Can You Split Comcast Xfinity Internet Bill Pay?

If you wish to make two identical payments on the same day, you’ll need to utilize two distinct payment methods to avoid the second payment being refused as a duplicate.

How long will Comcast tolerate your failure to pay your bill?

We’ve all seen the rise of late fees, which are now routinely mentioned on our utility and credit card statements. Mayor Susan Kay of Weymouth wasn’t irritated by the $5 Comcast will add to your next statement if you’re late with your payment. It’s the 14 days Comcast gives you to send your money to them that irritates her and many other South Shore residents.

If we are late with a payment, most of us merely moan and pay the $5. Kay, a Comcast subscriber, noticed the late fee and heard the Weymouth homeowners’ complaints. She is now battling Comcast, a cable television behemoth that is by far the largest cable provider in eastern Massachusetts.

We don’t normally critique businesses or their customer service. If you don’t like how you’re being treated, you can shop around for the product, commodities, or services you want. However, when it comes to cable TV, this isn’t as true as it is with corned beef. In most communities, cable television has a virtual monopoly. In this circumstance, we are completely behind Mayor Kay.

Kay has submitted a petition with the state, as the cable TV licensing authority for Weymouth, to amend the rule published by the Department of Telecommunication and Cable controlling how much time you have to pay your cable TV payment. Comcast now provides you 14 days from the date of the bill to the date you must pay them, or you will be charged a $5 late fee on your next payment. At the very least, Kay believes it should be 21 days.

Kay sent a copy of her Comcast cable bill with her petition. The bill, for $68.28, was dated Aug. 6 and indicated it was received Aug. 11 in a notation on it. Kay had nine days to pay her account because it was due on August 20. You can cut the turnaround time by a couple of days if she paid electronically through her bank or by mail.

The state now requires a genuinely absurd five days before imposing a late fee. Comcast claims to wait 14 days, but there is a grace period, and they will work with customers who are having financial difficulties. However, for the time being, the corporation is sticking to the line stated on its bills: 14 days or $5 extra next month.

In her petition to change the state norm from five to twenty-one days, Mayor Kay stated: “Customers who have been with Comcast for a long time deserve more than a 14-day due date notice.” She points out that other cable companies in the area, RCN and Verizon, give consumers 25 and 30 days to settle their bills, respectively. Kay added as a zinger that the extra time to pay Comcast was especially needed now because of the recent events “the public’s economic hardships (challenges exacerbated in part by Comcast’s normal rate increases, which are typically higher than the rate of inflation.)”

We believe Comcast’s late-fee policy is excessively harsh. By changing the payment deadline, the company could avoid government intrusion in its business activities. We strongly support Mayor Kay’s petition and urge state authorities to act immediately unless the corporation takes immediate steps in that regard.

What steps do I need to take to set up a payment plan with Comcast?

How to Make a Payment Schedule

  • Select the amount you’d like to pay, a payment date other than your regular bill due date, and a payment method on the next page.

Is there a Comcast forgiveness program?

Requirements. The amnesty program is only available to families who have a Comcast debt that is more than a year old. To qualify for amnesty, you must be the owner of a previous Comcast debt. All additional Internet Essentials eligibility conditions must be met.

What is a one-time payment from Xfinity?

Instead of auto-paying your Xfinity Mobile bill, you can make one-time payments. Select “Make a Payment” in the Monthly area of your Xfinity Mobile account after your billing cycle ends but before your auto-pay date. You have the option of paying with the card on file or with a different card.

Is it possible to have two Xfinity accounts at the same time?

I had a bad experience with Xfinity for a few days. I recently moved into a dwelling room with a coaxial outlet. In the house, my landlord has their own Xfinity modem. As a result, I contacted an agent. By the end of it, I had spoken with seven agents, each of whom told me four different things. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Agent 1: It is not possible to have two Xfinity accounts in the same household. (no explanation provided)

Agent 2: You can have two Xfinity accounts in the same household; all you have to do is change your address (123-A Apple Street)

Agent 5: There’s no need to update your address; simply ask the technician to insert a new line.

Agent 6: There’s no need to alter your address because you can have as many Xfinity accounts as you like in your home.

Then I phoned Agent 7 because they had my wifi modem working but had disconnected my landlord’s, despite the fact that I had made it clear that the landlord had an account here and that I wanted both of them to work. My landlord phones me about the internet when he gets home, and I’m put in an unpleasant situation with my landlord, whom I’ve only known for two days. Our rooms are as far apart as they can be, so I had to stretch my modem as far as I could toward her room, then run a router as far as I could down the hallway. I phoned Agent 7 to schedule a tech appointment as soon as possible.

This tech arrives in the morning, solves the problem in less than 5 minutes, and informs me of the truth. SO, FOR ALL YOU FELLOW XFINITY USERS, HERE’S THE INSTRUCTIONAL PART:

There is no need to change the address. The two modems are not going to butt heads. If you change your address, an auditor will come out to check sure the 123-A Apple Street address still exists; if it doesn’t, your application will be rejected. It is necessary for the location to have its own utilities (kitchen bathroom, etc.)

The only way the modems would butt heads is if more than one account, such as Xfinity Flex, has video streaming. So, if you want Xfinity flex or something like, make sure no one else in the home does, or no one will be happy. You can have an unlimited number of internet-only accounts, but only one of them can stream video.

If you phone an agent and they tell you that you need to change your address. You inform them that they are WRONG.

Agent 5 may have been correct; the techs may have installed a separate line. Agent 6 was absolutely correct. Everyone else was wrong, including the first technologists.

To Xfinity: I enjoy Xfinity, and you guys keep me up to date on specials and special offers. This episode, on the other hand, was a nightmare. WAY TOO MANY MISINFORMED AGENTS AND TECHNICIANS spewing untruths. I had to sort through all of the data and figure out what was actually true. Right now, I know more about this topic than a number of your representatives.

Is it possible for a law to have two names?

When two parties, such as roommates or business partners, share responsibility for the account, or when a legal representative, such as a lawyer or carer, takes over the responsibility, people place two names on a utility bill. In addition to paying the bill, the second person becomes the point of contact in the event of an emergency and has the authority to make changes to the account, including terminating it. Putting two names on a utility account is not difficult once both parties agree to share responsibility. Typically, both parties must inform the utility company over the phone or in person.

On Xfinity, what is a secondary user?

User Roles for Secondary Users The Manager position grants access to features such as services, settings, and billing. The Member status gives you access to some account services and troubleshooting, as well as limited account settings, but not to the account’s billing options.

Do late Comcast payments have an impact on your credit score?

The Most Important Takeaways Cable TV, phone, and other utility expenses aren’t often reported to credit agencies or factored into your credit score. However, if you are really behind on your cable account, your credit report may reflect this.