What Is The Comcast Business Internet Early Termination Fee?

If you cancel your Comcast/Xfinity service before the contract expires, you will be charged a fee. For the remaining months of the contract, the charge is $10 each month. If you terminate your Comcast service with 9 months left on it, for example, you will be charged a $90 early termination fee.

What is the length of a Comcast business contract?

This is a post that I really don’t want to write. I enjoy constructing things and writing about them, but I don’t enjoy yelling at the Internet when things don’t go as planned. But the more I’ve talked to others about my Comcast Business experience, the more I realize it’s definitely worth writing a little something just to help others know what to anticipate. Consider this a cautionary tale that will help you identify red flags if you ever have to deal with Comcast Business.

Some Context

To give you a little background, I started using Comcast Business in May of last year. For a long time, I had been content with Comcast consumer internet, but there were a few factors that convinced me that it was time to upgrade to business class. The first was the fact that I work from home and rely heavily on my Internet connection. It’s also how I communicate with the rest of my team, which frequently takes place via video conference. There were days when I would spend roughly six hours linked to our Brooklyn office via video conference. The fact that Comcast had recently implemented data restrictions in the Atlanta area, limiting subscribers to only 300G of transfer each month, also persuaded me. Regardless of how I or anyone else felt about the caps, I knew they were in place to protect those like me who used more bandwidth than others. It’s also worth noting that I’ve never gone beyond 300G in a month. I only came close to succeeding. I could have stayed on consumer Internet, and in hindsight, I should have since it would have saved me a lot of time and money.

Tip #1: Beware, There is a Contract

I was put in touch with a salesman (Eric) via email when I first contacted Comcast Business about opening a business account. Eric presented the possibilities to me. The cost of the plan is determined by speed and whether or not you want to have business phone service. Eric provided me the picture below, instructing me to choose the bundle that best fit my needs.

The two columns aren’t labeled, as you can see. Eric provided them to me in this manner, and I later discovered that the left column only contains Internet access, while the right column also includes phone service. Let me make a few of observations regarding this visual. To begin, it is straight copied from the Comcast Business Plan & Pricing Page. The fact that these costs are based on a minimum two-year commitment is even more significant. That truth isn’t included anywhere in the graphic, and it’s not something you just leave out of your marketing. I’m not sure if it’s possible to legally exclude something from advertising, however be mindful that the minimum contract term is 24 months. This is significant since it was the first location where they nailed me. Eric proposed that he send me an email “To arrange the installation, use the command “order.” Eric sent me a 36-month contract, which I didn’t discover until later. They were being shady, but I should have double-checked the document he sent me to sign because it clearly states “It’ll take 36 months.” So, first and foremost, if you have to deal with these individuals, make sure you get at least 24 months.

Tip #2: You pay even if they don’t give you service

This was the most important one for me. So I’m locked into a 36-month deal. That’s alright with me. As I previously stated, I work remotely and consider my Internet service to be quite critical. I’m fine with continuing to pay them as long as they provide me with good service. However, I left Atlanta in October. In reality, I left Georgia and relocated to North Carolina, a state two states away. I called Comcast Business to have my service relocated during the move. Things started to become intriguing at this point. The customer support agent advised me that the region I had relocated into was “Charter territory,” and that my service could not be changed. I told her I was disappointed because the service in Atlanta had been excellent. When I asked her what I needed to do, she astonished me with her response. She emphasized that I would have to pay them even if they were no longer able to fulfill their half of the deal. They could only offer me a $2,000 early termination charge as the best they could! She must have become irritated with me. I asked the same question again, but this time in somewhat different words:

As you might anticipate, the answer is “Yes.” According to the customer service employee, relocation to an unserviced area is specifically stated in the terms of service. It’s not the case. I can’t say I blame her; I’d say anything to get off the phone with her.

So I’m out $2,000, you should beware

So I’m a Comcast Business customer. They’ve made a $2,000 profit, while I’m upset and dissatisfied. I accept responsibility for being duped by the salesman’s ruses, but I had no way of knowing that Comcast would force me to pay even if they did not deliver what they promised. As I already stated, I work remotely, thus I am unable to function without access to the Internet. Even though I’m still paying Comcast, I had to set up service through Charter. Many more will be compelled to switch to Comcast Business. Because they have a virtual monopoly, I can’t advise you to avoid them at all costs. They’ll keep using data limitations to force those of us who use a lot of data to switch to business accounts. If you find yourself in this situation, I have two pieces of advice for you.

  • If you need to relocate to an area that isn’t serviceable, try to find someone who is willing to take over your contract. They may be transferable, according to the customer service person. I’m not sure if this is correct. Above all, keep in mind that you may be obligated to pay your contract even if Comcast is unable to provide service.

For the time being, I continue to pay Comcast on a monthly basis for service that they refuse to provide. I’m attempting to figure out the best course of action. Should I just hand over the $2,000 and call it a day? Should I look for someone who can use a good Internet connection, give them the $2,000, and let someone else profit from my troubles and money? I’m not sure. However, if you must do business with them, exercise extreme caution.

How do I get Comcast Internet turned off early?

There are various ways to cancel all of your Xfinity services.

  • Fill out a short online cancellation form (we’ll phone you to confirm your request within two business days of receiving it).

How do I get out of my two-year Comcast contract?

You can cancel your Comcast internet subscription in two ways: online or over the phone. The best option is to call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) and follow the steps in this step-by-step guide.

Is it possible for me to get out of my Comcast business contract?

If you cancel your Comcast/Xfinity service before the contract expires, you will be charged a fee. For the remaining months of the contract, the charge is $10 each month. If you terminate your Comcast service with 9 months left on it, for example, you will be charged a $90 early termination fee.

Is it possible to convert from Comcast business to Comcast residential?

I’d like some assistance converting from a commercial to a residential account. Specifically, a Comcast representative who isn’t in sales and is familiar with the process.

I was told that I would have to cancel my business services (for which I had no contract) before I could receive residential services when I originally started this process. This procedure did not go as planned. It appears that the person who sent the service cancellation order did not also send the residential order.

Due to a previous order I signed, my internet service will be canceled. When I contacted, I was told that I would need to get my house’rezoned’ for residential use, which might take anywhere from one to three months. Because I can’t go without internet because of my job, I was told I’d have to sign a contract for business internet. The three-year contract was the only one with no upfront fees and the same payment schedule as my previous one. I didn’t like the thought of resigning a three-year commitment, but the sales rep assured me that converting to residential would not result in a termination fee. I verbally signed the contract after he claimed he could confirm it via email, which he did.

Upon completion of the zoning change from commercial to residential, Comcast Business will modify the zoning of the address XXX. The client wants to switch accounts from business to residential without having to pay any cancellation costs. For a lower monthly rate and a better monthly plan, the client will switch to XFINITY RESIDENTIAL.

Now fast forward to today, when I attempted to contact the sales representative, his phone number was disconnected. I called both commercial and residential customer support, but no one seems to understand what I’m talking about. Another issue is that my business account has a $200 credit.

I’m concerned right now, but if the employee misled me into signing a three-year contract, I have his identity and the statement he made to me prior to signing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. When I set up the company account, I went through a total of seven technicians before finding one that knew what he was doing. I’m guessing it’s the same situation where I just need to contact the right person.

What are my options for viewing my Comcast business contract?

Simply go to Legal Agreements and Contracts under the Settings tab in My Account to find the contract or legal agreement you’re looking for (You may be directed to log in first).

What is the Xfinity cancellation fee?

If you cancel all services, except Xfinity Mobile, during the period of the agreement, you will be charged a $110/$230 Early Termination Fee for (TV, Internet, Voice, or Home). The Early Termination Fee is reduced on a monthly basis. If you cancel within 30 days of installation, you will not be charged an Early Termination Fee.

Note that if you cancel within 60 days in Illinois, the Early Termination Fee is waived.

If you restart service at any address within 90 days of canceling, any ETFs you have will be paid back to you. In addition, if you quit service after 30 days of your 12- or 24-month term, you will receive an ETF credit.

With that stated, I’d still be happy to assist you in getting your account pulled up to determine if you’re qualified to have your ETF credited as a result of COVID-19. Please send a private message to Xfinity Support using our peer-to-peer chat service by clicking on the chat button in the top right corner of the page. You’ll be able to start a new discussion with Xfinity Support once you click the chat icon, so we can continue to assist you. We can’t wait to meet you there!