How To Add Another Person To Electric Bill Edison?

Using our Move Center to make your request, you can move your current electric service from one address to another within our service area swiftly and effortlessly.

Please have the following information ready before you call to assist us in serving you more quickly:

  • Your present location’s information is as follows:
  • Accountant’s Name (Customer of Record)
  • The location of the service (where service is going to be turned off)
  • When do you want the service to be switched off?
  • Please include the address where you’d like us to send your final SCE statement.
  • Any issues with access, such as locked gates, dogs, and so on.
  • The following is information about your new address:
  • The location of the service (where service is to be turned on)
  • a different phone number (work, answering service, etc.)
  • Number of the customer’s Social Security card (name on the account)
  • Number of the customer of record’s driver’s license
  • Spouse’s or roommate’s name
  • Postal address (if different than service address)
  • When do you want the service to start? (Monday through Friday)

Prepare to answer the following questions as well:

  • Are there any issues with access, such as locked gates, dogs, and so on?
  • Is the space heating electric or gas?
  • Is the property equipped with a central air conditioning unit?

What is the procedure for adding someone to my Edison bill?

Explain to the customer care professional why you want to add a second name to your utility bill and why you want to set up a new account with two names on the bill, and then follow the agent’s instructions. Every utility business has its own set of procedures. The representative may request that both parties visit a local branch office or just require verbal confirmation on the phone, which may be followed by a transfer to a recorded or third-party witness line.

Is it possible to personalize a Con Edison bill?

You can edit your personal information, such as your name or title, by going to the Edit Customer Information area and clicking the Edit Personal Information link. Your current name and title options will be presented in a dialog box. Please make the necessary adjustments and provide a Captcha code.

What is the procedure for changing the name on my Edison bill?

If you don’t have My Account or Business My Account and want to change your mailing address or email address, you can download and fill out the Request for Change of Mailing or Email Address Form, then send or fax it to us.

My Account Customers

It’s simple to update your personal information online, such as your account profile information, by following these steps:

  • Go to My Account and sign in.
  • To make changes to your information, go to the “Manage My Account” tab and then select the appropriate link from the page.
  • Select “Manage My Online Profile” from the “Manage My Account” menu to change your username, password, or security question.
  • To update information on account holders, such as:
  • Name of the account holder
  • information on the phone
  • Select “Manage Bank Information” from the “View and Pay My Bill” page to modify certain billing account details, such as bank account information. If your bank account number has changed, you’ll need to delete the old one and re-add the new one.
  • If you’ve misplaced or lost access to the email address linked with your account.
  • If you have numerous accounts with the same Social Security number and zip code, this is a problem.
  • If you don’t have a Social Security number, or if you didn’t provide us your Social Security number when you enrolled.
  • If you don’t have access to your account number, please contact us.

Register for My Account

You may easily register for My Account if you haven’t already done so at: Register for My Account. You can do the following things using My Account:

  • You can pay your bill online.
  • Make appointments for service.
  • Make a copy of the bill.
  • Extend the time you have to pay.
  • View, store, and print your account history, as well as other information!

*If you want to transfer billing responsibilities to someone else, you’ll need to place a new Start Service order.

Log in to your Business My Account account.

Register for Business My Account

If you haven’t signed up for Business My Account yet, you may do so here: Register for Business My Account. You can do the following with Business My Account:

What is the amount of Edison’s deposit?

The entire bond amount for the Southern California Edison Company Utility Deposit will be determined by the business owner’s expertise, credit score, and history of licenses. The bond will generally cost between 2.0 percent and 15 percent for qualifying applicants based on the following parameters.

Why are there two service accounts on my Edison bill?

While the customer account number for one of your customer accounts will remain the same, the billing update will result in the creation of one or more new customer accounts. New account numbers will be assigned to those accounts.

For example, if you presently have two service accounts (one residential and one business, often known as a summary bill), you will have two different customer accounts under the new billing structure. Your original account number will appear on one of these accounts, while a new account number will appear on the other.

Con Edison charges a deposit for what reason?

If you’re a current customer, we may ask for a deposit if you’ve missed two or more payments in the last 12 months, or if your financial situation indicates that you’re likely to fail in the future, or if you’ve filed for reorganization or bankruptcy. If meter manipulation is discovered, a deposit may be requested.

How long does it take Con Edison to establish a customer account?

If you enrolled at least 15 days prior to your next meter reading date, your new electric service will begin on that date. Otherwise, your service will begin on the date of the next meter reading.

If you enlist by the 15th of the previous month, your gas service will begin on the first day of the following month. Otherwise, your service will begin the next month.