How Do I Put Comcast Internet On Vacation Hold?

Is it possible to temporarily turn off my Xfinity Internet service?

You can suspend service on any active lines for up to 14 days as the principal account holder. Unless you communicate with an Xfinity Mobile Specialist to make alternate arrangements, your service will automatically resume on the 15th day.

How long can you put Xfinity on hold for the season?

Hello, there! Thank you for posting this and informing us that you are having trouble adjusting the Seasonal Convenience Plan that you have set up on your account. If you are still outside the United States, we understand how critical it is to make this adjustment. There will be varying criteria depending on where you live in order to set up our Seasonal Convenience Plan. If you try to prolong this hold out for more than 180 days (270 in some locations), you won’t be allowed to complete the order because 180 / 270 days is the maximum time frame available for this plan in a calendar year. In most circumstances, you can’t change the start or return date after it’s past, which could explain why you’re getting an error while trying to make this adjustment online.

With that stated, we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you with this and pull up your account to check how long your prior Seasonal Convenience Plan was set up for, so we can see if we can extend it for you further! Please send us a private message with your complete name using our peer-to-peer chat service so we can further assist you with this. If you’re not sure how to send us a message, these are the steps to follow:

  • In the to line, type “Xfinity Support” and pick “Xfinity Support” from the drop-down box.

What does the term “seasonal hold” mean?

A seasonal hold, sometimes known as a vacation hold, allows users to halt their internet, TV, and phone services for a certain time for a low cost. Snowbirds people who migrate from chilly climates to warmer climes and back when the weather changes have traditionally been interested in this service.

However, the number of digital nomads looking for flexible internet solutions while traveling has increased dramatically in recent years. Depending on your internet service provider, stopping or terminating your service may be a possibility.

What is the Xfinity cancellation fee?

If you cancel all services, except Xfinity Mobile, during the period of the agreement, you will be charged a $110/$230 Early Termination Fee for (TV, Internet, Voice, or Home). The Early Termination Fee is reduced on a monthly basis. If you cancel within 30 days of installation, you will not be charged an Early Termination Fee.

Note that if you cancel within 60 days in Illinois, the Early Termination Fee is waived.

If you restart service at any address within 90 days of canceling, any ETFs you have will be paid back to you. In addition, if you quit service after 30 days of your 12- or 24-month term, you will receive an ETF credit.

With that stated, I’d still be happy to assist you in getting your account pulled up to determine if you’re qualified to have your ETF credited as a result of COVID-19. Please send a private message to Xfinity Support using our peer-to-peer chat service by clicking on the chat button in the top right corner of the page. You’ll be able to start a new discussion with Xfinity Support once you click the chat icon, so we can continue to assist you. We can’t wait to meet you there!

How do I get rid of Comcast Internet while keeping 2022?

Here’s How To Save Money By Cancelling Comcast

  • Returning your Comcast equipment without incurring any costs for unreturned equipment.

What happens if you discontinue your Xfinity service?

You’ll see increased service rates for unlimited talk and text on your Xfinity Mobile account since you recently discontinued your Xfinity service. There is a $25 monthly cost for each Xfinity Mobile line if the primary account holder does not have Xfinity Internet, Voice, or TV.

What is the time frame for canceling Xfinity Internet?

Online Service Cancellation Request Filling out an online form is the simplest way to terminate your Xfinity internet connection. To access the form, you must first log in to your account. This procedure only takes a few seconds and informs Xfinity that you wish to terminate your service. Within 48 hours, you will receive a call from Xfinity.

How do I get rid of Comcast Internet while keeping my 2021?

If you missed this section because you wish to cancel over the phone, make sure you have your cancellation reasons prepared. For this breakup call, put on your firm and friendly hat.

When the phone rings, say “cancel service” on the menu. When you reach someone, inquire if you’re chatting with Retention. Let them know you’d like to be transferred if they’re not Retention.

Let Retention know you’d like to cancel, explain why, and move on from the phase where they try to persuade you to stay. Let’s face it, you’re a difficult person to let go of. It’s a wonderful way to break it to them.

Be prepared to receive a slew of freebies (but maybe this is your intention). They’ll offer to lower your monthly payment or give you a free premium channel like HBO.

Again, be kind and firm in informing the representative that you wish to cancel today. Make sure you leave the call with a cancellation date set and a strategy in place for returning your equipment to Xfinity. Just in case something goes wrong, make a note of your representative’s name and ID number.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak with someone in person, locate an Xfinity store near you and bring your equipment with you.