Do They Have Cable TV In Dorms At Texas Tech?

The wireless network at Texas Tech University can be accessed from anywhere on campus by selecting TTUnet from your device’s Wi-Fi settings and logging in using your eRaider username and password.

Is it possible to have a microwave in my Texas Tech dorm?

Appliances made of electricity In student rooms, coffee machines (no more than 6 cups), popcorn poppers, tiny microwave ovens, small refrigerators, and portable television sets are permitted. Microwave ovens must have a power output of no more than 1500 watts.

Do the dorms at Texas Tech have air conditioning?

The housing halls are all air-conditioned and non-smoking areas. Summer and year-round housing are provided in addition to the fall and spring semesters.

Do the dorms at Texas Tech have kitchens?

A TV lounge, various study rooms, vending sections, an open meeting/recreation space, and three kitchens are among the hall’s amenities. All residents have access to an unlimited number of laundry lounges. Halls of Bledsoe/Sneed and Horn/Knapp A detailed list of room and furniture dimensions can be found at

How can I get on the Texas Tech Wi-Fi network?

To connect, go to the Settings app, select Wi-Fi, and then TTUnet. When prompted, enter your eRaider username and password, then tap Join. Go to Settings and disable Wi-Fi if you’re having difficulties connecting. Re-enable Wi-Fi, then check to verify if your connection is still active.

What are the dorm rules at Texas Tech?

In the residence halls, flammable materials are prohibited. This encompasses, but is not limited to, the following items in one’s possession or use: Candles and Incense – Candles and/or incense (lit or unlit) are not permitted in any of the resident halls’ student rooms or public areas.

Is it true that Texas Tech allows pets in the dorms?

Pets and Animals Pets are not permitted to visit or be maintained in residence hall rooms, with the exception of fish. Persons with a proven impairment are allowed to bring their guide dogs (or similar domesticated animals) into the resident halls.