How To Watch Virgin Cable TV In Another Room?

The Virgin TV 360 Mini box is the simplest method to set up multi-room watching. Simply place a 360 Mini unit in each room where you want Virgin TV to be available.

Once you’ve linked the Virgin TV 360 box to your home network, you’ll be able to watch recordings on any other Virgin TV box on the same network.

Simply set the Virgin TV 360 box’s standby mode to either Fast Start or Active Start, otherwise additional TV boxes in your home will be unable to connect.

Is it possible to view Virgin TV without a box in another room?

Simply put, Virgin Media Multiroom allows you to watch all of your Virgin Media channels in a separate room of your home. So, if you want to set it up in your bedroom or kitchen, the multiroom package is a must-have.

With the emphasis on streaming services in today’s world, you’ll need a solid wifi setup to get the most out of the Multiroom package.

You’ll also need a coaxial cable, as Virgin TV is delivered through cable rather than aerial or satellite, like Sky is. Let’s take a closer look at their Multiroom bundle.

How much does Virgin Media Multiroom cost?

One of the disadvantages of Virgin Media Multiroom is its high price. You’ll need to hire someone to instal the additional box, which will set you back 100. This could change, and it could not be the case if you’re signing up for a new deal they might do it for a lower price as a perk for switching.

Additionally, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription charge for this. This is 7.50 at the time of writing, but it is subject to change, so it may alter by the time you read this.

How many extra boxes can I get?

This isn’t something to be concerned with if you’re wondering how many various boxes you can have around your house. You can receive up to five extra top boxes surrounding your house, which is more than most other providers offer (BT will only let you have one additional box in your household).

These additional boxes will provide you complete access to all of the TV channels that are available on your main box, as well as all of the catch-up channels. You can select the sort of box you want, and Virgin offers a variety of possibilities.

It’s perfect if you have a large family who wants to watch multiple shows at once.

Which Virgin Media boxes can I get? V6 vs Tivo

When you’re looking for a second Virgin Media box, you have the same options as when you’re looking for the first. You normally have to choose between their standard Tivo top box and a V6 box.

Their Tivo box contains almost everything that the majority of people require. You may easily watch live or recorded TV on the box, and you have a decent and easy way to record any of the programmes you wish to watch on the box.

If you want something a little better, their latest V6 box is probably worth considering. It’s faster and more responsive than their normal box, but the key difference and reason why customers choose a V6 is that it supports 4K resolution. So, if you’ve recently upgraded to a 4K TV, their V6 box will be the perfect complement.

Virgin Media vs Sky Q

The major difference you’ll notice between these two is actually quite significant. You’ll need to connect your primary Sky box to your home broadband router if you’re using Sky Q. Then you’ll need a Sky small box for each additional room, which connects to the main Sky Q box separately. It functions in much the same way as a mesh router.

The Virgin Media Multiroom system, on the other hand, is completely different. In this situation, each of the additional boxes is treated as if it were a separate entity. This means that if you want to watch live TV on one of the other Virgin boxes, you’ll have to use a coaxial wire to connect to it.

Why? The answer is actually rather straightforward. Virgin Media uses cable to link your television to your home, and they won’t be able to distribute live TV to your other boxes unless they instal additional connection.

So, while you can view catch-up TV on a second box without a coaxial wire, you’ll need a coaxial cable to connect the two.

This may appear to be a disadvantage, but there is a gain. You’ll have a better connection, and your live television will be more fluid and smooth. Having a lot of devices connected to the internet with Sky can sometimes be too much for the network.

How can I watch Virgin in another room without a box?

If you don’t want to increase your package to include another box, there are a couple options available to you. Obviously, this isn’t as simple as simply choosing Multiroom, but it does save you from having to add another subscription to your bundle.

In the vast majority of circumstances, purchasing an HDMI splitter is the best option. This simply allows you to divide the output signal from your Virgin Media box and send it to many TVs at the same time. You’ll need something more complicated than a cheap splitter, especially if you want to stream in 4K.

This means you can connect one HDMI cable to your main television and another HDMI cable to your secondary television. If your second room is a significant distance from the main HDMI splitter, this isn’t a good solution because you’ll need a long connection to connect the two.

While it isn’t the finest alternative to multiroom, it is arguably the most reliable option in terms of picture quality (it will be as clear on your second TV as it is on the first TV).

Is Virgin Media Multiroom wireless?

One of the major drawbacks of Virgin Media Multiroom is that you must use a coaxial connection to connect the two rooms in order to view live Virgin TV.

You’ll only be able to stream catch-up services like Netflix if you don’t have a wired connection between the two. This is inconvenient, but it’s the only way to get TV into two distinct rooms at the same time using the same service at the moment.

Is it possible to watch Virgin TV on multiple televisions?

Set up Virgin TV multiroom watching.

  • Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment. The first step is to double-check that you have all of the necessary equipment.

Is it possible to link my Virgin TiVo machine to another television?

Yes, if you’ve upgraded to a better TiVo package or received a new TiVo box. Simply move the old box to another room and link it to the WiFi Hub through an Ethernet wire. You won’t lose your downloads this way.

You can’t utilise an old TiVo box if you’re upgrading to 360. These will be disabled, and you will need to replace them. On the same account, you can’t have TiVo or V6 and a 360.

Is it possible to link Virgin TV to a wireless network?

On up to four registered devices, Virgin TV Go allows you watch live TV and On Demand on your smartphone or tablet wherever there’s an internet connection using 3G, 4G, or WiFi. Virgin TV Control is a programme that allows you to control your Virgin TV box.

Is the Virgin TV 360 tiny box connected to the internet?

Do the 360 Mini boxes have wifi capabilities? Although the 360 Mini box features wireless internet (WIFI), it still requires a coxial connection to receive live TV, as do all of our TV boxes.

Is it possible to get Virgin tiny boxes for free?

Virgin Media multiroom allows you to get up to two Virgin TV 360 Mini devices. These provide you access to all of the channels included with your Virgin TV subscription, as well as on-demand shows and apps. They’re even 4K ready, so you can watch Full HD movies (subject to having a 4K TV of course).

Customers will receive a first Mini 360 for an additional 10 per month, as well as a second Mini for an additional 5 per month. Those who purchase the Ultimate Volt package will receive one free Mini box as part of their membership, with the option to purchase an additional one for an additional fee.

If you ever wish to record six programmes while watching a seventh, you may do it using Virgin’s primary TV 360 box. You can record up to 500 hours of SD or 100 hours of HD shows with 1TB of storage. Although the 360 Mini boxes do not have recording capabilities, you can watch any shows that you have recorded on your main 360 box on them.

The Virgin Media 360 Mini boxes, on the other hand, require a cabled connection to function. Both the Mini and the larger 360 boxes require the coaxial wire that sends your Virgin signal into your home.

Is it possible to get a wifi Virgin V6 box?

You’ve completed the installation of your V6 box! You’ve come a long way, and you’re almost there. You must now complete the installation by connecting all of the components and turning them on. Push the Input, AV, or Source button on your TV remote. Then you’ll see ‘Input Selection’ options, where you’ll need to scroll down to find the HDMI1 port you connected to.

The screen should then switch on, and your programme should begin downloading when it has loaded, which could take up to 20 minutes. This is the case if you used an ethernet cable to connect. After the download is complete, you’ll be directed to another screen informing you that the TV guide must be loaded. After pressing OK, you should see the Home screen, which contains all of your TV options. That concludes our discussion. You’ve now linked your new set-top box to the television and the internet, and you’re ready to start watching Virgin TV.

Virgin V6 box connections

You’ll need an ethernet wire, a cable adaptor, and an HDMI cable to connect one V6 box to your Virgin hub and your TV. These cables will be connected at the back of the V6. All of the possible connections to the V6 are listed below.

How do I connect my Virgin V6 box to Wifi?

If you didn’t use an ethernet cable to connect your set-top box to your Hub because they’re more than 3 metres apart, you can use Wifi instead, though it’s suggested that you buy a longer cord if feasible because Wifi performance can suffer.

It’s easy to connect your V6 to your Hub. If your V6 cannot detect an ethernet connection during the setup process, it will prompt you to use a cable to connect your Hub to the set-top box. Select ‘Other Options’ on your Virgin remote and you’ll be directed to a new screen where you can connect to Wifi.

Then, as usual, you’ll be prompted to select your network and enter your password to connect to your home Wifi. You can use your remote to make all of your choices and enter information.

What is the purpose of a Virgin Media Splitter?

If you have more than one piece of equipment and wish to link them all in the same room, you may need to utilise a splitter.

If you ordered Digital TV and a cable modem at the same time, a splitter should be included in your delivery.

Please connect them as shown in the diagram below, paying particular attention to the cable colours. All of the connectors mentioned below are “push on” connectors.