

Costco is convenient and cost-effective, but there are a few things to keep in mind. To begin with, Costco is a membership-only warehouse club.

You must pay an annual membership fee, which starts at $60 per year, to obtain access to their higher price. If you also do your grocery shopping at Costco, this is well worth it; however, if you simply need propane, you should look for another supplier.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many individuals shop at Costco for reasons other than propane. There’s a good chance you’ll be in line for payment for longer than you would in other places!