Does A Utility Trailer Need A Tag In Alabama?

The state of Alabama no longer requires a bumper-pulled (utility trailer) trailer to be titled under 32-8-31(11). A title for a utility trailer that was previously titled cannot be replaced.

Is a tag required for a utility trailer in Alabama?

Taxes. Utility trailers operating on public roadways in Alabama are required by law to pay an annual registration fee. As of 2010, the charge for personal trailers is $12 and for commercial trailers is $15.

Is it necessary to get a title for a utility trailer in Alabama?

Affixed to every trailer, save manufactured houses, that travels on the state’s public highways.

UTILITY TRAILERS comprise luggage trailers, folding or collapsible camping trailers, and other small trailers of comparable size and function that are primarily designed to be dragged by a passenger vehicle or pickup truck, but do not include boat trailers. (Chapter 40-12-240) Utility trailers are free from titling and do not require examination by a licensing official (Section 32-8-31). (Section 32-8-32).

A TRAVEL TRAILER is a vehicle without motive power that is planned and built as a camping vehicle or a temporary habitation, living, or sleeping place that is dragged by a private passenger automobile or a pickup truck, but does not include folding or collapsible camping trailers or manufactured homes (Section 40-12-240).

A SEMITRAILER is a vehicle with no motive power that is designed to transport people or property while being dragged by a motor vehicle and is built in such a way that some of its weight and load rest on or are borne by another motor vehicle (Section 40-12-240). “Gooseneck” trailers are a typical term for semitrailers.

Any trailer or semitrailer used exclusively by a farmer to convey farm products to and from market or to transport the farmer’s personal property for his or her own use on the farm is exempt from the license taxes and registration fees imposed by this section.

Any type or description of trailer used to transport passengers for hire is prohibited by law and will not be licensed under this article.

Vehicles that are not self-propelled are not obliged to keep the registration receipt (Section 40-12-260).

Do trailers have to be registered in Alabama?

On presentation of an out-of-state title showing the registrant as the owner or operator and the certificate of title being held by a recorded lienholder, truck trailers, tractor trailers, and semitrailers titled in other jurisdictions may be registered in Alabama with a permanent trailer plate.

Is a title required to register a trailer in Alabama?

The first day of October 1973 marked the start of the title law. An Alabama Certificate of Title is necessary for any motor vehicle not older than 35 model years that is domiciled in Alabama and must be registered there. An Alabama Certificate of Title is also necessary for travel trailers and folding and collapsible camper trailers that are less than 20 model years old. Manufactured homes that are less than 20 model years old must also be titled. Every automobile, motorcycle, mobile trailer, semitrailer, truck, truck tractor, trailer, and other device that is self-propelled or drawn, in. on, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway, except those that are moved solely by animal power or used exclusively on stationary rails or tracks, shall be considered a motor vehicle. Every trailer coach and travel trailer built on a chassis or undercarriage that is dragged by a self-propelled vehicle as an integrated element of the vehicle. EXCLUSIONS If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, A vehicle owned by the United States or any agency thereof; (c) A vehicle owned by a manufacturer or dealer and held for sale, even if moved on the highway or used for the purpose of testing or demonstration, or a vehicle used by a manufacturer solely for testing; (d) A vehicle owned by a non-resident of Alabama; o Utility trailers are trailers that can be used for a variety of purposes. (p) A folding or collapsible camping trailer more than 20 model years old; (q) A vehicle for which the Alabama license plate issuing official has verified that the current owner or operator is recorded as the owner or operator on a currently effective Certificate of Title issued by another state and the Certificate of Title is being held by the recorded lienholder. Contact the state at (334) 242-9000 for updates and further information. (See also Section V.)

In Alabama, how do you register a homemade trailer?

Following the installation of the plate on the homemade trailer, the owner must take Form INV 26-2 and the trailer to an authorized agent for inspection and title application. obtaining a number from the trailer and presenting it to the local license plate issuing official’s office

In Alabama, do you require a bill of sale for a trailer?

A general bill of sale is used to sell any personal item, such as a bicycle, equipment, trailer, or animal. A bill of sale is used to transfer ownership of a car. If the new owner does not register within twenty (20) days, additional penalties and costs will be assessed.

In Alabama, how do you create a bill of sale for a trailer?

The Probate Court of Coffee County released this form on, making all earlier forms obsolete. Below is a fillable Utility Trailer Bill of Sale for your convenience.

The parties must state the date of the transaction, write down their full names and addresses, record the trailer’s price, and describe the property by indicating its identification number, make, year, model, color, and length to properly fill out the document and complete the sale and purchase of the trailer. The document is signed by both the seller and the buyer; a notary seal is not necessary. The purchaser has twenty days from the date of the bill of sale to show the bill of sale and proper evidence of identity to the Probate Office in order to register the trailer in their name.

Is it required in Alabama to have trailer lights?

A trailer, semitrailer, pole trailer, or vehicle being towed by another vehicle must have at least one rear tail lamp that emits red light from a distance of 500 feet, with a lamp height of no more than 60 inches and no less than 20 inches.

A trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer with a gross weight of 3,000 pounds or less is required to have two rear reflectors, one on each side.

If the towing vehicle’s stop light is obscured by a load or trailer, a stop light must be installed on the pulled vehicle.

In Georgia, do you need a tag for a utility trailer?

Georgia Utility Trailer Registration Requirements If you own a utility trailer in Georgia, you must have it legally registered with the state. You must have a valid Georgia driver’s license before you may register any vehicle in this state.

In Alabama, do I need a title for a horse trailer?

Folding and collapsible camping trailers are among the trailers licensed in Alabama. Goosenecks. 18 Wheelers are a type of truck. Living quarters for horses in trailers.