How To Pay Electric Bill In Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican Institute for Power (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Fuerza y Luz Governmental), often known as Grupo ICE, is in charge of the country’s electricity services.

Almost all of the country’s electricity is generated by renewable sources such as hydroelectric power, geothermal power, and solar and wind farms, which take use of the country’s ample rainfall and sunshine, as well as its hilly terrain. As a result of the country’s investment in renewable energy sources, the cost of power is relatively high.

Getting connected

The following information should be taken to a local ICE office to establish up an electricity connection:

  • Visa for permanent residence (or some other form of ID that shows permission to live in Costa Rica)
  • The following is a list of general information concerning the household electricity system (how many electrical appliances will be in the house, number of lights, etc)
  • At the ICE office, sign a copy of the Service Request (solicitud de servicio) form.

Within eight working days of receiving all of this information, the ICE office will set up the electrical connection.


  • Pre-pay (Pago anticipado): Allows the user to pay their electric payment in advance. ICE takes the average of the previous few months’ bills and creates a prepaid payment system.
  • ICE debits the monthly amount from the customer’s bank account automatically (Pago automtico de recibos elctricos – PAR). Banks can provide a form for users to fill out in order to set up this automatic payment.


There are no public gas connections serving homes or businesses, and most appliances are electric; however, propane tanks for gas stoves and grills are accessible. There are propane suppliers in every town who can bring propane to your home.

In Costa Rica, how do I pay for my utilities?

Exclusively a few organizations, such as Sky satellite TV, allow credit card payments through automatic debit systems, while the majority of utility and service providers only accept cash. You also can’t pay using a debit card. You can pay cash at a utility payment center or by direct deposit into the company’s account.


Line up at the bank and pay at the teller window is one technique to pay bills. Bring your utility bills with you to the bank, and the staff will pay them either with money from your personal account or with cash you have on hand. Each cancelled payment will be accompanied by a receipt. Keep your receipts for at least one year following payment in a safe place. All public banks (Banco Nacional, BCR, and Banco Popular) and certain private banks accept utility payments.

Utility Payment Locations

Water, power, telephone, Internet, cell phone, and cable television are all accepted in many supermarkets and pharmacies. Servimas stations may be found at most Walmarts, Perimercados, and Mas X Menos supermarkets, where you can also pay credit card bills and other monthly payments. You’ll get a voucher for your canceled bill, just like you would at a bank.

Online Banking

Your bank’s online banking system is the newest and easiest way to pay your payments. Even though Internet banking is only available in Spanish, it can be a straightforward procedure. Simply request a step-by-step lesson from the bank, and you’ll have the payment process down pat in no time.

Take care to protect your identity and finances if you pay your bills online. Log in only from your own computer, never from an Internet cafe. Even if it’s your home network, avoid using an unsecured wireless connection if at all possible. Finally, make sure you’re signed into a secure system by looking for a URL that starts with https://.

How do I pay my bills when I’m not in the country?

When you give your credit card information online or to someone you’re paying a bill to, your bank or card issuer is likely to charge you a percentage fee. It is usually between 3% and 5% of the total. Importantly, no additional flat transaction cost will be applied.

The pros and cons of paying an international invoice by credit card

The most convenient way to pay for overseas invoices is with a credit card. The most significant disadvantage is that the bank fee is usually calculated as a percentage of your bill payment. This implies that with larger payments, the cost can quickly mount.

Is PayPal accepted in Costa Rica?

Withdrawing funds on PayPal with a free Payoneer Debit card and a free Virtual US Bank Account is a great way to get paid in Costa Rica.

You’ve been working hard in Costa Rica to make money online by selling goods and services. And how are you compensated in Costa Rica now? Simple if you have a US bank account and a verified US address. Apply for a PayPal debit card that you may use at any ATM in your area.

What if you aren’t a US citizen, don’t have a US bank account, and don’t have a US verified address? PayPal allows you to register a business account with the Banco Nacional in Costa Rica and have money transferred to your local bank account.

What is the procedure for paying my meter bill online?

  • Fill in the details of your prepaid meter, including your name, meter name, and location.
  • Select an online payment method and provide the required information, such as bank name, credit card type, and number.

Is it possible to pay my electricity payment from afar?

Pay bills from the comfort of your own home or office, even if you’re not in the United States. This is a great place to put your electricity, phone, and other bills. Enjoy the ease of not having to deal with checks, late payments, or misplaced bills!

Is it possible to pay with a credit card when traveling internationally?

Visa and Mastercard are widely used around the world. If a business accepts credit cards, your Visa or Mastercard is likely to be accepted. Although American Express and Discover have a global reach, they are accepted by a smaller number of retailers.

What is the best method for making international payments?

The most effective methods for sending money abroad

  • Make a bank transfer. When it comes to funding your international money transfer with Wise, bank transfers are usually the most cost-effective alternative.