How To Look Up Phone Numbers On AT&T Bill?

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In the bill detail, you may see the individual numbers you call. Log into Myatt and navigate to My Bill > View Paper Bill to see the PDF with the bill detail at the bottom. The detailed directions can be found here.

On AT&T, how can you search up phone records?

Go to your AT&T Phone Call Logs page by selecting the Call History tab. You can arrange your call history by person, call length, or call number. To make a call, dial a number and pick up your business phone when it rings to make the call.

Is it possible to view phone numbers on a phone bill?

tmo mike c’s best response Yes, both your call and text history will appear on your statement. Keep in mind that it will only display the number you texted, not the message itself.

Is it possible to see text messages on your phone bill?

If you’re charged for data transmitted to your phone, your bill will most likely include the date it was sent. The phone bill, on the other hand, does not reveal what was written in a text message or display the image.

On AT&T, can you see who someone is texting?

On an account, you can only see certain text usage details like the date, time, sender’s number, and receiver’s number. Unless an alternate messaging system or data services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are used, text messages sent on Android phones utilizing the AT&T service will be noted in the full report. All SMS and MMS messages will be highlighted in your full report. It will not, however, include the content of such text messages.

Is it possible to examine AT&T’s call history?

Go to http://att.wirelessinternet and click Call Log to examine call logs from your AT&T Wireless Internet device. You’ll be able to see the Call Log and Call Block List on the device.

How can I acquire a phone number’s call list?

  • Go to Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers & Extensions, then find and click on the number for which you require call history.
  • Select the Call History option from the Settings menu.
  • Each month’s call history is available. You have the option of viewing it in a browser or downloading it in CSV file.

Note: Only direct calls to the selected DID will be shown in the call history. If a call comes in via Auto Attendant or an Addon/Virtual number, you’ll want to check the call history for that number.


After the Time field, the inbound calls will be labeled From, and the outbound calls will be labeled To.

Outside of conferencing, most providers do not have a monthly cap on minutes, and domestic calling is free for them. If the call was made to a long-distance area, however, there will be a charge based on the area and the number of minutes.

Is AT&T able to provide me with a detailed phone bill?

You must first register for myAT&T for Business in order to view your bill online. Sign in to see your bill once you’ve registered. The Go to Bill & Payment page will show you your bill summary and details.