How Much Does A 4kw Solar Panel System Cost?

The average cost of solar in the United States is $2.77 per watt ($11,080 for a 4 kilowatt solar system) as of January 2022. After the federal solar tax credit discount of 26 percent, the total cost of a 4,000-watt solar system would be $8,200. (not factoring in any additional state rebates or incentives).

For a 4kW system, how many solar panels do I need?

The most common size of electricity-generating solar installation on residential rooftops is a 4kW system. Around 16 solar panels will absorb solar energy and transform it into enough electricity to power up to four people.

What is the monthly output of a 4kW solar system?

A 4kW Solar Kit will take up to 230 square feet. For optimal solar power output, an unobstructed south-facing view of the sun is required. The DC direct current power output of this 4kW solar kit is 4,100 watts. With at least 5 sun hours each day and the solar array oriented south, this might create 300 to 750 kilowatt hours (kWh) of alternating current (AC) power per month. The amount of power generated depends on the location, equipment, and installation. Compare how much power these low-cost 4kW PV systems can generate to the actual kWh used each month on your electric utility bill.

These systems generate enough kWh per month to offset the cost of a hot tub or running the air conditioner. A 4,100-watt Complete Solar Kit may offset 1/3 of a medium user’s consumption, or around half of their cost.

What does a 4000 watt solar system cost?

Our work isn’t done until your system is producing clean solar energy! We provide you with instructions, videos, and technical help throughout the installation procedure.

How much should I pay a contractor to install the solar kit?

Our solar kits can be installed by any licensed general, electrical, or solar contractor. If you hire a contractor to install your solar kit, you should budget around $1.00 per watt for labor, cable, conduit, fittings, breakers, and other miscellaneous electrical components. Installation costs for a 4 kW (kilowatt) system, which is 4,000 watts, are expected to be $4,000. We can help you find a contractor if necessary.

Can you install the solar kit on my home for me?

Yes! We offer complete solar installation for homes in California at highly reasonable prices as a qualified C-10 electrical contractor situated in Orange County. Relax and take advantage of a turn-key solar installation at a lower cost than other solar firms.

Benefits of Going Solar

  • Until December 31, 2022, the federal government offers a 26 percent tax credit on all home solar installations.
  • Financial incentives are also being offered by some state and local governments, as well as some utilities.
  • Solar panels on your roof generate a 6 percent to 13 percent return on investment, which is higher than most other investments available today.

Although the homeowner pays up front, he or she can use a mortgage or credit line to generate positive cash flow.

Each $1,000 reduction in annual electricity costs boosts the value of a home by $20,000.

NOTE: Prices are based on a typical setup with typical wire lengths. Depending on your home’s needs, your Complete Solar Kit will most likely be a couple hundred dollars less or more.

NOTE: You need account for delivery costs as well as sales tax if you live in California.

NOTE: Because production values vary so widely, the figures presented here are estimations based on averages.

Give us a call at 866-798-4435 and we’ll give you a quick estimate of how much the kit would produce if placed at the specified site with the proposed tilt and azimuth. You’ll need to input your zip code, roof tilt, and roof pitch compass heading.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a 4kW solar system?

A solar panel system with a capacity of 4 kW can meet the energy needs of a family of three or four people. Because of the low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan of the product, installing such a system would not only save you money on electricity bills, but it will also make your home more environmentally friendly and make your life easier.

A 4kW solar panel system will cost roughly 5,000, but it will save you up to 870 per year if installed by an MCS accredited supplier. A 4kW solar panel system will generate enough electricity to cover the demands of a typical UK family over the course of a year. Furthermore, you can earn money through the Smart Export Guarantee if you generate enough energy to export it back to the grid.

By completing the contact form above, you can receive up to four free, non-binding quotes from our solar panel vendors. Obtaining many estimates from various installers will allow you to compare pricing and select the one that offers the best solution for your property.

Will a 4kW solar system be enough to power a home?

A 3 to 4 kW solar panel system will normally provide adequate electricity for a family-sized home, while a 2 to 3 kW system will suffice for a smaller household.

A 4 kW solar panel system will create roughly 3,400 kWh of free electricity per year on average. That’s enough electricity to power each of the following:

Do solar panels provide you with free electricity?

This is to ensure that you get the most out of the free electricity generated by the solar panels. It could entail changing your routines and planning ahead, such as running your washing machine or dishwasher during the day rather than at night.

Solar photovoltaic (or PV) panels convert sunshine energy into electricity, which is practically free electricity that you may use in your home (once the cost of installing the panels has been taken into account, of course). Electricity that is not consumed is exported to the grid.

However, there will be moments when you consume more energy than the panels produce, such as on overcast days or late at night. The extra electricity will be imported from the national grid at certain times, just as it was before you installed the panels, and you will be taxed at the standard amount by your energy provider.

Why are solar panels a waste of money?

Because solar panels cannot store electricity, their production will be reduced in overcast conditions and will be nil at night. As a result, most home solar systems necessitate the usage of a solar battery. When evaluating if solar panels are worth it for you, keep this additional expense in mind.