How Much Does Comcast Internet Service Cost?

For only $30 per month, get unlimited Internet and streaming (Xfinity Internet needed). After 20 GB of usage per line, speeds are reduced.

Is it possible to obtain Xfinity internet only?

Yes. Internet-only subscriptions from Xfinity range in speed from 50 Mbps to 3,000 Mbps. Xfinity’s Internet-only options start at $25 per month* in some areas, with download speeds up to 50 Mbps.

Is Comcast’s WiFi service free?

Is it going to cost anything? All Xfinity Mobile customers, as well as eligible* Xfinity Internet customers, get Xfinity WiFi at no extra cost.

Is Netflix compatible with 50 Mbps?

If you want to watch Netflix, we recommend getting an internet package with at least 50 Mbps download speeds. This ensures that all of your connected devices, as well as one other person, may connect to the internet without having to flip a table over frustratingly sluggish internet speeds while watching Schitt’s Creek.

If you have a large family or several devices, we recommend 100 Mbps or higher download speeds.

And as for recommendations, here are a few for the finest streaming internet providers:

Xfinity internet

Xfinity is offered practically everywhere, and its rates are reasonable. You’ll have no trouble finding a reasonably priced 100 Mbps package, like as the Performance Select plan. Just keep in mind that the names and prices of Xfinity plans vary depending on where you reside.

Is it possible to get rid of Xfinity cable while keeping your internet?

Let’s get started with the steps to canceling your account online now that you have your reasons ready. However, we’ll caution you that breaking up online isn’t any easier than breaking up over the phone.

You’ll need to log in to your Xfinity subscription on a computer or laptop to fill out a cancellation form (it’ll be easier this way). Within two business days, a representative should contact you.

However, you should be aware that it’s possible that you’ll have to wait longer than two days, or that you’ll have to phone Xfinity to see if they’ve received your cancellation form.

This former Xfinity customer claimed she sent two cancellation forms, but the personnel claimed they never got either. Allowing Xfinity to take advantage of your money and time is not a good idea. Make a clean break as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering if you can keep your Xfinity Internet service while canceling your TV package, the answer is yes.

If you cancel your package, you won’t get as good of an internet price, but you’ll still save money because you won’t have to pay for a cable TV service you don’t use.