How Much Is Sprint Phone Bill?

$60/month for Sprint Unlimited Basic. Sprint Unlimited Plus is available for $70 per month. Sprint Unlimited Premium is available for $80 per month.

What is included in the Sprint Unlimited basic plan?

Sprint’s Unlimited Basic plan, which includes unlimited internet, mobile hotspot, and HD video streaming, is available for 1-5 lines. $60 per month AutoPay Discount is included.

Is there a $15 Sprint plan?

Sprint is unveiling a limited-time unlimited data package for $15 per month, just as the Department of Justice begins investigating whether the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would boost wireless pricing for US consumers. $15 is a good deal if you can live with 480p video via cellular connection and don’t mind being slowed down during periods of network congestion. The usual unlimited data package from Sprint costs $60 per month.

Unlimited talk, text, and data are included in this special package. It doesn’t have any kind of hotspot functionality. If you have particular queries about what else might be included (foreign data, for example), you’ll have to wait until the entire information are released tomorrow, June 8th. Another major caveat is that this special offer necessitates the porting of a phone number from another carrier. You can’t simply create a new service line. So, by going in on this, you’re not exactly making a little commitment.

Sprint is only giving the $15 discount online or over the phone, so you won’t be able to obtain it if you stroll into a store. You’ll have to pay additional monthly fees and taxes on top of that, so don’t expect a $15 bill. If clients desire the $15 price, they must set up and pay via autopay.

Sprint is highlighting that this package will not be available for long. It will be available for “weeks, not months,” according to the carrier. Sprint will, presumably, let you keep the plan once you’ve signed up for it until, well, who knows when.

The quality of Sprint’s network in your location will determine how enticing this deal is. Sprint claims that from May 2017 to May 2018, their national average download speed climbed 34.5 percent year over year. The coverage map is shown below.

How much is Sprint’s unlimited plan?

What is the cost of the Sprint Unlimited Plan? Sprint unlimited plans range in price from $60 per month for the Unlimited Basic plan to $80 per month for the Unlimited Premium plan. Sprint’s unlimited plans are by far the most affordable among the big carriers.

Is Sprint more affordable than Verizon?

Among the four main phone providers, Sprint has the most affordable plans. The highest is Verizon. It’s clear that Sprint has lower prices than Verizon, and affordability is undoubtedly the most important benefit of picking Sprint. Sprint’s unlimited plans are at least $10 cheaper than Verizon’s at every level of service.

What can I do to lower my Sprint bill?

  • Take a look at your most recent statement and do some research.
  • Sprint can be reached by phone or online chat.
  • By entering your pin, you can gain access to your account.
  • Remove any features that you aren’t using from your plan.
  • Reduce your bill’s cost by negotiating a cheaper rate.
  • One-time credits can be requested.
  • Take down a reference number.

Pre-Negotiation Preparation

Have a copy of your most recent statement on hand. Below is an example of a typical statement. Figure out what your pin is (usually 5 or 6 digits). You have the option of calling Sprint’s customer service line or chatting with them online. (888) 211-4727 is the best number to call. You can also talk to Sprint at this location.

Is Sprint’s unlimited package, as advertised, truly limitless?

While Sprint’s unlimited plans are exactly that, unlimited, it does state that if you consume too much data, your speeds may be throttled. This is normal practice among cellular service providers. Sprint, on the other hand, provides you with a full 50 GB of data before restricting. (That’s approximately the same as watching 16 HD movies on Netflix!)

If 50 GB isn’t enough for you, check out Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan, which will give you 75 GB (!) of unrestricted data for $90 a month.

Is Sprint’s unlimited data service sluggish?

No, it isn’t. Users with unlimited data plans can use as much data as they like above and beyond the 50GB limit, but they may suffer slower speeds and delays than other customers. Temporary performance drops only happen at times and in places where network capacity is limited.

Is there a Sprint 55+ plan?

Customers who meet the age requirements will receive the same benefits as those who subscribe to the regular Sprint unlimited plan (which costs $100 per month for two lines), including unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as a mobile hot spot (limited to 3G speeds) and international texting and data (limited to 2G speeds). Sprint’s use-case specific speed constraints will apply, limiting video to 480p, music streaming to 500 kbps, and gaming streaming to 5 Mbps. It’s pretty much a no-brainer if you’re a Sprint subscriber over 55.

Is there a charge for using the hotspot on Sprint?

Sprint customers who want to spread some holiday cheer will receive some tiny but thoughtful presents. Tuesday: if you have a current phone, you’ll get additional hotspot data and access to a faster 4G LTE network.

Sprint’s “Unlimited Plus” and “Unlimited Freedom” plans now include 50GB of full-speed 4G LTE internet per month, up from 15GB and 10GB, respectively. Hotspot data will be increased from 50GB to 100GB for users of the company’s more expensive “Unlimited Premium” plan.

Sprint is expanding its capabilities as it rolls out its faster 4G LTE Advanced network across the country. If you have the correct phone, the company claims the new network will give upload and download speeds up to twice as fast as its current 4G LTE network.

Those with prior unlimited plans that didn’t include mobile hotspot, such as the company’s “Everything Data” unlimited plan, will soon be able to use the 50GB of hotspot data as well. Plus and Premium users will be able to take use of the extra hotspot data on Tuesday, with “Freedom” and “Everything Data” users able to do so on Friday.

There is no charge to get the new hotspot data, and Sprint will automatically add it to Unlimited Plus and Premium customers. Those on earlier Sprint unlimited plans may need to enter into their accounts on the company’s website to enable the option.

The additional hotspot bandwidth will not be available to users of the company’s cheaper “Unlimited Basic” or promotional $15 per month “Unlimited Kickstart” plans.

“It’s not a service that most customers use all of the time,” says Sprint, but its value has grown as “a type of lifeline for high-speed access on the road.”

Sprint’s new “flagship” phones, including Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max, Samsung’s Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9, and LG’s V30+, G7 ThinQ, and V40 ThinQ, are all compatible with the faster network.

The business will use identifiers in its stores and on its website to let customers know if they are purchasing one of the gadgets that can connect to the speedier network.

Gearing up for 5G, and its first 5G phone

Sprint’s network upgrade comes as all four major wireless providers prepare to launch a significant 5G push in 2019. In four U.S. locations, Verizon has already introduced its initial version of 5G, known as “fixed 5G,” which is aimed to replace regular home broadband.

What’s the difference between Sprint’s unlimited and non-unlimited plans?

Unlimited Domestic Calling, Messaging, and Data on Us Plan: Includes unlimited domestic calling, texting, and data. There are no discounts for the 2GB plan (except AutoPay discounts). Video streams at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500 Kbps, and streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 Mbps with the Unlimited Tablet Plan. Music at up to 500 Kbps with the Watch Unlimited Plan.