Where Should You Store Your MAPP Gas Can?

Indoor propane storage is easy and safe, but only if you set it up correctly. Never place your gas tank in your living room or any other space that is connected to your home.

For indoor storage, the ideal option is to keep propane tanks in a garage or detached shed. In both warm and cold seasons, these buildings give shade from direct sunshine while still providing a well-ventilated area for the tank.

Keep your tank on the ground, away from electrical equipment and flammable or combustible materials.

What kind of storage do you have for MAPP gas?

Fuel cylinders should be kept away from living spaces, out of reach of youngsters, and away from sources of ignition. Keep out of direct sunlight. Never store anything at a temperature higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees C).

Is it possible for MAPP gas to explode?

True, they don’t appear to be bombs. However, these devices, known as MAPP gas cylinders, are as incendiary as TNT and are used by plumbers, mechanics, and do-it-yourselfers for heating, soldering, brazing, and welding. They have been known to explode, hurting or killing the operator.

MAPP gas cylinder producers Worthington Cylinders and Western Industries have known about the flaw that causes these explosions for years. They didn’t issue a recall until January, which was too late for the dozens of people who had already been hurt or killed by the product.

Worthington Cylinders of Wisconsin has now issued a recall for over 30 million Map Pro, Propylene, and MAPP gas cylinders. The company has discovered that after the torches are removed from the cylinders, the seal on the cylinders can leak, posing a fire hazard.

What’s the best way to keep little propane canisters safe?

  • Propane cylinders should be stored outside. Never store them inside or in a confined space like a garage, shed, or basement.
  • Keep them somewhere cool. Heat should not be applied to the cylinders above 120 degrees. This temperature could result in a fire or a leak.
  • Propane cylinders should be kept away from open fires. This includes smoking and the use of spark-producing devices. Any flame has the potential to induce combustion.

How long does MAPP gas last in a can?

hi there, Suzanne. The little MAPP canisters are supposed to last 6 hours, however for me, they barely last around 4 hours before I can no longer melt glass. I believe that if you don’t turn up the heat so high, it will last longer but melt a little slower. I’m a little too impatient, so I’ll take the extra heat. At least till my torch is upgraded!

Oh! Dip the canister in warm water if it starts to freeze, and you’ll get more gas out of it.

Is it possible to store compressed gas cylinders horizontally?

Mr. Howell, I’d want to write to express my heartfelt gratitude for

Thank you for faxing OSHA’s Directorate of Construction on January 10, 2011.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in our response.

Your fax presents a specific concern about OSHA’s storage requirements for compressed gas cylinders used in construction.

Is it legal to store compressed gas cylinders horizontally in commercial cylinder holders designed for horizontal storage under 29 CFR1926.350(a)(9)?

No, according to Section 1926.350(a)(9):

When compressed gas cylinders are not being hoisted or carried, section 1926.350(a)(9) explicitly states that they must be stored upright.

As a result, the standard prohibits the horizontal storage of cylinders.

Is it necessary to store gas cylinders upright?

Is the gas cylinder upright and securely fastened? When not in use, gas cylinders must be stored vertically and restrained in stands or with chains, straps, or other suitable restraints. This is required to keep them from tumbling over and becoming damaged, potentially resulting in dangerous gas leaks.

Is it possible to use a propane torch with MAPP gas?

You must use a “Turbo-Torch” when working with MAPP gas; you cannot use a propane torch head. I use a Bernzomatic self-igniting torched head that came with MAPP bottles, and it has worked flawlessly with propane. Going in the opposite direction will not work. MAPP gas will not work with a propane-only torch head.