How To Calculate Gujarat Gas Bill?

(Refer to point no. 18): Estimation of consumption in the absence of a meter reading

If a meter reading is unavailable owing to the residence being closed at the time of the meter reading visit or for any other reason, the meter reading is calculated using your previous consumption. When the actual meter reading is received, the estimated usage is reversed/adjusted.

CGD businesses must show gas use in MMBtu (Metric Million British Thermal Unit) and charge tariffs in Rs./MMBtu terms, according to PNGRB regulations. As a result, in addition to the current practice of measuring and displaying volume in Standard Cubic Meters, GGCL has made appropriate revisions to gas invoices to indicate consumption in MMBtu (scm). MMBtu is a unit of measurement for natural gas in energy terms that is extensively used around the world. 1 MMBtu = 252,000 KiloCalorie can be used to convert between scm and MMBtu. In other words, “one MMBTU is equal to 30 SCM of gas with an 8400 Kcal/SCM calorific value.” Depending on the actual calorific content of the gas, this value may vary slightly.” The amount of the consumption bill/invoice presented in Rs./MMBTu will be the same as the amount previously presented in Rs./SCM. If the calorific value of the gas varies, there may be a tiny variance.

If a customer’s gas usage is less than 0.167 scm per day, MGO costs are applied to the difference between actual consumption and 0.167 scm per day. This is based on the number of days consumed.

Gas usage is broken down by slab and computed based on consumption days (difference of previous and current meter reading date). If the consumption days increase, the slab calculation basis grows as well, and there is no loss or gain as a result of the change in consumption days.

What is the price of Gujarat gas per unit?

“Despite the Centre’s 62 percent increase in prices, the City Gas Distribution Companies have increased prices cautiously. Instead of a minimum increase of Rs 5-6 per kilogram, we have only increased it by Rs 2.5 per kilogram,” said a representative from Gujarat Gas, a natural gas distribution business controlled by Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) and one of the country’s largest CGD operators.

CNG rates in Gujarat have been increased from Rs 54.45 per kilogram to Rs 58.10 per kilogram, including taxes, after the new prices take effect. Increased natural gas costs will result in a price increase for cooking gas delivered to homes via pipelines. PNG costs for residential customers have been raised to Rs 25.75 (plus taxes) per SCM, up from Rs 23.91 previously.

What is the formula for calculating gas?

It’s tempting to just get in the car and drive, but when planning a road trip or even starting a new commute, a little preparation goes a long way.

Calculating the cost of gas for your trip is a good way to budget travel expenses, and there are a few options.

One is to do it by hand, which can be done in a few simple steps and will provide you with some knowledge, and the other is to use a gas cost calculator. You’ll need a few basic data about your vehicle to do so.

Route A Take 4 simple steps

Fill up your gas tank and reset your trip odometer to zero before continuing on your way until you need to stop for petrol again. Take note of the trip odometer reading when you next refuel to figure out how many miles you’ve gone.

You can also get this amount by writing down the total odometer reading the first time you fill up and the difference being your miles driven the second time.

To calculate your miles per gallon, divide your mileage by the amount of gallons of gas you pumped at the second gas station.

A short look at your navigation app or online map resources will tell you how many miles the route will be, whether you’re going point-to-point or round trip. Choose your favorite route, think about traffic hot areas to avoid, and, if you’re planning a road trip, consider any attractions and detours you want to include.

Although you may recall the price of gas from your last fill-up, prices can vary significantly over time and by region, so that information may not be reliable. Check out AAA’s current national and regional gas prices to get an estimate of how much gas will cost for your trip.

This formula can be used to determine the petrol cost for a journey when you have the miles per gallon, travel distance, and gas price at your fingertips. To figure out how many gallons of gas you’ll need, divide the distance of the journey by your miles per gallon calculation, then multiply the number of gallons by the price of gas.

In Gujarat, how can I check my gas bill?

GGCL has updated your bill with new information to make it easier to find information about prior consumption trends and break-up calculations, as well as to ensure compliance with other legislative requirements. Various fields/parameters have been thoroughly explained in accordance with the legend. Despite the fact that we have taken reasonable steps to clarify your bill, we would be delighted to receive your call at 1800 103 5001. (Toll Free).

You can pay your bills by writing a check in the name of Gujarat Gas Company Limited and dropping it off at one of the city’s Skypak drop-boxes. Payments can also be made at Suvidhaa stores and company-authorized collection centers.

How can you figure out how much gas you use?

The cubic foot is a popular unit of measurement for natural gas, and you’ll be paid in thousands of cubic feet (MCF) or hundreds of cubic feet (CCF). You could also be charged by the therm, which is roughly equivalent to a CCF or 100 cubic feet. The utility sets a meter between the incoming electric power or gas lines and the point of distribution at the house to monitor how much electricity or gas you consume.

The force of moving gas in the pipe drives a gas meter, which turns quicker as the flow increases. The pointer on the next higher value dial advances one number for every complete round of the dial with the lower value.

When reading a gas meter, read and write down the numbers from left to right on the dials (opposite of an electric meter). It’s vital to observe that the hands of adjacent dials on both types of meters turn in opposite directions.

How much does an MMBtu gas bill cost?

What exactly is MMBtu? MMBtu stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit and is a unit of measurement for heat content or energy value. It is widely related with the global measurement of natural gas in terms of energy.

Multiply this number by the price-per-kWh.

You may have a daily standing fee or a predetermined price for the first number of units utilized, followed by a lesser price for any additional units used after that.

How can you figure out how much petrol costs?

To calculate the number of gallons of gas you’ll need on your trip, multiply the total distance of your trip by your miles per gallon. The projected cost of gas for your road trip is calculated by multiplying that value by the current gas price.

How do I interpret the reading on my IGL meter?

Ans. A WhatsApp number is mentioned on the note. You can send a photo of the meter to that WhatsApp number. You can also provide your reading by calling the customer service number. Alternatively, you can use the IGL Connect App to self-bill (available on Google Play store or Apple i-store)

Ans. Through our IGL Connect App, we provide a feature known as “Self-Billing.” To begin billing on your own, you must submit a meter reading and an image of the meter. Please keep in mind that a 21-day gap from the last billing date is required, and you should preferably be on an E-bill subscription.

Ans. The meter digit is divided into two sections, one black and one red. The full number is represented by the black section, while the decimal number is shown by the red part.

In Gujarat, how can I pay my gas bill online?

Payments Procedures

  • Customer information and bill information, as well as the bill amount, will be presented, and must be validated before payment is made.